How to Write a Good Critical Thinking Essay

How to Write a Good Critical Thinking Essay Sofia Woodstone Writer
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How to Write a Good Paper

Every term, sooner or later, comes to a point when you have to write a pile of papers. It doesn’t matter how long you are postponing the task, you’ll still have to complete it. However, you don’t only have to write the essay on time; you also want your writing stand apart in a good way. Here are some experienced tips to improve your writing and impress your teacher. Let’s grab awesome grades from now!

Good essays hacks

  • Spell check software gives only 50% result

Good essays stand out by grammar and style. Contribute to your paper by double-checking it for spelling mistakes and logic blunders. However, don’t rely on the software everyone likes to use. A computer rarely can distinguish “your” from “you’re”, “its” from “it’s”, and “their,” “they’re” from “there.” Take time to look through your writing in order to make sure it’s perfect.

  • It’s teachers’ nightmare

How many times has your teacher corrected your “it’s” to “its” and vice versa? There’s no place for such mistakes in good essays. Remember, “its” is a possessive pronoun and “it’s” is a contraction of “it is.” Such a detail can improve your grades once and forever.

  • The third person in formal papers

Usually, teachers require sticking to the third person in academic writing. They have good reasons to do so. First of all, you take off the responsibility of claiming one thing or another. Secondly, phrases like “I think…” or “I believe…” seem weak and lack strong evidence. “Researchers announce…” sounds more convincing.  Besides, an academic paper should make a serious impression. The only case you are allowed to write in the first person is a personal reflection paper. You express your own thoughts in this kind of essay.

  • Practice being specific

You never reach perfection in concision. Yet, all your professors will encourage you to try. Compose sentences in the way to make them descriptive and engaging. Avoid vague statements and clichés. The key to success is to write a descriptive text that demonstrates the action. If you always exceed the word minimum in your papers, this means you have a problem with being specific.

  • Visit your school’s writing center

Yes, a writing center exists! This is a place in your school where you can get writing assistance from experienced people. If you are really interested in writing a good essay, go get some help. You don’t have to pay for it at your school. At least, ask someone to proofread your paper because you’ve read it so many times that you don’t notice any obvious mistakes.

  • Make it meaningful

Never write a pointless paper. You don’t want someone to read your 10 pages and say, “What was it about?” Claim your thesis (your point) in the introduction part and stick to it through the body. Based on the evidence, confirm your point in the conclusion. If your paper doesn’t have common sense, it can’t bring you high grades. You are just wasting your time and efforts. So, before you start writing, think about the purpose of your paper. Only then you begin.

Writing a Good Critical Thinking Essays

You should write a thesis, which will explain an argument you want to prove. First, define the topic of a paper, which will provide a general overview of what you are going to write about. Then, do a research and gather evidence for one major point of the paper. After it, come up with a purpose statement, which should describe what the paper is about to prove. When a purpose statement is written, create a list of evidence to support it and research any piece of evidence, which can potentially disprove it. Writing critical thinking essays is quite a complicated task and if you find evidence to support some other point of view, ensure to redefine your purpose statement.

Write a draft of the thesis statement, which contains a brief summary of the point you are going to prove. It must provide specific data and create the basis for your argument.

First, do a research on the topic that will help you support a thesis of your paper. It is helpful to source every piece of evidence with special note cards, citing the location where you found evidence. Do not forget to check whether the evidence is relevant to your thesis.

In the process of writing, you have to consider alternate opinions, which could also provide arguments for your conclusion. Part of such kind of paper involves demonstrating that you are able to consider various opinions and still come to your own conclusion.

Make an outline, which will cover the main points that support your opinion. It is optimally to describe each fact in a single paragraph.

Create an objective opinion that bases on facts. Writing critical thinking essays does not mean that you come out with the right and only solution, but it demonstrates that you have analyzed the problem and have used clear facts to create your own point of view.

Come up with a conclusion to your essay, which accounts for potential arguments against your thesis. Point out factors, which could potentially change your opinion and describe factors, which could be used for further study.

Critical thinking essays provide a possibility to analyze and evaluate a certain issue and come to an objective conclusion about it. Critical thinking requires the writer to put his or her own agenda, objectives and goals aside and give an evaluation basing on the factual merits only. With the help of critical thinking essays, students develop the ability to come up with their own solutions to any problem and not to rely on someone else.

Good luck!

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