Fast Essay Writing: Solutions for Procrastinators

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Let’s be honest with ourselves – all of us have experienced procrastination. At times it wasn’t that strong but at times it was so ferocious that we couldn’t even lift a finger and I’m not even talking about how to write a good essay fast. When strong attacks of procrastination happen we think to ourselves “I wish I could find somebody who could write my paper for me fast!” But, unless you are ready to pay money, this “write my paper for me fast” thing is never going to work. So what should you do if you need to make a fast essay writing session but are under attack of procrastination? First of all, don’t worry because there’s still a way to save yourself and organize that fast essay writing session, because this article is all about how to write a good essay fast! Follow these simple 7 tips and you’ll make the greatest fast essay writing session ever!

Tips on How to Write a Good Essay Fast

  • Summary

    Fast essay writing starts with reading the summary of the text that you need to analyze. Never forget, that when you work with summaries you are not allowed to copy word-for-word thoughts of summary’s author. You should at least rewrite them properly while keeping the main idea.

  • Citation

    Collect sentences, passages and ideas that you think are important. Cite your sources correctly so that when you will start writing you can distinguish between quotes and your own ideas.

  • Create Thesis

    Collected quotes should serve as a basis of your thesis statement. Thesis is the essence of your paper and if it’s not strong, you can’t write a good paper. Therefore think about your thesis thoroughly. Thesis is the assertion that you make, while the quotes you use should support that assertion. Thesis shouldn’t be longer than two sentences.

  • Write Topic Sentences

    When you have your thesis ready and you really like it, you should think about at least three points that will back it up. Select a quote for each point and start forming complete sentences with a point and a quote. Once the sentences are ready, review them and see if you can arrange your thought in a more cohesive manner.

  • Arrangement

    Arrange your points so that they look like a logical sequence. When you complete this stage, you might already have a conclusion in your mind. If so, write it right away. If conclusion hasn’t come to your mind yet, proceed to the next step and write conclusion afterwards.

  • Add Your Own Words

    Considering that you’ve used summaries and quotes, your essay may not look original. At this stage you should read it through and write thoughts, sentences and opinions that add originality to it.  Expand your thoughts until each paragraph is at least 3-6 sentences. When you’re done with it, proceed to writing a conclusion.

  • Proofreading

    Fast essays require lots of editing and proofreading. Do it at least 3 times removing all spelling, grammatical and semantic error and removing all vague language. Your paper should flow smoothly and be easy to understand.

Follow these tips on how to write a good essay fast, make an effort and fast essay writing will become your new skill!

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