Different Law Topics in One Discussion Essay

Topic 1: Should regulations regarding payment of college athletes be changed?

The law as it is allows for student-athletes to be paid for games played while in college. However, this has been a topic of discussion amongst various stakeholders in the sports and education sectors. The below-stated arguments will reveal why the regulations should remain as they are and reasons why it is important to pay student athletes.

Student-athletes make a lot of effort, time, and dedication and also put their bodies at risk of trauma both at training and during the various competitions, which are no different from those the professional athletes who get paid for their participation have. The hardships they face expose them to life-threatening injuries and therefore they must be compensated at least financially. With all those difficulties the athletes are also expected to remain efficient in their class work and compete with the other students for the future job market (Griffin).

The games played by these students generate income through television deals and the revenue obtained from them runs up to millions of dollars for both the schools and broadcasting stations. All this is because the athletes are entertainers and therefore attract big crowds to their games who purchase tickets which cost several hundred and sometimes thousand dollars for a single ticket. They being the largest attraction are therefore entitled to be paid for being part of the income generated through their performance.

Paying student athletes has various advantages in almost all aspects of the athletes and their families’ lives, as well as for their colleges. The most notable pros are the economic ones, whereby the athletes learn to earn their first money in life and value it. However, since they are exposed to it at a tender age, they are put through tutorials on how to be responsible with finance and how to make sound investment choices, which, in turn, helps the students once they become professionals in their various fields ( Mondello, Piquero, Piquero, Gertz, & Bratton).

Paying college athletes also helps improve the economic and social welfare of their community and their families as it offsets some burden from their parents as well as sponsors. The revenue generated by these games can help in paying for the students’ medical bills and getting the students the medical covers that can be used to treat them in case of any injuries sustained during their sporting activities in college. This also encourages them to be professionals and helps them focus on building a more stable career.

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From a social point of view, paying students will help keep off the people with interest in the games from buying out players with the aim of influencing the games results and hence prevent such individuals from luring the students into shady businesses (Sanderson & Siegfried). It will also stimulate the current players to constantly better their skills and attract fresh talents, hence improving the quality and competitiveness of games, as well as keep many students engaged and away from crime.

Topic 2: Should minors who commit violent crimes be tried as adults?

The number of juveniles who are engaging in violent crimes has been on the rise in recent years, and ways to deal with these minors have become a contentious issue within the society. Those who want them to be treated as children, mostly stressing on the necessity of the law to be enforced with preventive measures while those who believe the teens should be treated as adults simply want justice and the equal responsibility of everyone for their actions (Martin). The following argumentation will support the latter conviction, whereby minors should be treated as adults both in prosecution and while serving their sentences based on a moral/social point of view.
The nature and the magnitude of crime committed should be used to determine whether a minor should be tried as juvenile or as an adult. Violent crime increase among teens is mainly caused by the erosion of the traditional morals and values while bringing up children, drugs, status-related offenses and to some point the lack of attention from the adults (Cox, Allen, Hanser, & Conrad). These factors have led to the emergence of the generation of children who do not have respect for human lives and liberties; they no longer have the self-control which once was a vivid reflection of the appreciation of morals and values that existed before that led to peaceful co-existence between humans. For this reason, if a teen can adapt to a crime that is associated with adulthood, then they should be ready to face the consequences of their actions as an adult as well.

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Secondly, it is the sign of justice to the victims of the crimes committed by such teens. When an individual commits heinous crimes, whether as an adult or a minor, the effects on the victims remain the same. If it is a murder or a violent robbery, the victims are left to heal the same wounds and scars just as an adult would have committed it and seek justice for the wrongs committed upon them. Hence handling such individuals as juvenile leaves the victims bitter and they feel short-changed as sometimes juvenile court proceedings tend to be lenient on young criminals (Winterdyk).

The first advantage of treating these teens as adults is that it serves as a lesson to others who have the intention of committing crimes and will therefore deter them from engaging in violent activities. Most teens these days are informed about and are aware of their rights and privileges, as well as the results of being violent. Consequently, treating them as adults will reduce the instances where they take advantage of the law that protects minors who break the law.

Second, this will be an eye opener to the society in general and families in particular on how they should raise children. The society should try and instill discipline and good morals in children from a tender age, so that they can avoid the incidents of their children being involved in illegal activities. This will also help serve justice to the victims who will feel satisfied with the punishment given to the offenders. The minors should always be aware that there are consequences to their actions and they will not rely on their age in courts as crime does not pay (Cox).

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Topic 3: Should child welfare regulations be changed?

Children are often regarded as the future of any generation and nation and therefore, there is a need to make sure that this group of young citizens is protected from any form of abuse and exploitation by any individual or organization. The laws in place must be adequate to isolate children from violence, sex abuse, and even financial gains, though there have been great strides to ensure this. Despite much has been done in this direction, there are still a few additions that can be made to the existing laws to improve the situation in this field (Melton, 1982).
First and foremost is the provision of more funds to the children welfare department, which can help in improving the awareness of the existing laws to all the citizens and especially parents, as well as making sure that any new improvements are implemented with easily and more effectively. These funds should also help in preventing child abuse, counseling the victims of it, as well as enhance drug addiction treatment. Good laws should comprehensively regulate and assist in averting the cases of abuse and contribute to the recovery of affected children (Mallon & Hess). These will ensure that every child of every family is given enough support to deal with child welfare issues. The funds may also be used to raise the salaries of social workers to ensure they are fully dedicated to their jobs.

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The other change would concern the evaluation of foster homes and adoption procedures. In most cases, children are taken to available shelters, which at times are not the best place for child who has been through child abuse or who may be in need of a new home. Besides, many group homes, as they are otherwise called, try to get rid of the children faster without assessing the potential parents properly. Thus, there should be an accurate evaluation of the nature of the family and its compatibility with a particular child’s need, which will be helpful in guaranteeing the child’s security and ability to adapt to their new environment with ease. There should also be regular monitoring by a social worker on the progress of a child who is placed in foster homes to make sure that the child welfare is being sustained on a necessary level until adoption or adulthood (Mathews & Bross).

Advantages of making such changes are ascertainment of the absence of loopholes to be exploited by any individual with the responsibility of making sure the child is protected always. This ensures the well-being of the child and their right to receive all the services as per the laws in place. The new legal regulations will also be tougher regarding the penalties given to offenders so as to deter any individual from committing offenses against a child.

Providing more financing is expected to help in rehabilitating children who have been through traumas from abuse either physical or mental. This can also aid to treat children and parents who have been addicted to drug use. The measures outlined above are additionally targeted at giving the children the possibility to grow in a society that provides equal opportunity economically and socially (Mallon & Hess).

Finally, the law will make it mandatory for any individual who witnesses any form of child abuse to report it to the relevant authorities’.The failure to do so should be prosecuted as not acting in the best interest of that child and ensure that all cases of child abuse are given the relevant attention and dealt with in accordance with the law.

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