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Learn How to Write a Book Report

Among all the tasks that are possible in a college, a book report is one of the most popular ones. Even though it sounds quite similar to a book review, there are several differences to learn in order to know how to write a book report. In general, a book review reflects the author’s personal opinion about a certain piece of writing; it includes emotions, feelings, and judgments – everything that can arise after reading the text. On the other hand, book reports are rather structural pieces of information, where the writer’s task is to describe the name, plot, main heroes and, of course, the author. The main difference here is that a book review allows you to express yourself from the inside, show your creativity, emotions and feelings. As book reviews, unlike book reports, are necessary for libraries, they are more required indeed and even professors and researchers are excited to hear that their books are reviewed, as it is the direct way to additional popularity. The major issue, though, is that comparing to book reports, a book review is not considered to be academic, so you should not spend too much time writing book reviews but devote more time to your essay.


If you are going to compose a book report, the best recommendation for you is to get a writing that you will work with in the future. Another way to benefit your work with academic papers is going after a text book or any anthology. First of all, you will need less knowledge to discuss the book, as you will be working with it. Apart from that, no one else is likely to conduct a book report unless you are a student. After all, you are free to make a report not of one book, but of two in one time. The only requirement is that they should be related to the same topic, so you should be able to connect them somehow.

In general, you should choose a book for your report that is in the field of your research, close to your background knowledge, is up-to-date and was published in the previous 2-3 years by a reputable publishing house.

Usually, there are hot topics that the editors are mostly interested in. Moreover, if the topic of your choice is related to the obscure literature, it will gain additional attention to your report and will give you the experience of working with unordinary writings. Another beneficial advice is that you should not choose the books written by the close people – family members, advisors, girlfriends, etc.


Similarly to book reports, you should be an active reader here. It means reading with you notebook and a pen is a must. During examining the text, try to figure out what the key points of the book are: arguments, supportive statements, etc. This will help you to develop your own opinion later on. In the modern world, with the technology penetrating everywhere, it may seem that typing on your laptop is much easier and quicker. However, such functions as copy and paste are often so tempting that sometimes they are impossible to resists. When you use a paper type of noting, you are using your own imagination to come up with your own thoughts.

The composing process is quite close to what has been mentioned concerning book reports; however, it still has its own peculiarities. Study the first page and think what the book is about. Do the same with the first chapter. After reading, compare your suggestions with the real conclusion and describe it in your report. Figure out whether the writing is related to the modern world; whether it somehow touches the spheres that are relevant today. Think hard what the main terms of the book are and how often they are mentioned in it. Check the accuracy of the information – whether the bibliography, names and dates match the real ones. Do not miss the illustrations – they are commonly underrated. Despite the fact that your imagination works extremely well, it still requires some help. That is why you should evaluate the pictures and find out how well they help perceive the picture of the written text.

Finally, go outside the book and, if possible, compare it to other ones in the same field. Exterior comparison provides additional insight into the author’s way of thinking and helps to understand how the book was created.
Professional book reports establish credibility of the author and provide useful and easy to read insights and information to the readers. If you’re looking for the answer to the question “how to write a professional book report?” then this article is exactly what you need. Follow these three steps and your book reports will look engaging and professional.

  • Identify the purpose of your report. What key piece of information do you want readers to get and understand from this book report? When you have decided what this key piece of information is, collect journal articles, research, studies, case studies. and relevant memos to gather the data you require. Similar points should be grouped together and each group should be assigned a title which should be used as a section heading.
  • Prepare a draft. Write the title section along with subtitle and don’t forget to mention the date and author. Make a decision about the report’s circulation list and proceed to writing the introduction which should explain the main goal of the report. Explain why it would be interesting to read the report and make in the most engaging way possible, because if your readers will get bored during the introduction, probably they will just stop reading your report too early. Then, let readers know how the data is organized and how the report is laid out. Make the arrangement of the group points and make sure that all the information of the group points relates to the purpose stated in the introductory part of the report. If your report gets difficult to read use subheadings to organize the information and ease the perception. Recommendations and conclusion should be written in the next section, while summary is the last section of the report. Restate your main points in the summary and include supporting documentation – tables, appendix, graphs, etc.
  • Check your book report for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Make sure that you have observed the right structure and that you were able to get your main idea across. If you notice the parts of the text which fail to support your thesis – remove them. Work on improving the clarity of the report by excluding vague language and jargon words – use concise and understandable analogues instead. If you notice long sentences, divide them into shorter ones and rewrite passive voice sentences into active voice sentences. Improve any parts of the report that may be understood in several ways and finally make sure that you have conveyed the message which you intended to convey.

How to Write a Professional Book Report

  • Use concise and clear language to let your readers understand the report after the first reading.
  • Objective of your report should be a solution to the problem.
  • Know your audience and write exactly for your audience.
  • A lot of readers read only conclusion and summary sections of the book report so make sure that these sections are written excellently.


First of all, you have to choose, what book you are going to talk about. In such tasks, it is significant to opt either for fiction or nonfiction writing. Here, you must understand that both directions are extremely different and that you will have to think in different ways as well. Moreover, you should choose a book that you will definitely fancy reading. It is a pity that such tasks are mainly imposed, which means you have no option to choose. However, your professors will not recommend you something bad. Therefore, if you do not like the book for the first time, do not hurry to buy book reports online. Most of the times, you will adore the writing till the end of reading and will not want to stop reading about the heroes you are already so much used to.


Obviously, none of book reports will be successful without reading the object of your analysis. Some students opt for skim reading of the material, avoiding the entire text. Book reports are not complete without the completed reading that is why it is recommended to find a peaceful place, dive into the endless satisfaction and simply enjoy the book. While getting acquainted with the object of your report, you should work with notes. Mark the most important moments and peculiarities of the book to get back to them during the writing itself. The type of noting depends on what book you are working with – fiction or nonfiction.


First of all you should think about the outline, as it helps all authors of book reports to complete the entire picture of the future writing. Do not worry to go off your outline as you are writing the paper – it is really flexible and can change, as new ideas come.
Editing is also a unique process. As book reports are mainly structured pieces of writing, hardly ever will you change anything in the style, as you are proofreading the ready text. Be attentive to grammar and punctuation, because you do not want any of your immaculate book reports be spoiled by unnecessary mistakes. If possible, give your writing to someone else for double-checking – that also helps a lot.

Fiction book report

Write down the plot idea, what you think the book is about after reading the title, the first page, the first chapter and compare your suggestions with the real picture as soon as you have read the entire text. Book reports must definitely contain setting information – the place where the action takes place. Also, specify the main heroes of the book, both protagonists and antagonists (if there are such). Main events should be definitely mentioned in all book reports to give the reader of your analysis a vivid picture of what is happening. Also, if you happen to notice any special symbols throughout the story, do not hesitate to write about them as well – that is a pure mastery when a writer manages to find what the author implied inside the text. Finally, the way, in which the genuine author reflects the point of view from different perspectives, is to be an integral part of all book reports.

Nonfiction book report

In case your book reports are based on biography, make sure you mention those parts of the person’s life that are the most significant and vital. Historical writings often contain dates and identities that should be definitely mentioned in book reports. As nonfiction books are quite difficult to read and to analyze, you can also try to break down the things by chapter, so that it will be easier to compose any of your book reports.

Nowadays, there are several services where you are free to buy book reports online. However, it is so much easy to compose the paper by yourself if to follow a few simple rules of writing book reports.

Now you know how to write a professional book report!

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