Biomass and Environment Analysis Essay

Energy Conversion Technology in Modern World

The contemporary world suffers from numerous issues undermining its economic, ecological, social, and political sustainability. One of such challenges is the search for new energy resources. Nowadays, there exist various trade relations and cooperation between countries generating the common sources of energy. Furthermore, the fast-moving societies of the most developed areas of the world managed to move to another stage of evolution and find alternative ways of generating energy. This solution is appropriate for every nation regardless of the economic situation. Moreover, in the future, it could solve many problems in the social segment saving costs of millions of people all over the world.

The paper is talking about biomass and energy generated as the result of its processing. In particular, the discussion touches upon the principles of processing garbage into energy and fuels. Waste management has already become one of the most alarming topics of the contemporary society. It worries politicians, ecologists, and common people at the same time, as well as calls nations to participate in the ecological improvement of the surrounding world. Ten years ago, nobody could even think that garbage can become a reliable source of energy. On the contrary, currently, it is one of the most beneficial energy sources, which can put down misunderstanding in political and economic relations of many countries. In general, at the local level, biomass can become a cost-saving technique satisfying needs of people without pushing their financial sustainability to the limit.

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The following discussion reveals the essence of the new concept of energy conversion and generation of new ways of fulfilling the same needs in energy and fuel. It is worth paying attention to all peculiarities of waste management and generation of energy with the help of garbage. It can become a key not only to the improvement of financial and political sustainability but also to the regulation of social issues weighing heavily on the minds of millions of people.

Principles of Energy Generation and Use

As mentioned earlier, garbage is an alternative source of energy, which humanity did not consider as a necessary element of energy generation. However, as long as garbage is a relatively new source of energy there are different ways of receiving energy from it. First, it is necessary to mention that biomass is an organic material, which people can use to generate fuel (Schill). In particular, biomass can serve as the source of ethanol production, which can have a further processing in higher-octane gas (Ethanol Fuel Basics, n.d.). Vehicles flexible in using fuel can successfully utilize this type of fuel. For example, numerous cars use biodiesel rich in vegetable oil and fat, which makes it safer for the surrounding world and less expensive than common fuel.

There are various ways of receiving biofuels, which include crops, woody plants, residues from forestry and agriculture, and organic waste from the industrial and municipal area (Dale & Huber). The processes of converting waste in fuels are different; however, it is possible to see the essence of the phenomenon using the example of processing residues from forestry. Wood is one of the reliable sources of energy, which gives people an opportunity to satisfy their needs (Biomass: Can Renewable Power Grow on Trees?). In general, plants go through the same chain of stages leading to the generation of energy (Ebert, n.d.). First, they receive energy from the sun, which further transfers in the chemical process leading to the storage of energy. Further, this energy finds its release when plants are burned. The main benefit of plants as a source of energy is that they are a renewable biomass (Biomass Heating and Cooling Technologies). However, the contemporary ecological problem makes it a mandatory option to increase the area of green forests to switch to the alternative source of energy.

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Biomass can find its usage in the conversion into electricity or fuel. Moreover, biomass is regularly used with coal. Power plants add biomass to boilers with coal, which helps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions in the air. Renewable biomass makes it possible to transfer from the polluted areas to the healthy and fresh world.

AQUATOX is one of the mandatory elements in the use of biomass. It is a program designed to stimulate the transfer of biomass and other chemicals between different ecosystems (What does AQUATOX do?). AQUATOX includes information on life balance of various natural areas. It reflects the diversity of biological processes taking place on the daily basis. The essence of the program is to show which processes have a direct influence on the sustainable functioning of different ecosystems. For example, it can indicate which adverse factors should be avoided to prevent natural imbalance. Biomass use also has its reflection in the mentioned program as each process can have both positive and negative impacts regardless of its initial intention to improve the selected area. The system can show the effects of the processes happening due to the use of biomass energy.

Biofuels are one of the most promising alternative sources of energy, which can both fulfill transportation needs and reduce the dependency on the oil-producing petroleum. However, the world still has a long way to go to satisfy the needs of the developed countries in fuel with the help of biomass. Unfortunately, there is not enough crops, plants, and other resources, which could meet the requirements of every highly developed city. The invention of the technology processing plants into fuel is a valuable achievement, which is most likely to continue its beneficial influence on the future generations. There is a proof that it is possible to receive biofuel from everything with organic nature. The principle of biofuel is to generate energy from the conserved energy of plants. Garbage, in its turn, is most likely to be an optimal source of organic waste necessary for the generation of ecologically friendly fuel. In general, the principles of the new concept are simple focusing on the need of increasing crops and other plants, which can be further used for the benefits of the world’s improvement. Finally, there will be more benefits if the world pays attention to the need of avoiding oil in the production of fuel, which destroys an ecological sustainability of many countries. Consequently, biomass is surely the key to the resolution of oil dependence.

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Groundwork of Choice

Regardless of low opportunities of biomass inclusion in the production of energy, it is possible to see many benefits of its use. Humanity has never been closer to the resolution of the diversity of problems circulating in different segments of its performance. Biomass can become a key to the enhancement of the world’s ecological balance, leading to the healthy upgrade of the most polluted areas. Probably, it should become an element boosting an overall intention to improve an ecological sustainability along with the rise of forests, crops, and other plants necessary for biomass generation.

It is crucial to consider all aspects of the influence of the biomass. First, the choice of biomass relates to the idea that it can produce and increase the use of energy generated from the natural sources. In addition, it reduces the amount of waste going to the landfill (RE-Powering America’s Land, n.d.). Those areas, which once had problems with garbage, will have a significant relief by using organic waste as a source of energy. As a result, it will become possible to reduce the amount of methane emissions caused by waste in the landfill (RE-Powering America’s Land, n.d.). Waste energy facilities will become the best opportunities to improve the situation with processing garbage. While fossil fuels produce too much carbon dioxide, natural sources of energy offer an essential reduction of the harmful emissions in the air due to the ecologically friendly substance.

Another significant benefit is that biomass can contribute to the reduction of dependency on the price fluctuations of oil. Economic sustainability and political relations can have an efficient improvement thanks to the introduction of the alternative sources of energy (Biomass Energy Basics). For example, the USA could start using domestic production of biofuels, which would improve an ecological situation along with international cooperation (RE-Powering America’s Land, n.d.).

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In addition, there is no need to create huge plants producing biofuels. It is possible to put small plants in the places next to the garbage storage, which can produce fuel fast. It will help to meet the requirements of the population and enhance an ecologically friendly intention of the nation to choose biofuel (Melting Coal). With the help of garbage, it will be easy to access resources owing to its high availability without fear of price fluctuations. Benefits to the local community will not take long to reveal itself. Finally, landfills can also have significant improvement, which will result in the overall upgrade of the ecosystem.

In conclusion, it is necessary to remember that human activity can have both negative and positive influences. Alternative sources of energy are one of the most important decisions leading to the overall upgrade of the world’s sustainability. Biomass has a myriad of benefits regardless of the lack of natural resources, which can satisfy the needs of the developed countries. If there is a need to move to another stage of evolution, it is a mandatory step to increase the area of forests and other plants. However, garbage may be considered as an endless source of energy, which people will always be producing. Turning to the organic sources of energy is a right decision covering transportation needs of the society. As long as the USA is powerful in influencing the world’s development, the starting point should take place across its territory. As a result, the nation will benefit from a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and avoidance of oil processing aimed to achieve petroleum. If the society continues to look further, it will become a common phenomenon to use organic sources as an alternative source of electricity. It is obvious that there are many opportunities, which require a strong support of desire, patience, and investments to change the world and improve it for the sake of future generations.

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