Secrets Of Being A Successful Student

Sofia Woodstone Writer
Sofia Woodstone
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Have you ever wondered why you are so tired? In case you think that it’s because you have too many things to do and your body just can’t handle it – you’re wrong. Our bodies can take much more then we usually ask them to do. All problems, as well as the solutions to these problems, originate in our mind. Jack Sparrow expressed it perfectly well by saying, “it’s not about the problem; it’s about your attitude to the problem”. Also think about this – 10% of our life consists of the events and 90% of our life consist of our REACTIONS to these events. So, it’s not about your body getting tired, it’s about your mind, which is reacting, and what’s even worse reacting negatively and anxiously. This is what makes you so tired and stressed. This never-ending stream of anxiety, which is the result of your constant reaction to the external events, is what sucks your energy out, deprives you from sleep and makes you feel restless. Often it’s the toll that life in the modern world takes. Although you can’t just stop being a part of the modern world in order to cease the anxiety, the good news is that you can actually learn to handle stress.

Coping with anxiety is easy if you follow these five tips:

1. Learn a new skill

Why don’t you start playing guitar, engage in knitting or watch some video-editing lessons? This way, you will engage into something new and if that something really interests you, then you will shift your focus from your worries to this activity. Not just this, you will also have a new skill mastered!

2. Exercise

This one has a lot of benefits. Not only you will get into shape, but you will also start thinking more positively, because exercising creates more endorphins in your body and endorphins are chemicals that make you feel happy.

3. Meditate

One of the most important points on the list. Why? Because you learn to live in the present moment. Think about it. Every time you worry, you either think about something bad that happened in the past or about something that you don’t want to happen in the future. If your mind has a strong focus on the present moment, there will be no reasons to be anxious, because you can finally use the present moment to do something useful rather than have destructive thoughts.

Benefits of Meditation for Students

Mindfulness helps to become a better student. It is well known that practicing mindfulness is extremely efficient in terms of assisting students in becoming more successful academically. The above statement is true not only for school students but for college students, young people as well. They behave better with peers, control their emotional state and study better in general. Students are less inclined to feel depressed or worried if compared to those who do not practice mindfulness techniques. The students demonstrated higher scores in the majority of school subjects. Finally, the course of practicing mindfulness involves students who do not have a home for a variety of reasons. They grew more confident and more school oriented. As a result, it may have an impact on their further life as the academic progress, which they have achieved, will define the quality of their future.

4. Do something useful

Maybe you need to mow the grass or clean the closet? Maybe the hard drive on your notebook needs cleaning? Why don’t you shift your focus from distracting thoughts to something that really needs to be done?

5. Watch the news

Wondering how it may help you? By seeing all the problems and catastrophes that mankind is facing on the daily basis, you won’t perceive your problem as a real problem. Ask yourself, ‘Can my worries be compared to the problems of a refugee?’

Tips to Stop Worrying and Be Productive

  • Always have a plan

It’s better when a dozen of activities are well organized in advance. Make sure you have a schedule of your classes, and then write a timetable of you deadlines during the term. It helps to prioritize daily tasks when you are aware of upcoming exams or assignments. Another useful thing is your plan for each day. The more tasks you put in the list, the more productive day you have.

  • Find perfect environment

It means you should find a perfect place for study and keep it tidy. Looking for things in a mass steals your time. Another feature, which you should determine, is the perfect time. Decide when you are the most focused and productive and what your study peak time is. Combining these features will improve you study process.

  • Set smart goals

First of all, do some breaks. For example, give yourself a short break every hour. Your brain will continue working and assimilating information, but the level of concentration needs to be refreshed. The other secret is dividing large projects into smaller pieces. It’s much easier to accomplish a couple of small tasks than a huge one at a time.

  • Avoid procrastination

Whatever you do, resist the temptation to procrastinate. It is better do some other routine you have to accomplish anyway. Make some rewards for being effective from the early morning. Remember, procrastination kills your success.

  • Take care of your body

Among other effective study habits, people usually forget to emphasize the importance of your health. When your body is exhausted, you won’t be able to study well. So, make sure you take care of three things: good food, good sleep, and physical activity. I’m sure you’re smart enough to understand why these mentioned are vital.

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