Check this To-Do List before Arriving on Campus


Back To School Time – A Healthy Lifestyle

Before arriving to college, you will receive a lot of pieces of advice. Many recommendations deal with the issue of a healthy lifestyle. When already on campus, you will see different reminders appearing in various places and in different forms. Apart from that, you will have to attend lessons about healthy sleep, balanced eating, and proper hygiene. Finally, students are supposed to know the details of their health insurance.

Things to do before going to college

A director of the Student Health and Counseling Center, Dr. Radi, says that healthcare education is vital. Most students are still young adults who have yet to learn how to take care of themselves.
Students also agree that this knowledge is useful. Gabriela Marra, a senior student from Fairport, says that learning how to take care of one’s health is the most important practical skill she acquired as a college student. “Many students are only concerned about their grades and future careers. But how can you study or work if you are not in good health?”
For the past two years, Gabriela has been volunteering at the wellness office. She says that students start thinking about their health only when there is an actual problem, as it happened with the last-year mumps case. She also admits that the majority of students do not know about the preventive measures, such as regular eye exams, blood tests, and dental cleaning. Moreover, they are not acquainted with possibilities of health insurance system.

What Should You Do before Arriving on Campus?

Colleges provide the necessary resources during the first academic year, but there are few things students should do before arriving on campus. First, students are supposed to submit their health history and a list of immunizations. Still, it happens very often that parents do this job instead of their children. Dr. Radi says that the situation is similar with Geneseo students. However, he encourages parents to involve their children in this process. In fact, the college aims at involving students as much as possible.
Dr. Radi further explains why children should learn to take care of their health and why it is a necessary part of college education. In fact, Dr. Radi says that parents are too concerned. They still see that most students arrive to college with their parents who do almost everything for them, including filling out forms, accessing healthcare systems, and taking important healthcare decisions. When children end up away from parents’ close supervision, they are at a loss. This is where college staff steps in. “First year at college gives us numerous opportunities of educating students,” Dr.Radi says.
Moreover, the list, which students receive, reminds them to check their immunization records, take their prescriptions with them, as well as tells which medication should always be at hand. In most cases, parents will do these things for students, but Dr. Radi hopes they will involve children, as well.

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