Admission essay editing

The college/university admission essay(s) is perhaps one of the most important pieces of writing a student may ever produce, for it is the single opportunity to present a distinguishing background and experiences that set oneself apart from other applicants. Proof reading and careful English editing, therefore, is critical, once the first draft of such an essay is completed.

English editing is the process of looking at the document holistically, to determine the strength of content, the fluency and coherency of the major points and supporting details, the style, vocabulary, and the overall effectiveness of what has been said. Proof reading refers to correction of grammar, spelling, and essay formatting, to ensure that the piece is written perfectly. It is critical, therefore, to enlist the help of an objective individual to perform these tasks – perhaps of a peer or a writing service – so that problems can be detected and corrected. One word of caution – do not seek a cheap price English editing service. Use a reputable service!

The admission essay will generally reveal important traits and experiences of the applicant, his/her academic achievements that are relevant to the program for which s/he is applying, and statements related to the overall contributions that the applicant can make to the academic community of the college/university. Part of English editing, therefore, must include a careful assessment to determine if these points have been put forth in compelling and creative ways.

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