How to Write History Essays like a Pro

historical essay writing tips

An experienced college student knows that writing an essay for English and history class are two completely different issues. In this article, we will discuss the approach you should adopt to achieve success in historical essay writing. To make this guide more useful, we have prepared a basic overview of each step of writing historical essays. Also, we will discuss some “do’s and don’ts”. So, let us start.

Writing a Historical Essay: 5 Steps

Step 1: Analy the Question

You cannot write a good essay if you have no clear understanding of the question.  Remember that every word in the question is important. Every historical essay is writer’s point of view on some historical events. So be ready to make a judgment on the issue. Once you understand the question, determine everything you know about the topic, note the ideas that can prove your point. Also, think about counterarguments. A good writer should be attentive to different viewpoints.

Step 2: Thesis Development

The thesis is a summary of the key point of your essay. It is a short, but informative answer on the question given.  A great thesis needs to consist of 2-3 points a writer wants to prove. If you want to write a well-developed thesis, first make a judgment and then support it with strong evidence. When developing a thesis, keep in mind the following:

  • Add unusual examples to your thesis and discuss them later in details;
  • Avoid the use of the 1st person;
  • Please, do not use the phrase “this essay;”
  • Also, do not use such words as “always”, “never”.
  • Do not use unconfirmed facts. You need to be sure in everything you write.

Step 3: Writing the Introductory Paragraph

If you have developed a great thesis, writing an introduction becomes a piece of cake. The best advice on writing an introductory paragraph, which anyone can ever give you, is to get to the point as quickly as possible. You need to introduce your ideas without long descriptions or explanations.

Step 4: Write the Body

To write a good body part, you need to work hard: write at least three paragraphs, describe major ideas, and prove your points. You should start each paragraph with a topic sentence. Remember to describe only one idea per paragraph. Demonstrate all the work you have put in this paper (research, brainstorming, and analysis) by showing how and why things happened, explaining the issues. Do not forget to use evidence – facts and figures. Also, you can use the opinions of prominent historians.

Step 5:Conclusion

The last but not the least is the conclusion. It seems like the easiest part, however, a lot of students cannot write it correctly.  A good conclusion should be clear and simple. Do not introduce new point or arguments. This part of the essay should express your final thoughts only.

Hope these five tips are useful for you!

Follow our guide to impress your teacher with the outstanding historical essay!

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