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The Secrets of Writing a Top-Notch College Paper

Entering college offers you a substantial number of opportunities. You can opt for and schedule classes on your own, choose extracurricular activities on campus in your leisure time, and so on. This freedom becomes unequivocally obvious from the very beginning, so the freedom you have for arranging your research papers in different ways will not come as a surprise. The following tips on formatting your scientific and research endeavors will come to your aid not only in the first semester but also for the years to come. The most frequently used formats in college are Chicago Style, APA (American Psychological Association), and MLA (Modern Language Association). You can turn to MLA style while completing your writing assignments.

A Short Quide to the MLA Requirements

  1. The initial heading is placed in the left upper corner of the first page and all lines of it are left-justified. Type it in a 12 pt legible font style. Apart from Times New Roman, you can pick Arial, Palermo, or Lucina, which also meet the requirements of MLA format style. Bear in mind to double-space the initial heading.
  2. The first line includes your first and last name.
  3. The word “Professor” and his name make up the second line.
  4. The third line should provide information about the course, the year, and the semester you are studying. For instance, Writing for Academic Purposes 101.
  5. Last but not least, the final line is the date. According to MLA format style, the month should be in the written format, whereas the day and the year should be written in numbers. First goes the day, then the month, and the last is the year. For instance, 21 November 2018.
  6. There is no extra line after the initial heading of the paper.
  7. For the ensuing pages, use your last name and the number of the page separated with a space in the right-justified format.
  8. The title of the paper is center-justified and goes right after the initial heading (without extra lines!). Implementing the Title Case style is a must. For instance, “How to Write a College Level Essay.”
  9. The first paragraph of the paper begins with a one-inch indentation.

Is the question “How to head a college essay?” mind-boggling for you? It is a quite complicated issue for almost each student. Nevertheless, the scientists have proven that students who do not have troubles with writing their papers become more successful in their future. Bearing in mind the structure of any piece of writing, a seasoned writer can compile up to three brilliant essays per day.

Do you know the secret of success?

First and foremost, do no repeat the most widespread mistakes, which the vast majority of students tend to make. Here they are:

  • Making a wild guess while picking a topic.

It goes without saying that each essay should be written on the topic interesting for both a professor and a student. Everyone knows that yet after 15 minutes surfing the net the funniest begins. In most cases, even a diligent student opts for one of the topics provided as an example of good essay topics on one of the first websites. If you want to have as a final result an essay of a poor quality not outstanding at all and get a bad grade, you are welcome to choose a topic from the list on the Internet.
P.S. Guess how hard is to devise a paper on the topic you are not quite aware of?

  • The introduction of low-quality.

You have only one paragraph, which consists of some sentences, and that means you have less than a minute to kindle the spark of interest in your reader. Present your idea in the most riveting way to ensure your readers will read the paper but not scroll it through.

  • Breaking the narration inside the body.

Conveying the ideas logically proves that the audience will understand your standpoint. Not only are the bare facts important but also your thoughts about them.

  • The absence of the concluding paragraph.

The sigh of relief you have after finishing your main body is pretty understandable. Nonetheless, you need to pluck up your thoughts and courage once again and summarize everything you have just written. Imprint on your memory that summary stands for generalizing everything mentioned above but not for providing new information.

Handy Bits of Advice on How to Write a College Level Essay

  1. Pick a topic you know inside out.
  2. Do not perceive it as a daunting task. Be creative and explore fresh insights into your idea.
  3. The value of a good introductory paragraph can hardly be overestimated.
  4. Before kicking off writing itself, take some time to make a rough draft or an outline.
  5. Do not pad your writing out. It is better to have a concise and coherent essay than explore unnecessary, minuscule details.
  6. Find some essay samples or other students’ essays. The knowledge of what has already been written can come in handy while estimating your contribution to the problem solving.
  7. Putting a dot at the end of the summary is not actually the end. Proofreading, editing, double-checking, analyzing, rereading, and once again rereading are waiting for you. Do not be in a rush trying to submit your paper as soon as possible. One of the most crucial things to mind while asking “How to head a college essay?” is to let things settle. Give yourself a day off, or at least some hours of rest, and only then start editing.

Hopefully, you have no fear to devise a college level paper. Grab your pen (or better to say laptop?) and start writing!

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