The Role of Design In Our Lives

Design Touches Every Aspect of Our Lives

Design is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Many people do not understand the concept of design, and thus, unfortunately that they do not even understand the importance of design in their lives. At times, many people confuse design with art, colors and even the appearance of an item. Design is the development of a plan for an object with consideration of how it will interact with human beings. It does not only focus on how an item looks like but also on how it functions. In our lives we interact with design every day. Most of the products that we use were designed. For example, when we drive cars, we should think of them as the results of project realization.

Design is One of the Most Powerful Forces

Design is anything that is created through the mind of a designer, who turns his ideas into reality. Design forms a very important aspect of our lives, and it cannot be ignored. It is so important in the life of each individual that any person, who does not appreciate its significance, has no own ideas. It is because of design that we are enjoying modernization and civilization in the world today. The most important thing is that design makes our lives comfortable (Heller). However, we never recognize its importance in our lives. The paper outlines the role of design in our lives.

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Design Helps Us in Solving Hard Situations

Design is one of the best ways of helping human beings in solving hard situations in the environment, healthcare, and in the other fields. It is seen as one of the best ways of ensuring that there is a success in some of the challenges that we are experiencing in our lives today. Through design, we have achieved many breakthroughs in the field of science and technology. The best thing about design is that its results can be seen and measured. The design leads to the production of items that helps us in all our daily activities (“Design Touches,” n.d.). In case of the environmental challenges, there have been many innovations that are all aimed at promoting a clean and safe environment.

Important Role of Design in Transforming One’s Ambition into an Action that can Benefit Society

Design can play a very important role in transforming the ambition into goods that can be of a great benefit to the public. It plays a crucial role in changing the behaviors that can be harmful to individuals and, as a result, increases their well-being. For example, it is due to the design that people can reduce their dependency on cars for traveling (“Design Touches,” n.d.). It can play a key role in promoting leisure activities through the creation of well-designed open spaces. When the open spaces in towns are well-organized, they tend to attract a large number of people. Therefore, since the design attracts people, it is easier to distract them from their old behaviors by introducing an attractive open space (Heller).

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It is notable that the design of an object determines how it will function. Therefore, open spaces that have been created according to a right plan are more likely to attract masses than those that do not follow a good program. Although many costs are needed for a good design, the benefits arising from it tend to exceed the costs.
One of the most significant and true aspects of design is the style used in it. Although this aspect is hidden, it is one of the most important things that influence the impression and the perception. What we see on the outside is a result of many factors. The most notable thing is that design is not just about creating an item that is pleasing to the eyes. Designs possess a higher purpose than one would think. For example, when it comes to interior designs, it involves creating an environment that will be capable of satisfying emotional, functional, and even social needs (Heller). The design used in the interiors is aimed at making the environment that we live in be very enjoyable. It also creates circumstances that provide us with energy and gives us a good feeling. The role of design in simplifying our lives cannot be ignored. Design is a part of our lives and it leads us to a point, where we feel comfortable, but we cannot even understand how the comfort is derived. Through design the significance of a place or even of the various objects that we have is promoted.

Designs Are What We Do Every Day

Designs form important aspects of our lives. At every single time we are using the products of it. Even when are sitting on a chair or even when we are driving our cars, we should realize that there are some designs in it. It is important to note that the comfortable life that we enjoy today is because of the work of design. If there was no design, life would be boring and most of the problems that do not bother us today would remain unresolved. It is, therefore, important to realize that designs are one of the strongest forces that we experience in your lives. They inspire us in many ways, and they also empower us. In all the items that we buy, there are some forms of design. Even the most unimaginable things appear as a result of designs (Heller).

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Designs do not only relate to things that we touch but even to the way how we interact with our environment. The worst problem is that people do not recognize the important role that design plays in our lives, and they only think of it in terms of the colors and the physical shape of an object, and they assume that its functionality is automatic. However, the way an object operates is what really matters. Through our continuous dependence on the products it, becomes evident that we cannot live without designs (Heller).

Design is a part of our lives, since it is something that we do in all aspects of our daily activities. Even though all of us may not be involved in the design, it is notable that even if a few people are engaged in it, the rest of the people will have a chance to enjoy it. However, all of us can play a role of the designers. The only key requirement for anyone to create something is to develop an essence of it and adopt a holistic image that is easily applicable in life. The design is also about being creative and suggesting unexpected solutions that will help in solving the issues in our lives. It is, therefore, obvious that design can be a very important tool, which can help in solving all the problems that we are experiencing today (Heller).

It is believed that if all of us focused on design, then we all would be problem solvers. The world would be a better place, where all people would be focused on developing solutions to the problems that exist in our society. The design is very applicable in our daily lives, but we do not realize it. However, there are many examples of how design is used in our daily lives and one of the examples is the cars that we use daily (“Design Touches,” n.d.). In the case of cars, they were designed so that they can serve as the means of transport. The design of the car was meant to produce the transportation system on the one hand, but, on the other hand, the vehicle was designed to be beautiful (Heller).

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The example of the car is one of the great illustrations that can help an individual to understand the important role that the design plays in our lives. Due to design people have a transportation mechanism, but they can also feel comfortable in a car. Therefore, design helps us to develop things that are convenient. Before we concentrate on the satisfaction and the choices provided by various designs, the main focus is on whether the design is satisfying the specific need. For example, a shoe was designed to fit the feet and to ensure that our legs are safe. However, the colors of the shoes are very important, since they bring choices to the individual (Heller).

We also use design in nutrition. The method of cooking food is designed to ensure that our lives are easier. It is due to design that we can cook food. Because of the design we can cook and kill bacteria and be sure that the food, which we eat, is safe. The cooking design was meant to provide us with good foods and also to ensure that they are hygienic (Heller). This example is a clear illustration of the fact that design is a part of our lives. Designs help us to live an appropriate life and to solve our problems.

Design Develops a Good Taste

In our lives we are surrounded by art and design. We are all consumers of design and whenever we purchase something, we are buying a product of design. We always make choices of what we want, because we have the power to select. Since design, as well as art, is in the entire phenomenon that exists in our daily lives, it is notable that the taste is one of the most important features of the design. The idea of the good taste becomes evident when it comes to making the right choice of what we need. Whether in terms of the beauty or the economy, the idea of choice and taste is important. The value of any object is closely dependent on the use of the object (“Design Touches,” n.d.). Beauty is an addition to the sustainability of the product. Through combining beauty and suitability of the object one has better choices of creating value for an object. It is because of the attractiveness of the various designs that we can select furniture or carpets. The design itself has a unique ability to develop a good taste in our lives. The design has contributed significantly to the beauty of what we can see.

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Design Makes Lives Easier

The design has made our lives easier. In the modern world it has brought many new devices that have made our lives less complicated. For example, it is due to design that we have gadgets such as iPads and tablets that have revolutionized our existence and the way we do things. In the past, paperwork was typical for the daily routine but it has been changed and the world is adapting computers at a fast pace. All these benefits have been brought by the design and the introduction of technology. Some of these devices such as the smartphones and iPhones have become the part of our lives. It is hard for us to live without these devices and that is why they have turned to be an important part of our lives. Today we do not need to carry out many devices that serve different purposes. For example, we do not need to carry a watch or a radio, because due to the design we have all these functions in mobile phones. As earlier stated, the benefits of design in our lives are bigger than we can see on the surface (Heller. It is the advantages that we get from the design, which make it to be so import in our lives.
It is very obvious that every individual is affected by different designs of the various systems and items that exist in the society. Most of the problems that are present in the world exist because there are no designs that should have been implemented. Therefore, the role of design in our lives cannot be ignored. Designs improve our lives, and the common challenges that we are facing today will only be resolved through careful planning (“Design Touches,” n.d.).

Design as a Symbol of Status

Design serves as an important social status symbol. In most cases people believe that design is just what they see and appreciate with their vision. It is, therefore, notable that an item, which is well-designed, tends to attract a person with a high status. In our life, everyone is attracted to status, and, through various designs, it is possible for people to achieve it. It is very evident that people, who like brilliants, would also appreciate well-designed things, as a symbol, which can show their high-status in the society. A good design of any item is one of the key factors that make people attain a status.

Design Helps to Accomplish Tasks Quickly and with Minimum Risk

One of the things that have revolutionized the way we live and we perform our task is the design. The 21st century generation is lucky because, in the current era, there are many designs and technologies that have made our lives so easy. The design has been an eminent element in all aspects of our lives. For example, in the field of agriculture people used to work using hoes and simple hand tools that were very inefficient and hard to use. However, this has changed greatly due to the appearance of new items and machinery, which has replaced the old tools. With this technology, it has become quite easy to do the farming and life has become more comfortable (Heller). The cost of production and the risks associated with handling some tasks has reduced due to good designs and technology.

We can observe the important role that design has played in other sectors such as, for example, healthcare, which was improved due to it. The traditional medicine has been replaced with new technology that has promoted diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Through such technology life has been made easier. Major breakthroughs were introduced, and the problems that have troubled us for a long time has been solved. It is, therefore, evident that the significant role of design lies in enabling us to handle the task in the most efficient way and it cannot be ignored. All our sectors have benefited greatly, and life is much simpler than it was 50 years ago. With the continuing advancement of the design, it is expected that in the coming years many tasks will be automated and life would be even easier (Heller).

Design Brings Inspiration in Our Lives

Design motivates us to look for the best things in our lives. We always have an inspiration for searching the best option. The most common thing to all people is that everyone is looking for a good experience and a good life. The former can only be achieved if beautiful items surround an individual. Many people feel pleasure, and they are inspired to have the best life experiences. Through designs it is possible to make lives pleasurable and very inspirational (Heller). It can increase the satisfaction of an individual in the long-term as well as in the short-term. All designs, which are beautiful and functional, tend to earn a very special position in our lives, and it proves to be a very important aspect of our life experiences (Heller).

We live in a world full of different designs, and, because of this, it has become so important that we must pursue the best designs in order to live a good life. It is not only about money when it comes to design. It is the creativity and the choices that we make in our lives that determine the most successful designs. The best thing about designs is that each of them has an emotional attachment (Heller). There are some designs, which arouse positive emotions, and it is what encourages individuals to search designs that are inspirational. Emotions, which we have because of a certain design, are the thing, which makes us feel comfortable. The life of an individual is very limited and, thus, people believe that they want to make the best out of their lives. People want to have an inspirational life and the one that they can enjoy to the fullest extent. Pursuing the best designs is the only way life can be enjoyable and beautiful (Heller).


In conclusion, design is an important aspect of our lives. The only way to enjoy life to its fullest extent is to explore designs that are suitable for the individual. Design is an art of doing things is a creative way. Most of the products that we use are the result of the thinking process of the designer. Due to this fact, it has become obvious that the connection between our lives and design is so inseparable that design shapes all aspect of our activities. Design helps us in solving problems that we are facing in our daily lives. The problems that we are encountering today can easily be solved if there are good plans for it. Moreover, design tends to promote a status in life. Good designs are associated with a high status, and everyone wants to pursue products that symbolize it. In addition, designs help greatly in making our lives easier. We have many new inventions that have helped us to perform many tasks with ease and with minimum costs. Almost everything that we possess in this world is a result of the design. Therefore, design occupies an irreplaceable position in our lives, because we cannot do without it. Finally, it also helps significantly in bringing a good taste in our lives, which would be very boring if there was no design in them.

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