6 Prompts for a Great Personal Essay

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Among all the assignments your professors might task you with, writing a personal essay can seem like the easiest. All you need to do is to write about yourself! However, being honest about the experiences you have to deal with in your life is harder than you can imagine. It is especially nerve-wracking when you have to write one to apply to college! After all, if they reject you, that means that there’s something wrong with the person that you are.

Choosing the right thing to write about is an important part of the process!

Here is a list of interesting topics for your personal essay:

The first meeting between you and an important person in your life

Obviously, this cannot be a member of your family, because you met them when you were too young to form an opinion. You can talk about a teacher that influenced you or your best friend. The retrospective will add a reflective quality to your writing and make you sound sophisticated!

Describe a moment of remarkable bravery

Even the most boring people in the world have done something interesting at least once in their lives. Choose a moment when you had to overcome your fears to do the right thing. That will demonstrate that you are aware of your weakness but ready to attempt things despite them.

Tell about a loss in your life

Sad moments define us just as the happy ones do. A tale of losing someone important to you tells more about you and the way you deal with many of life’s situations than you might think. Just please don’t write about how you were sad Prince died unless his music defines you as a person. Try to stay sincere and serious.

Imagine you have three wishes

Trying to imagine yourself as an omnipotent being, even temporarily, is an interesting exercise in morality, priorities, and imagination. Will you be an altruist or spend all the wishes on yourself? Will your wishes have long-term consequences? Good answers to these questions are sure to impress the application office.

Think of a place that holds special significance to you

Our emotions and memories are often tied to physical spaces. Is there a spot that never fails to make you feel comfortable? Describe why and add some instance of you going there to calm down and relax.

Tell something embarrassing about yourself.

This is not the most pleasant thing to make an essay about. Nevertheless, writing about an uncomfortable topic might prompt you to be more open and honest than you’d be otherwise. Don’t be afraid that the panel members will judge you. They are human too. Just make sure to show that you’ve used the negative experience to draw positive conclusions.
Writing about oneself is hard, but hopefully, these prompts will help you create an excellent essay.

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