Loss, Grief and Unhappiness

Grief is the deepest pain an individual has to deal with after a loss. When a beloved one vanishes grief sets in, and the life became a complete unhappiness. Mourning is a natural way of expressing grief it is the simplest form of grief management that a human has mastered over time to a substantial extent. In all parts of the world the surroundings of people play a crucial role in grief management. Analyzing the Bharati Mukherjee story Management of Grief this paper gives a brief examination of the three elements: loss, grief and unhappiness.


Bharati Mukherjee’s ability to illustrate the life of a group of people in an effective manner, with a number of disturbing concerns as a result of their harsh realities, is commonly perceptive. Shaila’s experienced the demise of her beloved partner. There was the reflection to manage her grief. The pressure from her family to get marry one more time was based on the traditions of the Indian culture. However, being a part of another culture, with its new ideas and practices, Shaila faced a number challenges and circumstances (Mukherjee 1999).

To conclude, the traditional way of living determines to a significant extent, how people will cope with their sorrow. However, nowadays the existence of new ideas and solutions affects people’s choices and decisions made towards grieving. It is also a noteworthy observation that when a person grieves, other people play an enormous role. Loss causes grief which brings unhappiness and sorrow. Mukherjee manages to expose these harsh realities in his work The management of Grief.

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