How to Stay Fit and Healthy as a Student

Healthy Eating in the USA

Healthy Eating in the USA for Students

If you believe that it is difficult to eat healthy in a foreign country, we assure you that it isn`t. Being an international student, you can see not so many options of healthy eating. Besides, you do not know what goods and products are healthier than others. Living in an unfamiliar country is always a great challenge, which influences everything: worldview, mood, nutrition. However, if you want to be strong and healthy, you need to take care of your nutrition everywhere. Undoubtedly, you can fill your ration with a great number of fruit and vegetables, but let`s be honest: in the whole world of processed, packaged and fast foods, you will find it extremely difficult to do it.

Learn More about Healthy Menu in the US

Eating in the USA provides you with multiple options, but we will discuss the major ones: fast food, grocery stores and traditional restaurant dining.

Fast Food

America is known for all over the globe for its variety of fast food dishes. Most probably, you know about a major part of negative consequences of eating fast food: obesity, heart problems, and low physical activity. If you are focused on healthy eating, you need to avoid fast food restaurants, though, one can agree, food is very tasty there. However, to learn the truth about fast food dishes, just open the menu, and you will see that almost all of them are harmful to the human health in both short-term and long-term perspectives.

Grocery Stores

Indeed, a grocery store is the best option for those who want to eat healthy food in the USA. It offers a vast majority of options for a healthy eater so that he/she can easily balance nutrition. Thus, one should not worry about the quality of products since almost all products in grocery stores have special nutrition labels. Undoubtedly, grocery stores are a good option for both people who take care of their health and those who are not, but fortunately enough, vegan and vegetarian products are becoming more and more popular, and major grocery stores follow these tendencies. Indeed, so many people are focused on a healthy menu in the US that some markets are starting to focus only on these options, offering high-quality vegetables, organic meat and even organic drinks. Every international student should start his or her journey to another country from visiting such a useful store.


Undoubtedly, if one talks about the quality of food in restaurants, everything depends on the place he/she wants to visit. Thus, there are restaurants, which offer extremely cheap food, while others wait for the richest visitors. Certainly, salads are the simplest products for healthy eaters, but no one can be satisfied with only a salad. In the US, there are many restaurants which specialize in a certain type of food: fish restaurants, meat restaurants, vegan restaurants, etc. All you need to do is just to choose one.

All in all, the United States is a progressive country where every resident and each tourist can find a particular course, which will satisfy his/her receptors. Choose only healthy products and make your visit to this country unforgettable!

Lots of people consider fats to be harmful for our body. However, they are also equally important and useful for us. Although it is believed that fats that are rich in calories shouldn’t be added to our food, many Americans support the idea that there are some fats good for our health.

A great number of researchers have discovered that some saturated fats are healthy. Now we would like to tell you that from now and then, you can consume those tasty and flavorful meals that contain fats that are good for our organism.

If our organism doesn’t get enough fats, it simply cannot function normally. As a result, even our brain suffers a lot. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that moderation is very important.

So, try eating only healthy fats as much as necessary

  • Olive oil

Most of us buy kitchen oil and think it is the best and healthiest. However, olive oil must be the main ingredient of your diet. Why? It consists of monounsaturated fats that help to decrease cholesterol that is harmful. In addition, there are polyphenols in olive oil. These antioxidants help in preventing damage of cells.

  • Avocado oil

Avocado oil is another healthy fat that can assist us in satisfying all body needs. It contains a great amount of monounsaturated fats as well as vitamin E. According to numerous studies, avocados are rich in saturated fat, which may lower the level of cholesterol in the human organism. This kind of oil is suitable for any type of cuisine.

  • Coconut oil

Do you know that coconut oil is also of a great significance to our body. You can buy it in many supermarkets around the country, but it has been more typical product of tropical cultures. 92% of this oil are saturated fats. Most of them are used in the body in order to produce energy. If you want to boost the level of cholesterol, use this oil in sauces or confections.

  • Ghee oil

Ghee is clarified butter that has been used for many years in medicine. What is more, the Indians cook food adding ghee. Actually, the following fat can be stored at room temperature for a quite long period. There is butyrate in Ghee, an acid that contains vitamin A.

  • Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is a fat that is rich in the omega-3 acid. This element can help your body to reduce the risk of heart diseases. This fat can be kept only under refrigeration. Its flavor is nutty and very pleasant.

Our organism needs fats as well as other types of food. So, don’t neglect this important ingredient of a healthy diet, as well as our healthy eating tips.

It also can be challenging to stick to your training routine due to all the distractions. But to remain fit no matter all the fuss, you need to know how to get motivated and stay disciplined. In this case, you will certainly reach your fitness goal despite all temptations.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy


Uphold your motivation with a related goal. It can be working out during all 12 days of Christmas celebration or following an advent calendar to set separate goals for every day.


Do it if you feel that you can stop following your normal routine. Just do something. For example, if you require a break from jogging, do some cross training or try going to a gym. The change will keep your spirits motivated and your shapes – fit and pretty.


Find a running buddy in each town you visit to see your family and friends. Alternatively, get a challenge with your friends to see who can run the biggest number of miles before the New Year’s Eve. Keep the competition going and award the winner with a nice prize in the end!


Find a good present for yourself. Make this present relate to your work-out routine. It can be a new pair of gloves, running shoes, or tights. Use them right away (after all, who doesn’t like to take a new outfit on the run?).


It can be useful to count the calories you consume, even if you normally don’t do it. It will help you see how much have you eaten at your grandma’s cookie party and keep you more motivated to use off all these calories. Another good idea is maintaining daily weigh-ins and taking pictures of all the food you eat to assess later how much you consumed.


Don’t think that you will “run when you have time.” That won’t work, so make a plan of your training. Thus, you will see how many times you deviate from your plan and get more motivation to adhere to the schedule the next day.


Include days off into your training plan and mingle them with your common routine and holiday parties. But be sure to schedule some extra training before and after large parties to get yourself back into shape.


Think what resolutions you would like to make this year. Keep all the training-related goals in mind. It will help you stay on track and enter the New Year fit and healthy!

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