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Who am I?

My name is Alex C. I am 24 years old brought up by two loving and caring parents in New York. Presently, I am a third year student studying a Bachelor of Science in Computing at the Boston University in the United States. This is the last year for me before I finish my education. I registered in this program to fulfill my ambition to become subsequent Steve Job, the Chief Executive Officer of the Apple Incorporation.

Life is attractive in every probable way. My personal knowledge of life has been a thrilling expression of the dichotomy that I have come to treasure in every period. I have observed my family experience numerous negative and positive situations. I have overcome them as well. The observation and experience of these extents of duality have transformed me into a beautiful person I am today. Growing up was not extremely easy for me; my parents had a job that gave them little time to devote to me. However, I had a delightful grandmother on my father’s side. She was a blessing; she was like a sun with every memorable instant of my childhood appears to rotate around her. She converted me to a man I am currently; she trained me virtually everything I know. My grandmother was always capable of fulfilling unfilled gaps in my personality and of reimbursing the need for my parents. My childhood was the best part of my life. I miss my grandparents; I miss friends I had when I was a teenager. I have lost their addresses, but I remember very vividly one night when we promised toeach other that no matter what would happen in future, we will remain brothers; I hope that one day we will reunite.

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I recall my grandfather. He was an ethnic German born in Sibiu. He was the soldier of the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division, also known as ‘Prinz Eugen’. I recall Saturdays when he could wake me up very early in the morning to go chasing animals with him; my grandmother would bake cookies of a particular odour and smile at me. My grandfather was a famous sharpshooter in the Eastern Front of the Second World War; he also trained me how to use a gun. I recall one time, when I was so happy when he gave me his gun, a Karabiner 98k bolt action rifle with the telescopic vision. I hold my breath, targeted and pulled the trigger. Then, I realized that I just took a living being`s life, and I felt sad all day, but as usual, my grandfather had the correct words to make me feel good. It appears an eternity has passed since that time, I do not feel the same feelings anymore, I do not go to sleep happily to wake up the next moment and see what surprises he prepared for me. My childhood came to a sudden end when my grandfather died. When he passed away I felt like my world was going to vanish.

It has taken me about 22 years to create the strategies to respect other people. During all these years, I determined myself to get where I am now currently. The best mean to understand where I am is by looking at my weaknesses and strengths. I have critically evaluated and analyzed my achievements to understand my strengths and weaknesses. This was important to comprehend my real personality. Patience and positive attitude are my two essential strengths, which have contributed to my vocation, my knowledge and virtually everything in my life. Contrariwise, I still need to improve my organizational skills as well as public speaking skills.

Other people respect me as well. It is important to have a positive attitude in life. This is an indication of an interested learning team, good working environment, and happy personal life. No wrong and negative attitudes make my life significant. My boldness keeps persons around me in a good mood. This individual characteristic of mine permits me to achieve a lot during my study meetings, particularly when I have to hand in project questions and I submit them before the actual date. Being positively interested, I inspire others to be acquiescent and deferential. Positive attitude is beneficial for my education since it has promoted friendship and teamwork. A friendly and happy team is more active than a team that always disagrees and argues.

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I am also patient. We feel relaxed when we talk to persons who are patient. Those people with endurance do not intrude upon other people`s lives, instead they listen and they to be helpful. I have autistic nephew who requires persons with lots of endurance. Being angry, snappy and bossy will only make it difficult to grip him. I have to converse slowly and repeat my phrases many times so that he will comprehend me. In my training environment, it is also important that I have endurance. I have to deal with challenging and tough assignments. Every question has its degree of hardness. Therefore, I need to provide each and every question with the best answer possible and to support it with sensible evidence. I have to search for articles on the particular topics and offer the best response to make sure that I get better results in my education. Additionally, patience is a must when working in a team. When many people get together, things usually progress at a fast rate. However, occasionally things get messy or misinterpreted.

Having detailed my strengths, I should now talk about my weaknesses. I should say that I am not the Superman or a perfect person. My weaknesses usually challenge and frustrate me, however, my positive attitude influences me to correct my weaknesses. My first weakness is public speaking. I get nervous. My hands get sticky and I start to sweat. I mutter my words when I initiate speaking in front of a big group of individuals. This weakness neither significantly effects my personal life nor my on-line teaching team; however, it does impact my daily responsibilities at the college. I speak with other people, particularly with my friends, regarding classes and current affairs. I am told that my anxiety is not seen though before and when delivering speech I feel my hands shaking, my feet get damp, and my face starts to sweat. Over years, I have fought the fight of public speaking by doing numerous things.

First, I have accomplished a college-level English class. Subsequently, I finished a college level speech class. Lately, I took an English class to advance my communication ability and broaden my English language.

My second weakness is lack of organizational skills. I mix my tasks papers on my desk. Therefore, I will evade looking at them. It is difficult for me to get my belongings particularly in my study room due to my chaotic attitudes. When the assignment season comes, it is a catastrophe for me. I usually lose my notes and outline papers. These issues have made me spend twice the real time required to finish my assignments. I lose time, whereas I would have utilized it together with my family. Moreover, this has seriously impacted my learning team. Even before it gets much more Spartan, I have to advance my manner and be a better-organized individual. I will not scare up myself when I get papers containing college tasks. I just need a day planner. I have realized that organizational skills are necessary to prosper in life, particularly in my education.

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My short term objective is to complete my undergraduate course with first-class honors. In other words, I need to finish my education with flying colors. Thus, I have to focus on my education and fight hard to obtain my goal regarding becoming an Information Technology lecturer. Through building up a good academic foundation, I can search the job I need very fast. Besides, when accomplishing good outcomes, I will be relieved from paying back the (PTPTN) Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional loan. This will surely lower my family load.

My long-term objective is to be a prosperous lecturer. I do ask myself what else would I like to do apart from become a lecturer and the answer is nothing else. I believe that teachers can change the universe and make it a better place. So, it will be my big contribution to the community. I set high goals for me as an instructor and put great efforts to achieve my objective.
I start to understand that awesome instructors have their distinctive skills that I require learning. Following their examples can make me become an important person in the community. To be good at explaining contents of a subject, to be patient and firm towards learners, to be always fair to them, to set realistic and high expectations, to have required skills to motivate and advice others are some of the indicators that are required to become a better teacher.

A motivating teacher will clarify questions asked by students and make them fully comprehend them. Devising would be the finest tool utilized by extraordinary professors to convey particular lesson plan if their learners did not comprehend. He or she can think, “How am I supposed to explain this concept to my student and they have to understand vividly what I am explaining?” This is the kind of teacher I want to be. Capability to stimulate others is not just ability or a chance, but it is a test. Currently, we may see that there are many old fashioned educators. This serious issue requires to be altered. Nowadays, learners are being forced to go to school. Sometimes, students will reason that learning is not their core priority, but teaching is a teacher’s job. Students learn, but they might not be concerned with the lesson qualified by their teacher. An outstanding teacher is not a proficient in his or her area, but he or she should be aware of the current affairs and make him or herself impart “something” else. Some things may verify valuable knowledge itself; these are morals, as well as characters. I want to stimulate children who will signify the forthcoming of our inordinate nation. In life, I have met numerous spectacular professors who have educated me to be responsible.

From the listed characteristics, I propose to grab them in order to become a perfect teacher. In my undergraduate course, I pursued a Computer Science program. This will assist me to double master myself in the Information Technology and the teaching field. Most of the trivial classes that I attended were psychology and communication that would assist me in my career as a lecturer. Other than that, I have taught in private tuition institutions as my part-time occupation. During that time, I spent a substantial amount of time perceiving classrooms. With a robust educational background and an extended range of know-how which I acquired in the class, I understand that coaching will be the best suitable vocation for me. In the meanwhile, I have been working as the personal Information Technology advisor for the Smart Academic Management for approximately two years. This organization was doing incentive work for university and college scholars. During this time, I have improved my programming skills. I was also offered the chance to register in the motivation programs together with other students. This discloses me to a different variety of human deeds and life backgrounds particularly those connecting youngsters. On the other hand, I do read lots of articles concerning teaching methodology, psychology and student behavior. There are approximately 20 compendiums in my book stand concerning psychology and software development. I usually read at night after my prayers. I contact my foreign friends through the internet. This will assist me in keeping in contact with their teaching lines in Australia and Russia. Currently, I want to start planning how to improve my marketing plans.

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I consider that the moment I set my objectives there will be obstacles to stop me from attaining them. The most difficult obstacle to reaching my goals is my mindset, that is how and what I think regarding myself and what I want to attain. If I believe and think that I cannot attain something, then that comes true, and I fail. Nonetheless, when I believe that I will accomplish a particular task, or do overcome a difficult situation, the future turns bright. I only succeed when I initiate to take action rather than leave the whole concept to its fate. We have to rearrange our attitude to believe in ourselves and attain our objectives by any possible means. Being unsuccessful in the past activities does not mean that I will fail again in all my endeavors. I must think of other things that have occurred in the past in terms of what I could learn from them. I must think in this manner “past mining is for today’s goals”. The disappointment in my past makes me more seasoned. The past must be instrumental as I could learn from my mistakes. Thinking negatively may stop me from attaining my goals.

Negative influences are around us. Such activities like mass media as radio might pass some unsuitable message that could predispose one`s mindset. Sometimes I get a negative response from family members and friends whose attitude is negative. They trust that they help me by being realistic, but it is not assisting at all. The best answer is that I must stay close to active persons, who are determined to accomplish their objectives. Having optimistic support is important. On the other hand, another barrier that halts me from reaching my objectives is insufficiency of strategies. Too many individuals comprising myself walk through the life merely taking what is offered to them. The pronouncement made by others will be their decision. It is important that I take more time to start implementing my goals. Thus, I can find out how and when to attain those objectives. This important process is usually neglected. There are individuals, who have objectives, but they are not familiar with precise ways and proper strategies using which they can make their goals come true. I think I am one of these individuals.

In conclusion, I have achieved many accomplishments in life. Through thin and thick I have experienced a lot and I have made a lot of achievements. Education is the key to success. This is the reason I have struggled to get my education.

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