My Application Essay for Medical Schools

Tulane University School of Medicine

My interest in Tulane University School of Medicine has been increased by the diversity of the institution’s courses. I am undertaking a major in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Given a chance at the University, I would be privileged to further my studies in the medicine field. Further, the institution offers particular programs which I am interested in such as Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I would also consider pursuing a course in Structural and Cellular Biology. Other than offering a platform for academic excellence, the institution molds its students in co-curricular activities such as sports (Tulane University).

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Weill Cornell Medical College

I have searched for a lot of information regarding Weill Cornell Medical College and I am convinced that this is where I would like to pursue my medical studies. The institution offers a wide variety of courses related to my major in Biology and also Chemistry which is my minor. Further, the college has a new curriculum that offers students opportunities to explore a particular area of interest such as basic science and clinical investigation. Besides, the institution has a variety of audio/visual equipment to facilitate the learning process, as well as convenient housing facilities (Medical Education).

I had an opportunity to work at Al Zahra Hospital. I came up with the idea of developing a system aimed at managing spinal cord-related injuries. The invention process for a Full-Mechanical System for Protecting the Spinal Cord was a challenging experience. I had to incorporate expensive resources and dedicate ample time to the project from the conception of the idea to the materialization stage. Initially, I documented the concept in a book to reach out to academicians in the field. Further, I attended various exhibitions across the world where I had a chance to create awareness of my invention.

I have always had a passion for venturing into the field of neurosurgery. I am inspired by successful personnel in the field such as legendary Ben Carson. My father, who is a surgeon, has been a great source of inspiration. Performing successful surgeries on patients motivates me to further my studies towards the accomplishment of my dreams. I aspire to join veterans on the mission towards liberating patients from complications regarding spinal injuries. My love for medical operations has increased over the years due to many opportunities I have had working at renown institutions including Al Zahra Hospital.

During the design of the Full-Mechanical System for Protecting the Spinal Cord, I had to collaborate with significant individuals to actualize the invention. The collaboration was a challenging experience as different people presented contrasting viewpoints. Incorporating the various inputs was quite overwhelming since each contributor considered their own ideas better than the rest. However, as the developer of the invention, I had to help team members to reach an agreement to steer the project forward. Another challenge was setting favorable time for all participants. We experienced situations where less than half of the team deemed the meeting time as unfavorable.

Lewis Katz School of Medicine

Lewis Katz School of Medicine caught my attention owing to its vast medical programs. My special interest is in Neurosurgery. The institution has had a good reputation for training competent neurosurgeons since the 19th century (Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program). I would be humbled to be one of the accredited surgeons from the institution. I am positive that the school would be interested in my innovative skills towards the improvement of current medical conditions. Further, my interest in research would be facilitated by the school’s research initiatives. I aspire to be one of the residents to be awarded for outstanding research activities within the institution. Moreover, I am determined to join the school’s residency training program for resident neurosurgeons.

I plan to contribute to the improvement of Lewis Katz School of Medicine Community by spurring a wave of innovations. Firstly, I will introduce the idea of my invention towards minimizing risks during spine-related operations. The project has proven to be efficient in avoiding full body immobilization. Unlike previous systems, my invented project will contribute to preventing patients’ exposure to occipital ulcers and heel pressure. The institution, therefore, is bound to gain relevant knowledge and developments. Additionally, my aggressive research activities will be useful for the medical school in improving current learning curriculum. Apart from research, I endeavor to publish journal articles in the neurosurgery field. Published reports are bound to increase the institution’s popularity among aspiring medical students.

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Tulane University School of Medicine

My first choice ranked Clinical Campus is Tulane University School of Medicine. This institution offers me an opportunity to live my dream as a medical student in the fields of Biology and Chemistry. My particular preference is Neurosurgery. The school has had a distinguished record in producing all-around neurosurgeons (Tulane University). Therefore, I feel motivated to join other practicing neurosurgeons in the medical school to sharpen my skills, experience, and expertise.

In addition to the academic knowledge enhancement, the institution offers its students an opportunity to engage in meaningful research initiatives (Tulane University). Based on my past research endeavors in the field of neurosurgery, I believe Tulane University is the ultimate place to further my ambitions in medical research. Furthermore, the campus supports new input in which I aspire to contribute through my medical journal writing skills.

The school of medicine also offers its students an opportunity to undertake co-curricular activities (Tulane University). Therefore, the campus would be a perfect place for me as I would be able to pursue my hobbies and talents, particularly in sports such as loan tennis, baseball, volleyball, and athletics.

Last but not least, the diversity of the student community will nurture my socializing skills. I love meeting new people, learning about their unique interests, and hopefully sharing and exchanging new ideas. Moreover, the university acknowledges the contribution of students towards desired reforms (Tulane University). I would be honored to participate in the varsity’s education committees regarding curricular activities.

My plans for the current year – June 2021 until June 2022 – include finishing my Bachelor degree and graduating this spring season. I am currently sending out applications to reputable medical schools with the aim of securing a position to pursue further studies. My hope is that I will succeed in receiving an admission letter to one of the institutions. Despite my current academic qualifications, I feel there is a need to acquire advanced knowledge, skills and practice, especially in the neurosurgery department.

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I believe that I possess much untapped potential that is valuable to the field of medicine. My previous experience interning at Al Zahra Hospital in Iran equipped me with necessary skills for the industry. Additionally, I have volunteered in many healthcare institutions. Therefore, as I await admission to one of the schools of medicine, I will continue volunteering in healthcare services where my skills are needed. I believe that the period will be an important part of my professional growth as it will be a chance to sharpen my skills and knowledge. Not only will I be able to develop professionally, but I will also progress on a personal level through the diverse interactions with veterans in the medical industry.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

I learned of the Neurosurgery program through Mount Sinai’s School website ( I understand that the institution only accepts applications through the Electronic Residency Application Service (Icahn School of Medicine).

I have experienced a fair share of financial constraints during my studies. However, the challenges did not hinder me from pursuing my dream. I am motivated to work even harder towards providing high quality and affordable care to patients.

I have always been eager to learn new techniques regarding the improvement of healthcare systems. My sources of information include medical journals and websites. I am intrigued by research from scholars who have made significant input towards the development of advanced medical equipment. The literature has challenged me to contribute knowledge and innovative ideas to the existing theory. I have managed to publish a total of 13 journals and a book about my invention of a Full-Mechanical System for Protecting the Spinal Cord. My love for medical innovations motivates me to seek further studies for both personal and professional growth.

I have had an opportunity to chair a Committee – the Stanislaus State Biological Research Committee. The leadership was relatively challenging as I was tasked with many roles including facilitating the members in sanctioning students’ research topics, overseeing budgetary allocations, and devising management plans for the research. All in all, I took up the role without hesitation by upholding my ability to work in a team, as well as exercising my management skills. I did not have a hard time as the committee members were very cooperative. Besides, the board and I received adequate support from key stakeholders, including university professors.

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Virginia School of Medicine

My interest in joining the University of Virginia School of Medicine has been spurred by the institution’s conducive learning environment. The medical school supports academic excellence by offering a broad range of courses including my specialization – neurosurgery. Moreover, the school has well-equipped state of the art facilities which have audio-visual learning capabilities. As a medical student, the institution is also an attractive place for me as I would be able to immerse into clinical and research activities due to the university’s medical research resources (Functional Neurosurgery). Furthermore, the Department of Neurosurgery is bound to nurture my skills through the innovative technologies, as well as collaboration with competent physicians within the Health System.

Some factors will be most important to me when choosing a medical school. To begin with, the institution has to offer a wide range of courses. I would give preference to an institution which provides courses in line with my area of specialization, that is, neurosurgery. Not only does the institution need to have my preferred course, but it also needs to have a reputable record in the excellence of its alumni. Other than academic qualifications, I would go for a school that values and supports the social welfare of its students. That is, does the institution offer co-curricular activities? Are there any reliable health care services? Do students get opportunities to participate in shows and exhibitions to showcase their innovations? If the response to all questions is ‘yes’, I will consider applying for a course in the institution.

I purpose to make a remarkable contribution to the diversity of my medical school class and the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia through feasible strategies. I will enlighten my classmates on my invention – The Full Mechanical System for Protecting the Spinal Cord. The system manages spinal cord injuries without necessarily immobilizing the patient. My classmates and I will then join the group of practising neurosurgeons at the university with the aim of improving the treatment of spinal cord injuries. I believe that both the school and the community will benefit from my invention. Furthermore, the university’s neurosurgery department could be interested in making the spinal cord system more efficient thus improving the overall reputation of the institution.

I once worked as an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) officer at the Al Zahra Hospital in Esfahan, Iran. One of the challenges I encountered during my practice was maintaining the pace of activities at the medical facility including responding to emergency calls within the region. Patients would be brought with severe injuries which demanded our first aid services before a transfer to a hospital for further check-ups. However, being the officer-in-charge, I was always alert and ensured that the first aid team accorded the patients appropriate care. My ability to work under pressure and mobilize teamwork enabled me to facilitate smooth operations. Moreover, my communication prowess enhanced the proper response to emergency calls and direction of team members regarding their responsibilities.

MCW Medical School

MCW meets the requirements of my checklist for a preferred medical school. To begin with, the institution offers Neurosurgery, a course which I have always dreamt of pursuing. Additionally, the system provides a Spine Injury Fellowship Program which is meant for students undertaking academic medicine. The academic excellence is enhanced by the medical school’s well-equipped laboratories and facilities (“MCW Department of Neurology”). This means that my life as a student would be relatively smooth as I would be able to undertake my academic projects in an enabling environment. Apart from the academic angle, the school supports co-curricular activities such as athletics and ball games.

My primary motivation in pursuing a community-based medical education (CBME) program is the ability to acquire a learning experience within a community context (Mahoney, S., Walters, L., & Ash, J.). Unlike the ordinary class setup for medical students, I am excited about the idea of having to interact with the social communities as well as medical communities. CBME is bound to improve my communication skills through interaction with members of the community. Furthermore, I will be able to develop amicable solutions to health-related problems in my future career in medicine. The CBME program is be beneficial in the current generation conditions, where medical trends require more than just class theory. For instance, I might encounter a scenario where patients have no access to health services due to the lack of adequate awareness of the affordable medical facilities at their disposal.

I have had a chance to interact with medically underserved communities. During my internship at Al Zahra Hospital in Iran, I encountered a rural community which receives inadequate care mainly because of the lack of sensitization in medical facilities at their disposal. The community has influenced me to initiate rural campaigns geared towards the enlightenment of the residents about affordable healthcare services.

I envision myself living and practising medicine in a community based in Texas, U.S. The city is reported to have relatively more employment opportunities. I am positive that I will be able to secure a job as a neurosurgeon in one of the hospitals in the region. Additionally, the city has a low cost of living as well as affordable housing. The city is also reported to charge no tax on its residents’ income (McCaig). The lack of income tax is undoubtedly an attractive feature that motivates me to work in the community. The economic conditions would be favorable to me as I would be able to set aside some savings.

Unfortunately, the city is reported to have high traffic during peak hours when people are either going to work or going home (McCaig). The traffic would be a major drawback for me since medical operations are fast-paced and require urgent attention. I would consider such shortcomings to avoid cases of coming late to work. For instance, I would reside at a walking distance from my workplace so that I did not needa vehicle to get to work. In summary, Texas offers a favorable working environment.

During the development stage of my invention, the Full-Mechanical System for Protecting the Spinal Cord, I came up with a creative solution geared towards the improvement of the system as compared to previous mechanisms. My project identified a gap in previous systems which involved the full immobilization of a patient’s body. The process led to potential risks such as injuries of other body parts. The effects of full body immobilization were mostly severe in older patients, as well as impaired patients following surgical operations. Through my project idea, I was able to develop a system that minimized harm of body parts susceptible to pressure.

The experience taught me that I have a potential to reform the neurosurgery field through my innovative ideas. The invention inspires me, and it gives me a fulfilling feeling that I have been able to contribute to better treatment and management of spinal cord-related conditions. All in all, I find it worth mentioning that the success of the project would not have been attained were it not for the massive support from my colleagues. The project, therefore, taught me that teamwork is an essential element in any medical interventions. A combination of different ideas yields robust output.

Loma Linda School of Medicine

I attribute my knowledge about Loma Linda University School of Medicine (LLUSM) primarily to the institution’s website ( The catch line at the site is that the institution is a Seventh-day Adventist Organization, implying that the school upholds a strong Christian foundation. I have also gathered information about the establishment of the school which dates back to 1909. Further, the school purposes to produce all-round medical science students with a caring and compassionate attitude to patients’ needs (LLU School of Medicine).

The institution offers courses such as Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Histology, Genetics, and Physical Diagnosis. Medical students are also exposed to a student blog where they can share their experiences at the school of medicine (LLU School of Medicine).

My main attraction to LLUSM is the strong emphasis on Christian values alongside medical practice. I value humanity, and I am convinced that the values inculcated into the school’s students enable them to deal with patients with a lot of care and tenderness. Additionally, the school’s mission inspires me as it shows the administrators’ commitment in carrying on the healing ministry of Christ. Therefore, unlike most medical institutions, LLUSM has created a niche for itself. I am determined to join the school so that I can attain triple-growth. That is, spiritual, personal, and professional growth. The unique status of LLUSM, spiritually-oriented medical practice, draws my attention, and I would be highly honored to pursue my medical studies at the University.

I possess many qualities that make me a desirable candidate for admission to LLUSM. Firstly, I am a staunch Christian with a background in medical practice. I have also been proactive, which is demonstrated by my volunteer activities in medical institutions such as Al Zahra Hospital in Iran. Moreover, I have been aggressive in publishing medical journals, as well as a book about my invention titled The Full-Mechanical System for Protecting the Spinal Cord. I have also displayed leadership capabilities as I have been an Emergency Services Officer at Al Zahra Hospital, as well as a chairperson of a Biological Research Committee at Stanislaus State. Therefore, I believe that I am a suitable candidate, worthy of pursuing a medical course at LLUSM.

My spiritual experience has influenced my life in a great way. To begin with, I have always put God first in all my endeavors since I believe that He guides those who trust in Him. Not only have I placed value of spirituality in my personal life, but I have also incorporated it in my professional practice. In essence, I believe in fairness and justice in dealing with patients. For example, when patients arrived at the hospital, I would serve them based on a first-come, first-serve basis. Moreover, the spiritual enlightenment has played an important part in my daily life as Christian morals guide me in dealing with people around me. I pay key attention to how I interact with colleagues, as well as seniors.

I have had experiences in my life that illustrate my perspective on service to others. To begin with, I have been involved in volunteer activities at Al Zahra Hospital in Iran. My responsibilities included responding to emergency calls and cooperating with my unit to give first aid to persons who had injuries. I also designed a system which aims at improving the efficient management of spinal cord complications. The innovation has been adopted across the world. Unlike previous versions of the system which would risk a patient’s well-being due to exertion of much pressure on other body parts during the surgery, my invention has proven to be efficient in minimizing additional injuries of patients during surgical operations.

Some of my personal educational and career goals include attaining an all-around learning experience ranging from spiritual to academic. Thus, I feel well-suited for enrollment to LLUSM. Since my childhood, my parents have always encouraged me to practice ethical behavior and foster good relations with people around me. I am confident that an opportunity in the institution would strengthen my morals and high-quality medical knowledge. I would gladly attend the weekly chapel services and religion courses as I have an inner drive towards reinforcing my spiritual growth. Away from the institution, I will be an acceptable person in the society as my behavior and professionalism will be guided by the values I aspire to acquire at LLUSM.

If admitted to the institution, I will abide by its lifestyle policies. I am eager to join the institution for a spiritually uplifting experience, along with a dedication to compassionate care for patients. I also pledge my loyalty to the medical school’s code of conduct regarding abstinence from all forms of drugs and substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and opium.

Pen State College of Medicine

My inventing experience, as highlighted in my personal statement regarding the efficient spinal cord management innovation, is a unique aspect that the institution’s admissions committee should consider when reviewing the application.

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My primary decision for applying to Penn State College of Medicine is that the institution offers Neuroscience (NEURS). Moreover, the diversity of the school is an attractive feature. The school admits not only residents, but also international students (Team).

I have had a significant experience working in a team setting where I chaired a Biological Research Committee of the Stanislaus State. The process enhanced my teamwork skills as I was charged with the responsibility of .managing the committee members while regulating the students’ research activities. Furthermore, I was able to oversee budgetary allocations for research funds, as well as coordinate activities related to planning and research policies. Additionally, I was responsible for seeking relevant research areas for students. In collaboration with my committee members, I was able to appeal to valuable stakeholders such as professors, research organizations, and the community as a whole to help the team in identifying opportunities for research for the institution. The whole process helped me to improve my interpersonal, as well as strategic management skills. I am braver, more aggressive and confident in leading a group of people within and outside my profession.

I have been involved in a challenging situation during the development of my invention titled The Full Mechanical System for Protecting the Spinal Cord. As the title suggests, the system is geared towards better management of spinal cord injuries. The invention was an overwhelming experience. It started with idea conception, followed by publicity of the concept through exhibitions, and publishing a book regarding the system. The whole process required a lot of time, resources, and input of different stakeholders.

I understood that I had to commit myself to the invention and not let it fail. My determination and confidence gave me the courage to pursue the idea to its maturity. Further, I had a keen eye for things around me that included observing that medical facilities expose spinal cord patients to unnecessary pain hence the need for a better system. I also acknowledge my proficiency in expressing my idea to medical institutions for adoption and implementation.

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