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Empowerment has been used all over the world by different groups of people. That is why it has been used as a major topic of discussion in this essay. Women, for instance, have empowered themselves by learning a lot through social networking sites. Here, they are exposed to so much information about an environment around them. In the year 2013, women started an online campaign with a hundred of advocates opposing various pages on Facebook that was spreading hatred towards them. Their plea was successful since the pages were brought down. During and after colonialism, the blacks in America were able to empower themselves. They claimed the employment, as opposed to slavery, so that they could entirely depend on themselves. This made them confident in themselves. They were able to claim for their independence. This shows that empowerment is used all over the world. This is a main reason as to why it has been used as a basis of this essay. It has been discussed in all aspects to ensure that it is thoroughly discussed. At the end of the essay, recommendations have also been made as to how this concept of empowerment can be used to make the world a better place.

Empowerment is used by various people in the world on different arenas. The term can be applied to mean giving power and authority to people who previously have not had it. The reason for this is that they may do and make decisions by themselves. This word can also mean giving the permission to certain people to do something. The different forms of empowerment that exist are economic, political, cultural, human, and social ones. Empowerment of people has caused great changes in the society around us. They are very important. It is because when one is given the authority, he/she is able to influence major decisions in their environment as well as dictate a course most activities are going to follow.

Management Empowerment Does It Work

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Some discussions may not make any sense to some groups of people. It is because they might seem to be not important and irrelevant to their current positions. However, a discussion of issues and the determination of their importance should not be based on the perspectives of an individual. Instead, it should be based on the general knowledge, the sense that the issue makes as well as the past experience of the same. It is the cause why the following part of the essay has been provided. Apart from discussing the issue itself, there is a need to discuss its importance. Over the years, it is clear that the definition of empowerment has always changed. Some scholars claim that it may mean licensing, warranting, or commissioning. It causes a lot of attention from scholars that are also interested in the issue. Firstly, it is essential to talk over the importance of this issue in the business world, with reference to the meanings that have been outlined above. These meanings basically symbolize enabling and permitting people to conduct certain activities. It excludes a definition that mentions power. The world includes a lot of people that are seeking for employment. It is because everybody wants to finish the studies and get a well-paid job. The reason behind this is that most education systems train their students on the importance of advancing in a basic career. Therefore, the only real power that people receive from such systems is the education itself ( Hugman & Smith, 1995).

Through a research and experience, it is clear that the most financially successful people are in the business world. It is because it is a world that has the ability to permanently transform the financial lives of individuals. It is especially in such a way if they are interested in the same. Nevertheless, there are a lot of issues that go along with the starting of businesses. One challenge is legislation. There are a lot of people whose efficiency and potential to do business are limited by the laws in their respective countries. For this reason, there is a need for the world’s governments to analyze the way in which this can be rectified. Empowerment is a key issue, when it comes to this. Any government that has the intention of growing its economy should be willing to invest in empowerment. It is where they give their employees an ability to perform most of the activities that they intend to, especially in business. Therefore, the business context is one that needs a massive use of empowerment in any nation.

Secondly, oppression is a universal issue. There is the oppression of marginalized groups all over the world. It has been witnessed in most nations for a long period of time. People being supposed to be inferior are oppressed, in terms of the rights and privileges, which they may be pending to get from their respective countries. Nevertheless, there usually the time comes when some individuals in the groups that are being oppressed decide that it should not happen any more. It is especially when they come to learn about their rights. It is another place where empowerment comes into equation. In some contexts, power is not given. Instead, it is taken. For example, the countries which fight for their independence take their power, as opposed to them receiving it from a third party. For this purpose, it is correct to state that individuals have the ability to empower themselves. It is especially if it is an only alternative. The fact that the issue of oppression is a universal one makes it one of the most important problems in the society today. It is because it affects a large number of people. Therefore, the relevance and importance of discussing this topic cannot be undermined.

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In organizations, whether profit making or not, the importance of empowerment still comes out. It has been the case for a long period of time. Every employee as well as a member of any organization has the own abilities. It means that every one of them gains a different level to which their performance can be expected to reach. However, this essay does not need these variations to be put into the equation. There is a need to put all these factors constant, in a bid to keep the discussion pure. Assuming that all the employees had the same potential, it would be right to make them remain in the positions they have been put on. However, when they are not considered to be different, according to their abilities, the whole new difference is made. Actually, it is a vital difference, owing to the fact that this is an actual situation on the ground. There are some employees that have the ability to perform certain duties more than others. It may have several implications. If an employee performs a duty perfectly, it may mean that this employee is mainly suited for this duty. However, if a worker does not perform the obligation well, they may be unsuited for the same. It does not have the meaning that they have to be sacked. A need for any company to separate employees from leaders exists. Some employees do not have the ability to perform specific roles in an organization. However, they may be good managers of other employees. Therefore, the only thing that limits their potential is the lack of empowerment. It is, yet, another area that should be thought of, when empowerment is a major topic of discussion.

Religion is another point that requires a lot of empowerment issues. It is because there are some religions that are undermined in some countries. For this reason, governments as well as the leaders of these religions should strive to ensure that they empower these religions and ensure that there is the freedom of worship in their countries. Therefore, the safety of people from different religions creates the importance of empowerment. Gender inequalities have also been witnessed in some places of work as well as positions of power. It is another area where empowerment has been of the utmost importance. The areas to which empowerment applies cannot be exhausted in this essay. It would require a completely new book, owing to the global value that it carries. For these reasons, it is clear that the empowerment concerns the life of almost each person in the world. Therefore, it is an extremely vital and important topic of discussion (Hugman & Smith, 1995).

Knowledge and Issues Relating to Empowerment

Empowerment of people in various sectors is important as well as useful in many ways. It reduces oppression of certain discriminated groups of people. Initially women in the community were not allowed to participate in various activities in the economy. It is because the work was considered to be male oriented. The acceptance of women in these works has caused a great change in the economy. So many inventions have been made from that time and a high productivity noted since there is a great increase in the workforce in the economy. This has caused gender equality between both genders (Martin-Crawford, 1999). Previously men used to look down on women and abuse them because they had seen them as useless and only parasites that depended on them in every way. Women also have gained confidence and talked out when they were oppressed in any way. Empowerment also helps people gain a lot of confidence in them. It ensures that they can be actively involved in decision making processes.


Disabled people may be disregarded in terms of their potential and ideas. It is because they are considered to be weak and inferior. The research has proven that a great majority of these people being so disregarded are of the great potential once put to work. This proves that once all of disabled people in a society are utilized the productivity of a place would greatly increase. On the same note, the youth, for a long time, has been disregarded and put on a sideline in our societies. It has caused the idle youth to indulge in illegal and demoralizing activities that destroy most of young lives. Due to these slapdash behaviors, an unreliable generation is created. Hence, the future of our economies is wrecked. The research has shown that the creation of employment for the youth has lead to a great decrease in drug trafficking and drug addiction among young people. Immoral behavior such as prostitution is also seen to decrease drastically in these societies (Wing, 1996).

Initially accessing the information about medication and various ailments was a very arduous task for the people being outside the medical profession. Through such a user friendly website as Medline Plus in the United States, patients get a lot of information regarding various ailments. Most of them get appointments with their doctors from the Internet. Various types and names of certain drugs are available online where patients get to learn how to use, on the side effects of these medications, and what to do in case of missed doses. They do not look for a specialist to advice on this. The gaining of information from Medline Plus by citizens of the United States has built their confidence greatly. The research has proven that most people who seek medical advice are those who have gained the information and may know what they are possibly suffering from. Most people who are not enlightened on these data shy away from seeking medical health resulting to their conditions becoming worse (Martin-Crawford, 1999).

The empowerment of people in the society who have the unknown potential has brought about a lot of changes in our community today. Some citizens take an advantage of the fact that they are given the power to air out their views and use this freedom to falsely accuse the people of leadership. They frame them with their bad personal motive to bring leaders down. It has caused a fall of a great number of leaders being so unfair. Finally, the state is being left with poor leaders who perform poorly leading the people to their downfall. Wars are also seen to emerge since there are those who fight for justice against the corrupted and unfair ones. These fights sometimes result to great losses and sometimes to numerous deaths. The police, on the other hand, are given the power to shoot whichever suspect of greave crimes they are sure of. It is seen to bring down so many wanted criminals (Lee, 2001). However, it has been witnessed that innocent blood is shed by careless policemen who do not care about civilians in their way to get the suspects. Rather a lot of people have already been killed in result of these carelessness, some are left permanently disabled.

Although empowerment is helpful, it can produce counter results if not carried out in the right manner. The empowerment of women has brought about great positive changes in the economic growth. It has also come with negative effects. A lot of attention has been paid to the women that some men are leaving in a sideline to suffer. So many organizations have been put up to help and protect women in case of abuse while so little has been done for men. At most homes, women take an advantage of their position in the society to abuse their husbands. So much energy and recourses have been focused on creating jobs for the youth today. As a result, some sectors in the economy have been neglected. Health sectors are one of neglected areas where no developments are implemented. It results to poor services in hospitals and misinformation of patients that leads to a great increase of a mortality rate. In the United States, education sectors are also one of neglected sectors where funds that are supposed to pay teachers and sponsor students lack. It has caused a great rate of unemployment of teachers and a great rate of school drop outs. Most of them cannot afford the high school fees (Horrell & Johnson, 2008).

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In the United States, patients have gained a lot of information from Medline Plus. It is good and very helpful to them. Most people gain confidence to consult doctors from the information they acquire. This information has, however, brought about negative results too. Most people think that they have enough information to determine the disease they are ailing by looking at the symptoms they have. It has resulted to people administering the wrong medication to them, since the disease they think they have is not real. A large number of people have died or caused a permanent malfunctioning of some parts of their bodies. It is for consuming unwanted substances in their bodies. There are other ways, in which empowered people have used their power to a great disadvantage. This is due to the lack of the proper information and advice on how to deal and handle their newly acquired power. Therefore, it is vital that empowerment is done for the right people and the acquired power used wisely. It is because power has an ability to build or destroy (Pastor, 1996).

Application of the Knowledge on Empowerment

There are so many people with the knowledge on empowerment in the society today. These people should make it their obligation to educate the others in the society suffering due to the lack of knowledge about their potential and a place in the society. They should also strive and mobilize people to put up self-help groups where people with the same gift come together and start businesses based on their gift and talent. One can also start up an organization where people can seek advice on how to start up businesses. Though the difference made by individuals may seem so insignificant, it changes a lot after some time. Its effect is gradual but very necessary (Houtzagers, 1999).

Empowerment of employees also enhances a good exchange of ideas among the employees as well as an employer. Therefore, it brings up better ways to manage organizations. It is because the employees feel free to communicate their views and suggestions, since they also participate in a decision making process of the organization. Empowerment of people in the society is also very important. The empowerment that they may question their leaders about also helps in improving the productivity in the society. The leaders of these places always strive to give their best in all their work. It is to impress them and make sure that they are not thrown out of their current power positions (Blanchard & Randolph, 1999).

Once a person in an oppressed group gets knowledge on how they can empower themselves, he or she is able to lead the others to fight for their rights. Most oppressed races only need an enlightened individual to lead them to a better life by only claiming for their rights. The people like Audrey Henderson are an example of people in the society. They have dedicated so much in helping people exploit their potential, hence, empowering them. All over the United States, she has initiated so many projects and overseen that they are successful, especially in Chicago. She has connected so many industries to international standards that their progress is so high and notable. It is a live, specific and realistic example of how people can use empowerment as an instrumental tool to make the lives better of other people around them. Audrey proves that this is not an issue that only exists on paper. Instead it can be applied on an actual ground and yield better results than most of the activities considered productive for any organization. It is just one in a million examples of how people have used the tool of empowerment. They have applied it for increasing the productivity of their various organizations (Pastor, 1996).

New and high quality products have come up in the market due to the introduction of new and better ideas in the market by the youth. Their vibrant and energetic young people are always moving to make and create better products that will have a wide market and a very high demand. Therefore, it is clear that empowerment should be applied on a younger generation. It is because they are always the ones with the least power and influence. It causes them to have limited abilities, according to the capacities that they are asked to serve. Administrators of organizations and nations should give the youth a chance to show their capabilities (Turner, 1996). This is an endeavor that can ensure a complete success of different organizations in the world. It may as well guarantee that there are many creativities as well as the generation of new ideas all over the world. It gains an ability transforming the whole global market into a successful venture to people from all walks of life.

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Few of of the most essential people all over the world are not recognized for their work. This research has taken much interest to discuss them. The people that ensure the security of individuals are surely in this list. The army and police of some countries are unable to carry out their work well since they are not allowed to carry out some practices. It limits them and makes them inefficient in their work. Some of these activities they are not allowed to do is to short once they identify a suspect of greave crimes. Some of the police even die while being in the line of duty and avoiding mistakes of shooting the wanted suspect. Allowing these policemen to carry out their duty by shooting once they are sure of the suspect will really help in making them more efficient. It will protect them from unnecessary deaths (Houtzagers, 1999).

Implications of the Issues Studied on OB, Organization, and Stakeholders

The past experiences as well as the deductions that may be created from the various materials that were used may be of great value in the development of issues in this research. However, the most important part to the society is that of application. The needs to guarantee the applications of the issue to organizational behavior, organizations, as well as the stakeholders of these organizations, exist. This is in a bid to show the relevance of the same one to the present world. First, it is important to note the fact that the general productivity of an organization is improved by the use of empowerment (Lee, 2001). The organizational behavior of the company whose employees are frequently empowered is proven to be excellent and efficient for their set purpose. The research that has been carried out above has proved that the gifting of members of an organization with an opportunity to perform higher duties increases their productivity. It is because it boosts their ego, doubles their efforts, and increases the work that they have to do. It could seem to be a bad thing to the employees. It is because it represents more work. However, the promotion has to be accompanied by a better pay. Therefore, this employee feels more appreciated and gives his or her best to the organization. It is conclusive to say that the general workforce of any organization is increased through the empowerment of employees (Turner, 1996).

Apart from employees, there are other stakeholders in the organization. For example, there are partners, business associates, suppliers, customers as well as many others. When empowerment occurs in the organization, it shows the need that the company places in the enablement of people that may seem to be inferior to others. It is an act that cannot be hidden from the world. Therefore, it can be an important tool in boosting the name of the company. Many the international companies and also the local humanitarian organizations would like to be associated with the same company. It is because it shows the respect it has to humanity on a public platform. For customers, it is clear that they would also be some of beneficiaries of empowerment. It is because the productivity of the organization is increased. It means the increased utility in the goods that the customers receive. This utility is in terms of the value of products, a method of delivery as well as the time, in which the product is delivered to customers. Therefore, any customer would wish to continue the association with this organization (Hugman & Smith, 1995). Thus, it is evident that many stakeholders of the company stand to benefit from all the efforts that the organization would undertake to empower its employees. Apart from organizations, it is clear that other groups of people around the world support benefiting from the power of empowerment. Experience as well as expert advice has proven this to a large extent.

There are people, businesses, groups, and organizations that have given a credit to the power of empowerment. They have always used it in their day to day activities. However, there are others that have not yet discovered the miracles that can be performed by the same. These are the persons for whom this part is meant. All successful firms should use this as a tool to achieve greater heights. Governments around the world should seek to empower their citizens. Where it is not possible, the citizens should choose to empower themselves. A lot of ways exist, in which persons can empower themselves. The formation of empowerment groups is also vital in ensuring that all involved are given the power that they need to reach certain heights. With the achievement of this, the general productivity in most areas of the world can be increased. It would mean fewer and fewer problems. Such issues as hunger and famine would be the things left in the past. It is because the world has leant of a great value for empowering people.

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