Adult Education and Its Role (Research Paper Sample)

The main theme of this research project is analysis of major characteristics of adult education. The work includes discussion of a significant impact of adult education on the society. The topic has been chosen because it is relevant and interesting to explore. To complete the study, only scholarly educational resources have been utilized in order to provide clear and reliable information. The aim of the research is to define the significance of adult education. Comparative analysis and cognitive synthesis have helped to divide the material into several units and distinguish its general characteristics. Consequently, it has been possible to determine the general importance and effects of adult education.

The Issue of Adult Education


The significant issue of the US is the presence of illiteracy. In fact, this element exists on the base of everything that blocks efficient development of the US nation. The presence of deep knowledge and high erudition help individuals to achieve their goals and fight for their rights. However, an absence of education keeps individuals in unconscious existence. As a result, they neglect the possibility to join and reach what they truly need. The spread of education in all areas of a country is an essential element, but the government must provide educational opportunities for all ages. The lack of education is one of the main reasons why adults cannot find their place in life and become successful. Children in the modern society have a real possibility to get education, but adults with the lack of knowledge have lost such chance and need attention from the society. Adult education is an essential element and principle of the social, economical, and political development of the American society.

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Adult education concentrates its attention not on preparing individuals for the existence, but rather on contributing to the opportunity for successful life. Besides, adult education teaches the population to increase their understanding of the most essential life elements and improve competence or change negative transudations in their roles in social life (Jarvis, 2012). Besides, this process helps to develop the sense of fulfillment and support prevention of problems in the country and personal life. In the modern society, people associate the meaning of a successful person with elements of their level of education and the potential of job placement. Uneducated adult individuals often become victims of an inappropriate relation on behalf of the society. Furthermore, absence of education holds individuals down in the public eye and keeps groups from innovation and advanced thinking. Immediate needs become inaccessible and the self-esteem of people reduces to an unacceptable level. Such situation creates the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety for unskilled people (Jarvis, 2012). They seek to establish themselves in the society and become an important element of social development. In many cases, such people hide their low level of skills and knowledge. They are often afraid to show their inability to the society and therefore cannot change their social status.

The rate of adult education in countries with a medium level of development is lower than in high-developed nations and the impacts of this situation on the social development are destructive. In many cases, uneducated adults cannot afford finding a job with a high income. In countries with a medium level of development, the lack of education often becomes the reason of poverty. In fact, the US holds the place of the world economic leader and its opportunities and ability to provide support are fundamental for developing countries (Jarvis). Furthermore, an absence of appropriate education and a lost chance to develop the potential are often accompanied with difficult low-pay jobs, criminal offences, and prostitution. The belief in the better future pushes adult individuals to undertake actions that threaten their life and fail to provide an opportunity to change their social status. Moreover, adults have a duty to themselves and family to earn a living (Jarvis). However, in many cases, they do not have an opportunity to attend some educational institutions. Even the free schedule education is often a serious challenge because they have no time for such essential elements as intake of food. People cannot shake the feeling of inferiority in the society and do not have time to change something because they hold responsibility for their family. In fact, the presence of education for adults has many personal and nationwide benefits. Consequently, education of adults is a complex problem of the modern society (Jarvis).

Personal Importance of Adult Education

Several elements demonstrate a significant role of adult education in personal development. Initially, a desire to reach high goals and desires is a significant element of life and an essential aim of a successful person. Education could give adults a clear understanding of their place in life (Robert). A literal person gets the possibility to understand the essence of vocation and discover new horizons of development. Furthermore, adult education could strengthen the personality and help to realize his/her full potential. As a result, adult education has the great ability to enhance prosperity in life. The learning process could help a person to develop talents and interests. Moreover, the growth of knowledge could help raise the ability to decide independently (Robert).

Job and career play an important role in everyone’s life. Initially, the presence of job helps people realize their goals and desires. Besides, a job for adult individuals is a fundamental element that ensures their existence and acts as the main business of life (Robert). Adult education could help people develop their skills and bring them to the new level of intellectual development, which would open new opportunities. With an appropriate education, a person gets a possibility to increase the value of the resume, which raises the chances to get a better position or job. However, a person could not learn all required material and become a professional at the begging of the career. Thus, adult education could help increase the opportunity get a job with high income and develop acquired skills (Robert).

Furthermore, education is an exciting and interesting process even in adult age. It allows people to find new traits and use them in their job or daily life. In fact, these elements could increase self-esteem and emotional satisfaction, which is important for any modern person. A person always seeks to achieve new impressions and daily location in one place is not a motivator for further development (Robert). Individuals who engage in different activities to expand their worldview have positive emotions in their life. Such confidence could help an adult person to perform actions with a new high quality level and make progressive decisions, which would give the sense of fulfillment. Furthermore, the desire to raise an educational level gives a person a possibility to build relations in new environments (Robert). With an educational process, an adult visits different institutions and has a chance to develop communications in personal and professional spheres. In these cases, a person could make new acquaintances and friends and get new useful information from experienced workers and teachers. Consequently, adult education has made a great impact on the person’s socialization.

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The National Importance of Adult Education

Several elements prove the great role of adult education in national development. Initially, the government must include the US individuals in the understanding of the political system and develop their knowledge of the democracy essence because people without appropriate education could not correctly understand actions of politicians. Thus, individuals must be involved in the political process and able to analyze programs and plans of different parties (Edwards, Hanson, & Thorpe). In modern days, the presence of this element is one of them most common because the US nation elected new president a few weeks ago. Furthermore, individuals who have lost their chance to get an education do not take part in solving community or national issues. In fact, they do not know what they can offer. Accordingly, they start fearing or hating all institutions. Adult education has the ability to increase the educational level of the population and affect the democratic growth of the US with a right choice at the election and efficient deeds for the community. Besides, active participation of educated adults in all governmental processes could make a great contribution to the society’s general prosperity (Edwards et al.).

The government must motivate adult people to analyze and solve serious issues of the US society. In such a way, people could increase the level of prosperity. In fact, the US often needs a way to maintain and develop a solid structure of the society (Edwards et al.). Adult education is the element, which could make a great impact on this process. In fact, educated adults have the extensive knowledge in different areas and they can clearly analyze and make effective changes. Schools already conduct lectures on important social and ecological issues. However, adults that will get education could become more socially involved in solving these problems (Edwards et al.).

Educated adults are the main actors that form the overall economic progress of the US. A country gets great opportunities when adults increase their professional level and choose rare and important jobs. Thus, the country must maintain the high level of adult education to contribute to the development of prominent physicians, scientists, and engineers (Edwards et al.). Besides, educated adults can provide a proper upbringing to their children. Moreover, such individuals can develop teaching as their primary job. In this way, such adults could make a great impact on developing an educated nation. As a result, the country would get many specialists that would contribute to further economic growth of the US (Edwards et al.).

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Adult education provides a country with new specialists and they make the basis of the US labor. Their role is essential because they have numerous advantages for employers. Initially, adults feel a great responsibility for their lives and family. Thus, they understand the importance to control their job and career growth. Besides, educated adults have the ability to rapidly receive and assimilate information and use it in their profession because they understand the significance of skills development and the company’s growth (Edwards et al.). Next, adults are often formed individuals who soberly evaluate their weaknesses. Thus, they are open to provide changes in their life and to arrange priorities in the profession. Moreover, they are more diligent in their studies because educated adults are already aware of their mistakes and strive for improvement. Furthermore, they could use their personal experience in different situations and provide progressive conceptions based on prior learning (Edwards et al.). People who choose education in adulthood often make this choice on the voluntary basis and in a desire to increase their job skills. Such motivation always becomes a general force to achieve success in their profession. Lastly, educated adults have high expectations and are ready to do all specter of work to achieve high results and improvement. Consequently, these factors prove the importance of adult education for the organization of the efficient American workforce (Edwards et al.).


Adult education focuses its attention on ensuring successful life for an adult person. Besides, there are many beneficial impacts of this process on the American society. Adult education has a great importance in relation to personal development. Initially, this process could strengthen the personality and develop different traits. Besides, adult education could help find a high-income job and promote intellectual development. As for national benefits, adult education could help understand actions of politicians and contribute to the community’s development. Furthermore, adult education could help develop many prominent specialists and form a massive and efficient labor force. Therefore, adult education is an essential element of the society that can make a great contribution to the US development.

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