My Intercultural Communication Experiences Interview Paper

Various US attractions draw many tourists to the country. Among the most interesting and the most visited sites are unique natural wonders, historical monuments, original architecture, and diverse entertainment facilities. Owing to this fact, there are so many people in the world who dream of living in the United States. They can use different opportunities in order to fulfill their dream.

A student from Ukraine, Natalia, had a chance to visit the United States during Summer Work & Travel USA Program. According to the program’s rules, a student has a permanent residency for about 3–5 months to work and explore the country. Before Natalia left America, she had shared her impressions in a friendly atmosphere in the local café. Natalia answered the following questions before the departure to Ukraine:

Q: Why did you decide to go abroad and especially to the USA?

A: It was my dream to explore a new country, new people, and, of course, to earn some money for the future. Essentially, the USA is a great combination of both traveling and earning a living. In addition, I believe in the power of thought and ones definitely will get everything that deserves. My own thoughts about the journey to the US came true.

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Q: Where did you stay in the USA? How long have you been there?

A: I arrived in Herndon, Virginia, because I had a job offer in a small company there. I had been working for three months there. After that, I had stayed in Miami and New York for two weeks. So in total, I have been in the country for four months.

Q: Describe your environment where you live and work. Did you have any issues with citizens?

A: I rented a room in the house of Spanish American for the whole period. To be honest, it was unexpected for me that the majority in this area does not speak and understand English at all. For this reason, we communicated by drawing pictures, making a strange noise, etc. Now, I understand how funny our conversations were.

As my goal was, in addition to my travelling, to work hard and bring some money back, I decided to apply for the second job. Therefore, I worked in the office as a junior helper during the morning and day shifts. To make extra money, I worked as a waitress in the restraint after. I liked my office job, as very often, I had a chance to fly on the business trips to assist the team and discover new cities and people. Most of the office clients were Spanish Americans while at my second job, the majority of customers were Arabian because the restaurant serves Lebanese cuisine. Unpleasant was the fact that men were unkind to me in the beginning as I am a woman, particularly a Slavonian woman, in spite of our presence in the United States. But later, we could communicate and overcome the prejudices.

Q: What are the most unusual things for you, which totally differ from your homeland?

A: The country and people impressed me extremely. For one thing, openness and kindness of people attract. I mean that people are mostly smiling, happy, and always ready to help.

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Another thing that was uncommon is a larger size of buildings, clothes, food portions, etc., especially in New York. When one arrives at the city, it appears so huge and busy. There are many office buildings, workers on the streets that rush, catch taxis, and run all over the city.

Moreover, I found it an interesting peculiarity how huge your sales of clothes, shoes, technology, and furniture are. I mean, in my country, it is unreal to dress up spending less than 30 dollars per look. Because of the low performance of the economy in Ukraine, there are many poor people who cannot afford necessities for a living.

Q: Was it difficult for you to switch to another culture and accustom to other people?

A: As for me, definitely, no. It was easy to experience the better-living conditions and new standards, keep all the rules and not to worry about things, which was so important for me in Ukraine. In addition, the most important factor for me is that the United States is a land of opportunity. Due to the stable economic situation in the country, one has an ability to work, to live in a democratic society, and to develop morally, mentally, physically. The only thing that I missed was my family, which stayed in Ukraine. However, thanks to the technical progress we were able to keep in touch every day and maintain our relationships distantly.

Q: Would you like to live in the USA forever?

A: To be honest, no. I am a patriot of my country. I love my motherland, and I would like to live there. I hope that someday Ukraine will reach economic growth that would positively influence the lives of Ukrainians.
After this interview, it is necessary to understand several things. First, one should not be afraid of exploring new countries. If you receive a chance to visit your dream country, it is better to take it. It might give a different perspective on where you should spend your life. Second, it is important to value all the advantages one has and contribute to the development. It helped me to learn that one should know the historical heritage of own country, be involved in the US economic and political life in order to do his best to keep the country attractive and successful.

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