How to Write a Memorable Discussion Board Post

discussion board post writing

Writing a discussion board post can be a challenge for many. Yet, it can also be a source of pleasure. If you have experience using the Internet, you also know the meaning of a discussion board post. In most cases, it means that you can post a discussion of a problematic topic on a social media platform. Those who read your post will have an opportunity to comment on it, share their opinions, and propose solutions for your problem. It would be fair to say that discussion board post writing is a great means of communication. It attracts readers and provides a space for productive discussions. Users can share their experiences and outline their perspective on the problem discussed in the online post. A single post can create a community of thinkers who share similar experiences and have identical opinions about certain issues. As an online user, you can start your own discussion thread and expect that other readers will share their comments with you.
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Learning to Write a Memorable Discussion Board Post – Easier than You Think!

Discussion forums have become particularly prominent with the rapid advancement of social media. As more users come to register with social media platforms and create their profiles online, they are also willing to discuss different problems and concerns online. Professors also encourage students to participate in online discussions during their enrollment in academic programs. Quite often, these online discussion board posts become the main measure of students’ progress throughout the program. Each post is graded according to a rubric. As a result, students must be very thorough about the quality of their writing online. They must also comment on the posts of their fellow students to meet the grading requirements for their program.

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So, the key functions of discussion board post when it comes to academic learning include:

  • Meeting and collaborating with other learners to discuss the most pertinent issues related to their discipline
  • Sharing ideas and generating topics for future discussions
  • Discussing problematic assignments and asking other students for advice and help
  • Interacting with the professor or course supervisor to learn more about course materials and use them in learning
  • Sharing information from other disciplines and courses with fellow students to advance their understanding of the course material
  • Asking probing questions and offering a new perspective on the problems discussed in class
  • Reviewing and revising the materials covered in the program to develop a better understanding of the discipline

How to Capture the Intricacies of Discussion Board Post Writing in Learning

As you understand, writing online is not the same as communicating with someone face-to-face. Moreover, exchanging online board posts with the tutor is not the same as engaging in a personal conversation offline. You may feel confused and lost if you have to talk to your professor personally. In contrast, online discussion board posts provide you with an opportunity to frame and formulate your thoughts more clearly. They also empower you to express your opinions more freely, particularly if you disagree with the majority of your fellow students. As a student in an online class, you have the power and capacity to post an online reply to another student’s post. You will receive a similar reply to your comments and questions. This exchange of knowledge, information, and opinions greatly contributes to the development of your worldview. It gives you a chance to review your progress during the course and make sure that you are meeting the basic objectives for your course.

How to Write Outstanding Discussion Board Posts

  • Start with a thorough analysis of your professor’s recommendations and instructions for board post writing.
  • Make sure that you include a discussion of your opinion or perspective on the problem to be considered in your discussion post. Do not forget to cite evidence from credible and recent sources. Do not be afraid to incorporate information from other fields and disciplines.
  • Do not put away your discussion board task, until it is too late to start. Procrastination is your worst enemy! You should be on time with each discussion board post. You must post responses to your fellow students on time. The earlier you do it, the better are your chances to earn the highest grade.
  • If you misunderstand the instructions, ask your professor.
  • Share original thoughts in your discussion board post.

Review the Instructions for Your Discussion Board Post and Check Your Understanding:

  • Purpose of the discussion and the questions that you are entitled to answer
  • Specific recommendations such as length of your discussion board post, deadline for completion, format and style to be followed, number of sources, and so on
  • Quality: are you allowed to share your experiences with readers?
  • You must follow all recommendations and instructions that have been posted by your course supervisor. Otherwise, even the best discussion board post will never earn you a penny.

Writing an Outstanding Discussion Board Post

Now if you want to know how to produce a brilliant discussion board post, you are most welcome to read and follow our recommendations. You are almost ready to excel in discussion board post writing.

  • Before you write a single word, make sure that you have read all instructions and understand them completely
  • When you are done with reading and understanding the instructions, put away your books and computer and sit down to think. Try to remember the things that you would like to incorporate into your post. Think of what sources you might need to support your discussion.
  • Brainstorm ideas and outline those which will make your discussion board post particularly compelling. Do not include too many ideas. Make sure that you support your ideas with evidence from reliable sources.
  • Now you can write a draft of your discussion board post, following the requirements for style and formatting. Include an introduction, a thesis, a body, and a brief summary. Try to persuade your readers that your discussion board post warrants their attention!

Working on a Draft of Your Discussion Board Post

  • Make sure that you have done enough research and have collected evidence that you might need to support your ideas.
  • Although discussion board writing is almost always informal, you are still entitled to use academic tone and academic resources in your writing.
  • Check if your sentences are properly structured and complete. Do not use exclamation marks. Do not use CAPS LOCK.

Check and Proofread Your Discussion Board Post

  • Review and proofread what you have already written
  • See if you have a clear thesis statement and provide enough evidence to support it
  • See if your discussion board post if focused and concise
  • See if you offer a new perspective on the problem and share sufficient and credible evidence to question popular beliefs about it
  • Ask questions to initiate a discussion
  • See if your fellow classmates can track the sources of evidence that you use in your discussion board post
  • See if your discussion board post includes any grammar or spelling mistakes

Now It Is Time to Publish Your Discussion Board Post

  • Post the completed and edited discussion
  • Wait for other students to respond
  • See your grade

You have everything needed to produce an outstanding discussion board post. Just follow our recommendations, and you will notice a positive change in your skills.

See the example below to understand how a memorable discussion board post can look like!

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