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Free word count application online to know the exact words number

Utilize our word count tool online free of any charges. In order apply our reliable and highly advanced online word count tool, you should either type directly or copy & paste a piece of text and clear out how many characters and words it consists of.

Why is word counter online needed?

Our free online word counter is regarded a reliable tool for each person who would like to keep an exact count of his / her characters or words, but does not apply Microsoft Word. Let us imagine that you have completed a piece of writing and have to count each word manually! Horrified? This can take you the eternity to count accordingly.
Our online word counter allows assessing your words in the quickest way possible. Type into the box on our count word online tool. When the time is up, you should divide the total word count by five, and you will have the average words of yours per minute rate.

Whom is a word count online tool calculated on for?

  • Content writers and bloggers

For instance, you have to complete an article and the word count is indicated, for instance, 2000 words. In such a case, our free online word counter can be of great help. For instance, the abstract should be 200 words, the body part should comprise 1600 words, and the conclusion should include 200 words.

  • Students and teachers

As a student, you are expected to complete written assignments with the set word count. Some teachers may lower the grade if the word count is not followed as indicated. As a teacher, you can utilize our free word counter online tool to ensure that the writing tasks of your students have the word count requested.

  • Other Uses

Nowadays, if you are a lawyer, a secretary, or an accountant, you can be expected to complete different piece of writing following the word count set.

Our word count tool online tool is aimed at counting the number of words in the text inserted. Whatever job position you occupy, feel free to utilize our word counter online whenever there is a need. It can also be applied to database, translations, research, dictionary completion, commercial or ads writing, etc.

Our free online word counter is very easy to apply to count characters, symbols, words, phrases, paragraphs, sentences, as well as pages in real time. To commence, you should type directly into the text area, or copy & paste your text. The sidebar placed on the right updates in real time with your current word or character counts, and WITHOUT the option such as WHITE SPACES.
It is worth noting that you can also apply a word counter online to track the length of your text against the common web standards, such as a tweet character count (140) set by Twitter, a meta description (160) by Google, and a length of an average post display (~250) by Facebook. If your text comprises more 300 characters, the sidebar indicates the number of words, paragraphs sentences, as well as pages. Our free online word counter can be applied to find out the word count of blog posts, research papers, articles, custom essays, theses, dissertations, etc.
Simply insert your text into the text area and wait for a quick result to appear in a few seconds.

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