Mindfulness Helps to Become a Better Student

benefits of meditation

Benefits of Meditation for Students

It is well known that practicing mindfulness is extremely efficient in terms of assisting students in becoming more successful academically. The above statement is true not only for school students but for college students, young people and young children as well.
Find below the description of positive effects of mindfulness on the school results observed in different groups.

Young students studying in elementary classes participated in the research on mindfulness effects. They have turned out to behave better with peers, control their emotional state and study better in general.

Middle school students, who also were mindfulness research participants, were less inclined to feel depressed or worried if compared to those who do not practice mindfulness techniques. As a result, the students demonstrated higher scores in the majority of school subjects.

There were children from the families of a lower social and economic level who participated in the program dedicated to studying of how being mindful is correlated with being successful at school and healthy. The program lasted for five weeks and yielded remarkable outcomes. Typically troubled students, these children stated that they did not feel as stressed out as they usually did. As a result, not being under stress burden, they were able to focus on studying more.

The research engaged young men living in cities to examine the results of mindfulness treatment. All the research program participants said that the amount of stress they still experienced was considerably lower than that of their everyday life. They did not feel much anxiety in different school related situations and felt they could cope with difficulties much more effectively. All the above factors led to their being more able to handle the issues connected with school stress and becoming more successful in terms of academic performance.

To add objectivity to the research, children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder were also invited to participate in the research. The kids with ADHD are known to be aggressive and unable to control their behavior. Having been exposed to mindfulness therapy cycles, these children improved their behavioral patterns, demonstrating a less aggressive attitude to the surrounding people. Thus, they are equipped with relevant behavior models to concentrate more on their performance at school.

Finally, the course of practicing mindfulness involved students of secondary schools who do not have a home for a variety of reasons. They grew more confident and more school oriented. As a result, it may have an impact on their further life as the academic progress, which they have achieved, will define the quality of their future.


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