Personal Self Assessment

Soliciting Feedback

At this stage, I seek the opinion of the people who know me. I always take note of their analysis of my strong points and areas of improvement and examine their opinions. Other people’s perception of us is significant as it shapes our relationships with them. I have reviewed the input I received from this procedure in this section and also presented my views on whether the information acquired is dissimilar from my own study or if it sustains my prior observations.

According to the information:

  • I am very good at listening and understanding towards the concerns of others when they address them;
  • I am very considerate and I care about how others feel in certain situations. I am keen not to cause others unwarranted harm;
  • I have a standard tolerance of the diversity of others such as differences in religion, gender, race and creed;
  • My tendency to trust other people is relatively low, thus, I have to know a person very well before I can rely on them;
  • I have an above average tendency to seek close personal relationship and foster interactions with others;
  • I regularly strive to build on the ideas of others, thus, I am a good team player and I can work well with others;
  • Great influence on others, which implies I have good leadership skills as it is imperative for others to believe in one’s ability as a leader;
  • I have a middling intensity of acceptance of the affection and tenderness expression from others
  • I am exceedingly tolerant in responding to others’ views and beliefs even when they contradict my own;
  • I display an immense amount of restraint in reacting to conflicts and resentment from others;
  • I give extremely positive feedback to others’ remarks in relation to personal conduct and performance and welcome them;
  • My readiness to converse about my personal thoughts and emotions with others is averagely scaled;
  • I know and appreciate myself exceedingly well and I have a glowing intensity of self perception;
  • My self esteem is without comparison; I recognize and accept my abilities and my inabilities in a healthy way;
    I am cold to others; I lack the ability to impart affection and warmth;
  • I reveal only a part of myself to others, thus, I display relative openness.

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Deducting from the information, personally I concur with the views that my amount of self understanding is reasonably immense. I recognize myself extremely well and have a healthy level of self esteem.

I reject the notion that I am relatively unwilling to talk about personal thoughts and emotions with others. I considered discussing it but my partner was of the opinion that it was relative to the person I was discussing it with unnecessary. I contradicted the opinion that I am cold as I believe that I constantly desire to prove my affection and warmth to people around me. However, my partner believed that I essentially seemed to be cold in her first impression. These two points in actual fact provide me with new information about myself.

Working with a Coaching Partner

The main objective of working with a coaching partner is to experience how another party views particular information and how his insight assists in achieving excellent results. Own views can be subjective and, thus, presence of an objective individual is imperative. The coaching partner is good for challenging one’s thinking and also for moral support.

In my case, I consulted one of my best friends as she has been a big part of my life as she has been present in most of my character defining times. She can deduct important aspects of my character from such information. To begin with, she conducted a survey. This process entailed asking people who knew me well for their honest opinion about me. She conducted casual interviews as well as distributing closed-ended questionnaires that gave options of ranking from a scale of one to seven on what the person thought of my intensity in a particular area. A six or seven implied the person thought very highly of me in that area while a one, two or three was poor with four and five being average.

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Her objective opinion was that I was under an immense amount of pressure and that I should learn to deal with anxiety and stress. She explained that a healthy amount of pressure is good for motivation but it should be manageable. She also related this pressure to lack of trust and that I should believe in others’ abilities enough to allow them to help me, which is important for a leader.

Identifying Strengths and Areas to Develop

An important aspect of personal assessment is identifying one’s strengths, as these are significant and define a person and how others relate to them. Everyone has different character strengths and weak points. In this section, I discuss my strong points and the areas that I feel I should put effort in improving.

From my research I have learnt that my strengths are primarily: exceptional leadership skills, appreciation for diversity, and an impressive ability to adapt to a new environment. My leadership skills are depicted by my ability to listen to other people’s problems and implement a solution objectively. I hold great influence on others and I am genuinely interested in people’s issues so that I can help them.

I am very tolerant to all people despite how different they are from me. I am not biased to people with regards to their age, gender, creed, religion among other social differences. This aspect interrelates very well with my ability to adapt to new geographical locations, cultures, and societies. I can capitalize on my strengths by interacting with more people from varying cultures and learning new ways of problem solving and decision making; this will make me a better leader as well as a well-rounded person.

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The areas that need my attention in terms of improvement include: building confidence, improving on time management, being more accepting of opposing opinions, speaking more eloquently. This semester I would like to challenge myself to prepare and implement a personal time table that will help me improve in time-management. How I spend my hours is essential in determining my productivity as a person. I plan on creating a routine that will favor my studies and allow me to have enough time to prepare for examinations. Waking up earlier and planning my day in the morning – I believe would be a good way to account for my time.

I have also decided to improve on my leadership skills. My position as the president of the Chinese Students’ Association in our institution allows me to practice my leadership skills and, thus, it is warranted that I should improve them in order to offer the best. From the research, it is clear that I should work on trusting others with responsibility as I do myself. I will practice sharing work with others so that they can also learn from the experience as I become a better team player.

I also need to work on my confidence level. I have a great sense of self esteem but according to the feedback, I could work more on appearing confident and dealing with shyness. How people perceive me is important in achieving the goals of personal assessment. The changes I will gain after this process will not only benefit me but also those around me. Good behavior is important but can easily be masked by lack of confidence. I might not greet a person because am shy but they may fail to realize this and instead think I am stuck up or even rude.

Writing Development Plan

In this section, I will describe some particular action courses that I intend to take in order to achieve the goals set in the previous section. A development plan is an essential part of this study, as it ensures the information acquired in the research process is implemented. Personal development will only occur when new information is put to good use and relevant changes are made in various areas. It is also a type of project that involves diverse activities. In order to achieve every goal I have prepared a list of activities as shown below:

Improving on Time Management:

Waking up half an hour earlier than before; this practice will allow me to have some more time to plan for my day. Setting goals before starting the day will give me a sense of achievement at the end of the day which is a great confidence boost and helps reduce stress from daily challenges and activities. For instance, I can plan to finish an assignment after class, and then attend a club meeting before seeing my friends while allowing an hour to review what I have learnt in class that day. I will also use the extra time to meditate and relax, as well as work out, this will also allow me to release some stress.

I will prepare a daily timetable for the recurring events in my school week, which will incorporate my daily lectures, meals, and other events that occur regularly at certain times.

Training myself to be in a certain places repeatedly will allow me to account for free time and to use it productively.

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Enhancing Leadership Skills:

I have recently learnt that I have held to the wrong perception of leadership as I believed all the responsibility should be borne by one individual. I will treat this by dividing the work available amongst the members of the association, according to their capabilities and willingness. This is not to say that I will avoid any responsibility but it is provide a channel for me to relate with the members and learn to trust them and their abilities. Interactions with the association members will allow me to understand them from a first-hand perspective and thus enable me the understanding I need to address their issues as a leader.

Proper organization within the institution is essential. I will take it upon myself to ensure that the association resources are well managed and use my influence to acquire any other resources that the members may need from relevant authorities and use appropriate channels. It will assist in the association growth and this is an important role of any good leader. I will also ensure transparency and accountability amongst my colleagues by keeping accurate records of all transactions.

As a leader, I will undertake to improve relations with other associations in order to ensure support from others in challenging times. A good relationship with other entities of the institution will allow me an opportunity to see how others face challenges and make decisions when faced with similar problems to mine. This will also help increase the interest of the Chinese culture among other students in the institution. Improving relations with other stakeholders will also improve the quality of services offered by the Chinese Students Association.

Building Confidence:

I will improve on how I look by reviewing my closet and improving my appearance. People are mostly attracted to others when they appear well groomed. An attention to how I look gives the impression that I am concerned with my well being and would, thus, be concerned with that of others. For instance, a man wearing a suit is perceived to have a high rank in an organization and is, thus, respected. I will embark on wearing warm colors more often in order to prove myself more approachable.

Smiling more often will also help build my confidence as people will perceive me as warm and kindhearted if I am always happy. It will help me deal with the issue of being seen as cold, even if it is only true for those who do not know me well. First impressions are important as other subsequent impressions are based on them I will practice smiling to myself in the mirror every morning and to my friends and family until am used to it. I will force a smile for every occasion until it is genuine which, I am sure, will have a positive effect on my attitude.
I will improve on my posture and work out a confident walk. Appearing confident is a big part of actually being confident. I will constantly remind myself to sit upright and walk upright until I am well conversant with the idea.

Changing the way I used to do things is not an easy task and that is why I intend to seek assistance from my best friend to assist me in making relevant changes, as she was a part of the questionnaire process and is in a good position to guide me. Her role will mainly be to observe my behavior and how it affects my environment. She is also very significant in this process as she knows me very well. She will write down her observations and we can review them every week so that I can tell whether I am improving in behavior or not.

Practice is the key to altering a person’s behavior. I will ensure I actively change the behaviors I need to change in order to reach my goals. I will practice daily and abandon old habits in order to ensure complete success. For instance, waking up early continuously will allow my body to adapt to the new time I have set to wake up. Therefore, even when I feel a bit lazy to wake up I will find myself awake.

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Through this personal assessment procedure, I have learnt quite a bit about myself and how others perceive me. I have learnt that it is important to know oneself and appreciate abilities and characteristics that are unique to us. Most importantly, I have learnt how to determine personal strengths and weaknesses, as they can be improved and altered.

Knowing my strengths will assist me in building my confidence and to know the good things people think about me when they see me. It also gives me courage to face the challenges of my weaknesses and to improve on them. Understanding oneself is fundamental to leadership. It is through knowing who we are that we can understand others.

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