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Sofia Woodstone
Content strategist and writer

With the rapid progress of modern technologies, blogging has become a popular activity among both teenagers and adults. While children start their blogs for entertaining reasons, teachers and professors have rather educational purposes. Regardless of age, college is a nice place to begin your blogging career. The main aim why blog is created is either to share the feedback about a certain subject (students) or provoke students for discussion (professors). These are only the most popular purposes of blogging; however, in order to understand what lies behind them, you should make a quick analysis of whether it really suites classroom atmosphere.

Life of Blogging in College


Expressing your opinion in public may sometimes be a challenging task for a student. Now, this situation has changed as people can discuss everything without fear online. Moreover, it shows person’s devotion towards certain things, which develops enthusiasm and will definitely benefit in the future occupation. The ability to express yourself grammatically and stylistically correct makes you look responsible and confident in the others’ eye. The recent tradition to write about a class immediately after it is finished makes remembering much easier as now you do not need to read lots of boring books and struggle to memorize a paragraph. You create material to learn by yourself that is much more efficient for studying.


As you have finally decided to get it started, you should decide what blogging system you would like to use. The most popular platforms include WordPress, TypePad, LiveJournal and Blogger. All these systems have a necessary set of tools with the help of which creating a blog will pass without any challenges. If you are technically aware, you are recommended to opt for the self-hosting platforms that have better content managing possibilities but are more difficult in use.


Depending on who you are going to write for, you will decide the direction where you will be working at. If your audience comprises younger, then making them interested in academic articles is not a good idea. Choose the content for your readers so that they returned to you page after page. A good result for the popularity will be comments and feedback – the more you are asked or responded, the better your blog is.


Even though it may sound quite trivial, but giving a blog inappropriate name may drastically result its attendance. So, before starting a classroom blog, think hard to make a peculiar name so that visitors could definitely remember it. Here, you imagination is the limit. Consider all the factors (audience, content, design) because a careful name will already be a means of advertising your blog.


Lastly, you should define whether it is only you who will be responsible for blogging. Perhaps, you will want to ask your friends or group-mates to add new content. Accordingly, set some rules for content, posting frequency and time. Also, look after the comments, because not always blogs are attended by conscious users.

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