Writing a Grant Proposal

Definition of Grant Proposal

Grant writing proposal is an activity that request funds for a given project from a grantor that has money available. In academia, students may be taught to write grants for research projects in both the arts and sciences, and these grants often provide the funds for scholarly investigations and experimentation. Indeed, many graduate students are required to engage in grant writing proposalin order to benefit his/her academic department’s work.

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The Components of a Good Grant Proposal

All grant proposals have specific sections, according to the requirements of the potential grantor.  Generally, grant providers propose a guide to which all proposals must adhere, and it usually includes a mission statement accompanied by goals of the project, a literature review that justifies a need for the proposed project, and, of course, sections on implementation of the project, methods for reporting progress and budget details. In all, the grant proposal writing is an arduous, often tedious, task, and the entire process is highly competitive. There are far more grant proposals than there are awards!

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