The Benefits of Interior Design Education in the USA

Design education is a general term for the study of theory and application that can be useful in designing products, services as well as environments. Design is a broad industry that involves various disciplines. One of them is interior design. Before selecting one field of design, one should make sure that he/she gets the necessary education and keeps learning throughout his/her working life, as this is an industry with diverse and constant changes, developments and advancements (Hickman, 2005).

Perspectives of Interior Design Education

Interior design education is the study of art that comprises of designing the interior and often the exterior of a house, room or building. Those involved in this art are called interior designers and their major duty is to manage and coordinate projects of interior design. This art of design involves cooperation of the interior designer with the stakeholders and the management of the place being designed in order to come up with the final decision of the desired design. The final product of interior design must be attractive and practical in order to be pleasing to all stakeholders. Beautification and diversity as well as uniqueness are important concepts when it comes to the interior design. Thus, this essay will discuss how interior design education in the USA can be helpful if one works in the design firm in Saudi Arabia.

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When a person gets an opportunity to take studies in the United States, he/she experiences the diversity of cultures among the populations in major universities. This environment provides an opportunity to learn how other people do things in their cultures. For an interior design student, there are chances of getting diverse ideas about how other cultures design their living premises (Jani, 2011). These ideas can be accumulated, and with more skills acquired throughout the studies, these same ideas can be implemented to create a design that best suites an environment one is working on. This diversity can be applied in the Saudi Arabian architecture and interior design. Because of such versatile American education, one will be likely to learn about the uniqueness of people from this country, how they design their interior, and what colors they choose. Finally, it will be possible for a student to come up with a competitive product for the Saudi Arabian environment.


Students in fine arts have a variety of colleges to choose from. The selection of where they would like to take their interior design studies determines the cultures they will be exposed to. There are about 300 fine arts schools in the whole country to choose from that offer design classes. A choice of school becomes very crucial for the future skillset that the student will acquire. With this understanding, designer’s skills will be needed worldwide, and, therefore, choosing from a university located in a big city represents the best choice due to numerous opportunities that this location offers. For example, one may find that studying in a university in New York gives an opportunity to understand interior design from all parts of the world. It is enough to visit several galleries and communicate with international designers who visit New York daily. As a result, when given an opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia, the ideas of a student who has been studying in New York will spice up the final product and exhibit’s uniqueness.

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U.S.-based universities have refined courses and programs. Most majors get an opportunity to listen to the lectures of foreign and visiting professors. There are also many chances to meet real artists. The representatives of either of these two professional backgrounds may be from different parts of the world. Interaction with those experts from abroad becomes like a stepping stone for learning what different countries expect from those who offer certain types of design skills. When a designer has an opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia, he/she will be sure to know where to start, since there are chances that from a list of the visiting professors in the student’s American university there has been a Saudi Arabian citizen. Therefore, while establishing an interior design firm, interior design graduate has enough knowledge in how things are supposed to work there.


The technology in the American Universities is more than cutting-edge. When a student gets an opportunity to learn in such an environment, there are chances that the final results and skills acquired will be more advanced than in any other environment. With adequate technology, one has a research environment where new trends in design can be discovered, and there is an opportunity to learn how to use modern software. This learning culture becomes a milestone towards the ever-evolving technological knowledge, especially in design (Hickman, 2005). Such background is very useful in the fields of both interior and exterior design. For instance, if a graduate will be working in Saudi Arabia, implementing technology becomes a milestone for the design entrepreneur. The opportunities available there could be numerous, since one will be able to deliver design works with the help of advanced and modernized software. It will be a means to more opportunities for the firm one will be working for and, of course, the work will be assigned to the person who is the most able to deliver.

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With the U.S.-based universities ensuring that safety, well-being and health of students are put under consideration, future design graduates have a very conducive environment for learning. A student who is safe works under no pressure of any attack, and this peace of mind ensures that he/she is always alert and even excited about the business. When the well-being of a student is taken care of, then that student knows the sole purpose is to study and excel in his/her education. None of the American students have to worry about food, shelter and all basic needs to be been taken care of, because USA is one of the most advanced countries in the world. Basic health needs are also catered for by the insurance, and it is great joy for a foreign student studying in America to know that he/she will be attended to and will always be able to resume the studies as soon as possible. Such care creates a refined person ready to work in any environment. If given an opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia, such a student will be successful and caring because of the environment he/she has had during studies. The results of such designer’s performance should be pleasing to the firm’s stakeholders.


This is a trait that most professors in American universities really encourage. Individuality is the capacity to follow one’s own path while making sure that the basics of art, design and traditions are upheld. In interior design, individualism can take one very far, because the final product will be constructed from unique ideas and first-hand work. Uniqueness is the first step to a successful design. The modern market comprises of versatile requests and tastes. Some want a product that everyone else has, but some want their product to be the only one of a kind. When a designer is able to act as an individual in the delivery of his/her products, he/she will be the first option for someone in need of a unique design (Hickman, 2005). Working in a foreign land could be quite challenging, but, if given an opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia, individualism gained and cherished during college education can be the means to artistic success.

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The Universities in the USA are located in towns and cities where students have an opportunity to experience the American culture. There are also historical museums that can influence both local and foreign students profoundly. History is crucial to the modern way of doing things and every future endeavor of a student. It works in the same manner for a design industry. One observes what has been trendy and gets to know how the current design operates so as to determine what the future of design will look like. Therefore, cultural exposure is very important for a student, especially the one who studies interior design, because it can be effective in the field of work. With this background, when students get selected to work in Saudi Arabia, they will be able to handle the local culture as well as adapt to the design trends easily. Being a foreigner and with an understanding of the new cultural environment creates additional chances of retaining the job position for a long time.

To sum up, the design industry is the one that can take someone far away and throughout the world. It can open doors to a successful carrier. Understanding every area of artistic specialty allows to select with assurance which part of fine arts to get involved in. As a result, it becomes a vocation and path for the rest of one’s life. However, it is important to understand the changes, advancements and activities in one’s area of specialty. When a student is in a design school, he/she identifies his/her own strengths and a dream path. For instance, when a learner realizes that he/she is stronger in interior design than in any other field, then he/she will follow this vocation. The universities in the U.S. provide opportunities for diversity, choice, refined curriculum, advanced technology, safety, individuality and culture, all of which act as stepping stones to a successful carrier in interior design, both locally and internationally.

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