The Centrally Monitored Traffic Game Essay Example

Online gaming has become prevalent with the augmented simulation technology. Today hundreds of thousands of computer users around the world have become aware of the existence of a number of online games. The majority of players, especially the youth and children, are in fact the fans of innumerable massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs). Most parents have also been on the forefront to encourage their children to learn how to play these games owing to the number of benefits that they can offer. Besides the social benefits derived from online gaming, some games have economic value, too. These kinds of games can be played not necessarily by children, but also by adults, especially in those occupations whose context which the game applies. Most people are using such games to accomplish a number of tasks in their dockets or simply to sharpen their skills in their relevant fields. The best example of such games is the Centrally Monitored Traffic online game. It is a very interesting game which entails a single player in the position of a driver of any automobile of his or her choice. The driver is supposed to steer the car headed towards the destination amidst several other computer-driven automobiles. Unlike the usual automobiles, these car are controlled from the central place with the help of satellite surveillance system. The game is an epitome of how the current chronic traffic stalemate in many countries around the world can be resolved by the use of technology. Therefore, this essay uses the McLuhan’s Tedrad theory to examine the centrally monitored online traffic game and its relevance to the situation on the world’s roads. First, the essay outlines what the game enhances, what it intensifies, accelerates or makes possible. In addition, the essay will explore what in the current society is obsolesced by this game. Additionally, the retrieval of earlier actions or services, which are simultaneously brought into play by this new form, will be addressed. Finally, the paper will highlight the reversal potential of this new form of an online game.

What the Artifact Enhances, Intensifies, Accelerates or Makes Possible

According to McLuhan’s theory, everything that mankind makes or does, including procedures, lifestyles, artifacts, gadgets or technology, manifests itself in four dimensions. They are enhancement, obsolescence, reversal and retrieval. McLuhan reiterates that these manifestations always occur simultaneously as opposed to sequential occurrences (Lamberti, 2013).
The centrally monitored traffic (CMT) online game is contrived specifically to demonstrate how most of the road-related problems can be avoided with the advanced technology. It entails networking of all the roadworthy automobiles upon registration. Every aspect of the car is computerized and the automobiles are meant to use oxygen as opposed to the petroleum fuel (Brinkman & Sanders, 2012).

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To ensure optimal safety of the passengers and the drivers, the cars are configured in order to provide a wider view of the distance between the vehicles in front and behind. The view is projected on the wide screen found in the driver’s cabin. The pictures are satellite-generated and streamed right from the central road traffic control (CRTC) (Bruck, 2009). Thus, the vehicle is restricted from overtaking unless the road head is clear and safe enough. Besides, it becomes impossible to overtake around bends or steep slopes. Apart from that, the artifact inhibits any form of distraction for the driver while the vehicle is in momentum. Once the engine is in power; all other gadgets that can cause distraction such as radios and mobile phones are disabled. Therefore, it is not possible for the driver to make or receive calls or tune a radio. This approach ensures maximum concentration of the driver so as to avoid any chances of accidents that may arise as a result of such distractions.

What concerns safety, the vehicle is made in a manner that it only turns on when the right capacity is loaded. It means that the problem of overloading that is seen most of the time will be solved once and for all. The accidents associated with this problem of overloading will also become a thing of the past. Despite that, all passengers will be required to buckle the seatbelts before the driver can ignite the car. Even when one unbuckles when the vehicle is in motion, the engine will turn off and the machine will slow down until it stops. Finally, concerning the contents of the luggage of the passengers, the vehicle has sensitive detectors for any illegal elements that may be smuggled into the car. They may include drugs, electronics or ammunition. All the contents of the luggage are displayed on the screen the moment the vehicle is ignited.

In the same manner, these automobiles automatically avoid jams (van Loon, 2008), because order is sustained in all the terminuses. Vehicles stop or take off at regular and not random intervals as the case has always been with regular vehicles. At the same time, the distance to be maintained between vehicles is determined automatically both from the front and behind the car. Therefore, there is no possibility for two vehicles to operate at a close range so that they can cause accidents. In addition, all vehicles of this kind are made to ensure maximum comfort for the passengers. First of all, shock absorbers are highly reinforced and no one can be hurt even if the vehicle bumps. Similarly, all the passengers are supposed to be seated before the vehicle starts. The cases where certain passengers are obliged to stand throughout the journey cannot work with this model of vehicles, because it totally breaches the safety precautions.

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The cars are also enabled with special security measures. Once the passenger approaches the vehicle, the detection of possible threat is done automatically and the details are recorded on the screen in the driver’s cabin. In case the person is a threat to security, the embodied alarm system will start beeping and the person is intercepted immediately. The same applies to drug traffickers as well as hijackers.

On the other hand, these types of vehicles are also environmentally-friendly. The fact that they are powered by oxygen means that they cannot pollute the environment at all neither by emission of fumes nor by sound pollution. This approach solves the problem of hydrocarbons which are contributed by automobiles around the world through their emissions to the atmosphere. Apart from that, the cars are also healthy for the passengers who use them. Moreover, the vehicles are fitted with smoke detectors and they do not permit any smoking near them.

What in the Current Society Is Obsolesced By the Game

Owing to the manner in which these types of cars are modeled, their use will obviously lead to certain services and practices to become obsolete. The best examples are traffic signs and lights. Given that the vehicles are centrally and automatically regulated, there would no need for the regulating signs or traffic lights. Even policemen and school wardens will also be relieved of some of their duties. Drivers will be forewarned all the time in case there is danger ahead requiring to stop.

Apart from that, there will be no need for the vehicle conductors in case of the public service vehicle. The vehicle will be fitted with a special apparatus that will enable the passengers to pack or unpack their luggage. At the same time, they will have to use a self-service system when paying the fare as well as collecting receipts. All seats look like coin-operated telephone booths. The passengers behind will have to insert their coins in the sections indicated and collect receipts upon the verification of the amount in line with the destination. In case there is a shortfall, the amount will also be indicated on the small adjacent screen and the passenger will be forced to top up. Unfortunately, this mode of payment is not compatible with banknotes, but only with coins.

Another service that will not be necessary with this mode of transport is routine traffic inspection by the police. All the data about the vehicles is streamed to the central road traffic control (CRTC) center. There is therefore no need to have traffic police distributed in various parts of the roads to do the same job that the CRTC will be dealing with. In the case of any breach of law, the vehicle will be disabled and the driver will be fined instantly. This approach will enhance discipline on the roads, since no one will want their voyage to be inconvenienced in any way.

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Similarly, the petrol stations will become obsolete following the invention of the automobiles that are oxygen compliant. There will be no need to build petrol stations along the roads and in the cities. It also means that the oil business will have less worldwide impact. Despite that, since road carnage will have been eradicated, there would be no need to have breakdown services. Such services have always been prevalent, because there have been rampant cases of road accidents. In the same context, the insurance companies that usually insure vehicles against accidents risks will with time become irrelevant as there will be insignificant amounts of road and fire accidents. The nature of this technology does not allow for overloading or even over speeding.
Usually most road accidents are caused by the notorious practices of the drivers. It will therefore be difficult to maintain insurance companies when there are less of these incidents. Apart from that, the usual routine drunken driving will also disappear. The exercise of Alco-blow shall become obsolete, because, according to this technology, vehicles are modeled with the Alco-blow system. The moment the driver enters the vehicle drunk, the system detects the smell of alcohol and rates the content immediately. In case the level surpasses the required limit for driving, the engine does not start. It means that the vehicle will be rendered unfit to transport or operate on the road. The report would usually be transmitted to the central road traffic control (CRTC) center, which will issue further sanctions to the driver in accordance with the stipulated traffic rules. In spite of that, the pedestrians will also be regulated. Each road will be constructed with elaborate footbaths as well as flyovers. All pedestrians will be required to keep off the traffic lanes for their own safety and that of other road users. In case animals are also required to cross the road, there will be special crossing levels or tunnels. Such regulations will ensure optimal the safety for everyone who uses roads.

Retrieval of Earlier Actions Brought into Play Simultaneously by This New Form

These technologies will also be responsible for the retrieval of certain services, activities and or gadgets that have perhaps existed long before. For instance, it will revive the rule of bus stations which used to exist way back in most countries before vehicles became very flexible to operate in multiple terminuses. Centrally monitored automobiles will not stop anywhere else apart from the designated places. This rule is what contributes to the order that eradicates jams and other irregularities related to the road transport. When vehicles stop anywhere to load or offload passengers, the danger of causing accidents or unnecessary obstruction becomes inevitable, too. Designated bus stations will definitely have regulations to dissuade the occurrence of these irregularities.

Apart from that, since the payment of fare is coin operated, the booths that have once sufficed in communications with landline phones will be brought back. It will necessitate passengers to ensure they travel with enough coins as opposed to the banknotes. Obviously, payment machines cannot accept banknotes. The cost of fare f different destination will always be displayed on the small screen fixed at the back of the front seat of each passenger. Upon buckling the seatbelt, the screen will become illuminated and will show the list of destinations. From that list each passenger will be supposed to choose the necessary destination and the fare will be displayed immediately. They will then drop the number of coins indicated in the corresponding slot and the small receipt will be printed. This exercise should always be done promptly before the vehicle is started. It gives the driver enough time for sorting out payment issues before the journey commences.

Furthermore, the technology of satellite photographs will also be embraced. Satellite pictures have in the past been playing a significant role, especially in the departments of meteorology, astronomy, media, etc. Very few people could imagine that this technology could be of great help for managing the transportation sector. High definition satellite cameras would be fixed at great heights in the atmosphere. They will be inked to all the automobile routes where pictures of vehicles as they operate on public roads will be streamed to the central road traffic control (CRTC) center. Special cameras will also contain powerful radar systems to encode the underlying details of each automobile as it moves from one place to another. Any slightest deviation that will take place in the operations at any road will be noted right away by the controls and immediate action will thus be executed. This technology will have solved a myriad of chaotic cases and issues that have marred the roads for a long time. It will also bring more sanity among all road users hence making sure that everyone is happy and comfortable.

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The Reversal Potential of This New Form of Online Game

There is the situation when the conventional situation becomes reversed following the game in relation to the players and the environment of the setting. In the traditional transportation, the driver has always been the one relied on for controlling the automobile and steering it to the required destination. However, in the Centrally Monitored Traffic game, the driver is the one being directed. Most of the duties that driver have are transferred to the central road traffic control (CRTC) center. The vehicle is totally automatic in all aspects. Therefore, the driver has no mandate over its operations as it has been in the past. In fact, when the regulations are not followed, the driver cannot evade the punishment. The vehicle will simply be disconnected from the controls and the engine will turn off until he or she meets certain conditions before the reconnection can be made. This approach will foster automatic discipline and minimize the cases of corruption.

Furthermore, presently the police and other authorized traffic personnel have been charged with the responsibility of inspecting the vehicles and the passengers whenever the need has arisen. This process is usually done to combat the possible cases of terrorism and other related crimes in the transport sector. Nonetheless, in this game technology, the vehicle is the one that inspects the people and their luggage. It is fitted with powerful detectors which sense any danger that approaches the vehicle and immediately turns the alarm on. Upon hearing the alarms, people will know that something is seriously wrong with the vehicle. Even the central road traffic control (CRTC) center will also be aware and security agencies will be notified immediately to take appropriate action (Wachs, 2015). This approach will minimize the cases of terrorism and drug trafficking, which have been rampant.

Finally, the automobiles are usually hazardous for the environment. The hydrocarbons released into the atmosphere are responsible for the creation of the greenhouse effect which brings about global warming. They are also responsible for much dust to the stratospheric layer of the atmosphere. The dust usually causes obstruction of the incoming solar radiation tampering with the regulation of the surface temperatures during the day. It also forms condensation nuclei which are responsible for the formation of dust. However, in this technology, it is the environment that has a great influence on the automobiles. The vehicle is supposed to operate only under optimal weather conditions, without which the connectivity may be interfered. Additionally, it is the environment that feeds the cars with oxygen. It means that in the areas where oxygen levels may be scanty, the machines will not be operable. All in all, the effect of the environment on these automobiles is positive, unlike in the current case, where the effect of automobiles on the environment is quite adverse.

This online game is choreographed to operate with quite elaborate options and rules that the game players should abide. The players will always take the positions of the drivers of the
automobile of their choice. The kind of passengers to be loaded on to the machine will depend on the category of the automobile. Of course, passengers will only be allowed onto public service vehicles and perhaps private vehicles, though in the latter case there will be no fare option. There will be penalties for any violation of traffic rules and points earned for every followed regulation. Each category will be regarded as a competition in which several other computer-driven automobiles will be contesting. The logic is to enable the player to follow the traffic rules while promoting road safety, enhancing comfort and responding to environmental concerns. At the same time, the game demonstrates how the contemporary technology can suffice to restore sanity and hope for safer driving. It shows how technology can be put into practice to make life easier. It is also a good surveillance method that can ensure safety and help the security personnel curb the delinquent behaviors of the society. Following this system, many people players can benefit from creativity by acquiring necessary skills in driving. Apart from that, they will also find the game quite recreative and educative.

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