Best Student Apps to Be Smarter

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As you are growing up, more and more responsibilities fall on your shoulders. Before you became a student, your mom and dad had been helping you much to organize your routine and study process, but since you are 16, they have legal right for rest while you are in opposite situation, but you should not worry. Thanks to God, in 21st century, technologies help people. Below, you can find the list of the student apps to download for free. Use them to be on time everywhere with everything.

Free Applications for Students:

  1. Sleep Cycle

You may be surprised, but good health and enough sleep are vital not only for your life expectancy but for your study effectiveness, too. The app Sleep Cycle is developed to wake you up not only after the proper hours of sleep but in the lightest sleep cycle, which causes less harm to your health and assures you are in good mood.

  1. Dragon Dictation

This app aims at your time saving. Students need to type a lot, thus it is reasonable to let the smart helper to do it for them when it is possible. The program distinguishes your voice and types words for your e-mail, Facebook, Twitter. You even can dictate your homework to it. Moreover, it works not only with English, thus foreign languages tasks seem to be easier with it too.

  1. Flashcards Deluxe

Everybody knows the benefits of usage of flashcard for learning. Flashcards Deluxe will allow you to bring your cards collection with you everywhere and spend every free minute studying it. To work with it, you can use already prepared flashcards from the library, but for thorough study of some topic, it is better to create your own set. Application allows using screenshots and pictures from your computer. Besides, you are free to add voice and video commentaries to them. A great advantage of the program is that it can work atomically, which means that it will show you the cards you forget the most rather than those which you remember.

  1. Evernote

This program is a devoted friend of your memory. It will help you to be productive and cope with everything without delay. Put your note as a text, picture, photo or screenshot to remember everything. Organize them in any way you like.

  1. CliffNotes

It is one of the best literature educational apps, which helps to find summaries and the description of the characters of the most popular literature works. Even if you are too busy to look through it, you can use its CramCasts option and listen to the plot, analysis and character maps while you are commuting, for instance. Agree that it is much better than nothing.

  1. Woyb

It is one of the best educational memory apps, which helps to memorize the information and develop reading skills. You can download it for free on App Store and Google Play.

Useful apps for students mentioned above will ease your busy life. Thanks to them, you will be more productive, which will lead to better grades, more time for communication with friends and family and healthy heart and neural system.

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