Independence Day Celebrations in the USA

4th of july

On the 4th of July, American families get together to celebrate political freedom of their country. Traditional annual celebrations include barbecues and picnics, eating hotdogs, watermelon, and other popular food. Well-known sports activities such as baseball games, races, swimming, and tug-of-war competitions are a typical entertainment for this day.

The streets and buildings also look festive today. Many people like displaying the national flag outside their houses. In the evening, mesmerizing fireworks light up the sky above the country. People sing patriotic songs and have fun on the streets. TV programs are also special on this day. Normally, they include speeches of politicians, broadcast of the country’s most spectacular fireworks, etc.

Independence Day is the day when people celebrate unity, bravery, and liberty. On this day, the citizens focus on the positive aspects of the country’s political life. Prominent politicians visit public events to demonstrate their support for the people, historical heritage, and culture. Independence Day is the time to be thankful for the freedom and liberties people can enjoy. This is also the day to express your gratitude to all the people who fought and made heroic sacrifices for the future generations to be independent and free. The Statue of Liberty is the major monument in the country and a symbol of this holiday.

Many people take a few days off to see their families or escape the loud celebrations and spend a couple days on the beach or their favorite vacation spots.

Public Activities

The 4th of July is the federal holiday which means it is observed on the national level. If it is on Saturday or Sunday, public activities are held on Friday or Monday respectively. Since it is a public holiday, most public institutions such as schools and government offices are closed. Many employees also prefer to take a few more days off to have a long vacation. As the result, popular holiday destinations may be jam-packed with tourists these days.

Apart from that, many special public events are held on this day. Since the streets are also overcrowded, there are frequent traffic disruptions and changes in public transport schedule.

Independence Day: Facts and History

People of New England started to fight for their independence from Great Britain in 1775. The next year, on July 2, the Congress voted for independence. This was done secretly. On July 4, the final text of the Declaration of Independence was approved. Four days later, the first public reading of the document was published. In August, delegates signed the Declaration of Independence. Independence Day was initially an unpaid holiday but in 1941 it became the paid one.
John Adams, a prominent American politician, was the first to describe how Independence Day should be celebrated. In a letter to his wife Abigail, he mentioned a parade, bonfires, and various sports activities.

In 1971, the term “Independence Day” was used for the first time.


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