How To Write a Proposal Essay Easily

proposal essay writing tips

Steps to Writing a Proposal Essay

A proposal essay is a distinct sort of essay that serves the purpose of convincing the reader why the presented idea is worth pursuing. Generally, proposals represent an essential part of business and economic transactions. Nevertheless, professors also require students to create proposals.

If you do not know how to compose an excellent proposal essay, ask a professional writer to help you or read the useful pieces of advice on how to write this paper perfectly on your own. This article will explain in detail how to write a proposal essay.

What to Do on the Pre-Writing Stage

You should perform much work before you start writing your paper. It will be helpful to devote some time to the following tasks.

  1. Identify Your Audience. Keep in mind that a proposal essay is intended to convince a reader of the advantages of your idea or disadvantages of the opposite one. That is why you should know clearly who you need to address. Are they government officials, business people, or academics? If you address business people, your proposal should emphasize possible financial benefits. If your audience is government officials, your paper should underline how popular your idea is.
  2. Conduct Your Research. The use of secondary sources allows supporting your claims, which plays an important role in convincing others. It will be helpful to consult experts or get acquainted with their research.
  3. Try to Generate Many Ideas. Before writing your proposal essay, devote some time to brainstorming brilliant ideas. Once you have several good ideas, decide how you can organize them effectively.
  4. Do Not Forget to Revise. Keep in mind that submission of a first draft is not a good idea. Before submitting your proposal, ask your trusted peer or colleague to read your proposal and give you constructive feedback. Be sure to make appropriate changes in your paper based on this feedback.

Now, we describe the six key components of a proposal essay.

Core Elements of a Proposal Essay

The essential parts of a proposal essay are the following:

  • Introductory paragraph
  • Proposal
  • Action plan
  • Expected results
  • Necessary resources
  • Concluding paragraph.

However, keep in mind that your proposal may require greater or fewer number of parts. The above-listed parts, except the introductory and concluding paragraphs, may be reorganized to suit your specific proposals.

  1. Introductory paragraph

Note that the introductory paragraph aims to provide the reader with the information about the history of the proposal or to present a subject to the audience. The intro is probably the most important component of the paper. First, you should introduce the selected topic to your audience. Second, you should demonstrate your audience why this topic is worth their attention. In order to capture people’s attention, try to start with an impressive fact, anecdote, or statistic.

Traditionally, individuals compile a proposal to address a certain issue. Thus, you will elucidate a particular problem that your proposal would address. Be sure to learn about your audience to underline the benefits your proposal would provide.

  1. Proposal

This part includes a statement of purpose. Remember, it should not be lengthy. Just present your proposition. A few sentences are enough for this part. Do not provide a detailed explanation of how you are going to implement your proposal.

  1. Action plan

What will you do to accomplish your proposal? How will you demonstrate to your audience that you are completely prepared? In this part, you should discuss in detail how you will implement your proposal. Be sure to include the following things:

  • Persuade. Your audience should realize that your proposal is a worthy idea, and you are the person, who possesses the ability to implement it. Put emphasis on your qualifications to show that you can perform the task.
  • Details. Give enough details when you discuss the implementation. It demonstrates to your audience that you know how the process will work. Nevertheless, do not bore them with overly-technical details.
  • Predict. When you explain what potential problems might arise during the implementation, your audience understands that you prepare your proposal diligently taking into consideration potential pitfalls.
  1. Is it viable?

Focus on why you think the proposal will work successfully. In other words, explain why your proposal is viable. You can refer to the past experiences to demonstrate the viability of the previous proposals that are similar to this proposal. Another option is to put the emphasis on what your audience wants to hear. For instance, if your manager appreciates timely performance of tasks, underline how your proposal can improve productivity. Try to engage your logical thinking!

  1. Desired outcomes

It is quite simple. List the goals of your proposal here. Although it might seem to duplicate the part dedicated to the benefits, this section plays a decisive role.

  1. Necessary resources

This part is also simple. Just mention what you need to complete your proposal. Include both tangible (money or certain equipment) and intangible items (time).

  1. Preparedness

Be sure to show your audience that you know exactly what to do. The more you are prepared, the greater is the likelihood your proposal will be approved.

  1. Concluding paragraph

You should briefly restate the above-listed parts of your proposal, except for the introductory paragraph.

  1. Sources that you use

Any kind of essays, including a proposal one, requires citing your sources. This section should be entitled “Works Cited” if you quote from the resources. However, if you do not cite your sources, the title of this part should be “Works Consulted.”

Is that all you should know?

Remember, a first draft of the paper does not end the writing process. Revise your paper a few days later after completing the proposal. If you are not sure about the quality of your paper, our editors can proofread it.

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