Secrets of Writing a Reaction Paper

writing a reaction paper

How to Create a Reaction Paper

What is a Reaction Paper?

A reaction paper is a kind of essay, in which you should demonstrate your own opinion about some book, work of literature, someone’s scientific research, etc. The work of literature is an infinitely complex structure, an integral system with its own processes and relationships, types of communication and relationships. The complete correspondence of the created creative construction to what was planned by writer’s imaginative thinking is the ideal for each author. This harmony can be achieved through hard work. Traditionally, a literature text is defined as a complex organized structure, which should be analysed in the unity of form and content. The content of the work is a creatively depicted reality. It appears in the concrete pictures of human life. These facts are selected, grouped and realized by the writer, so that readers can see the author’s vision of the world. The purpose of the true writer is to transform the form into content. The search for “good” thought cannot be realized without the corresponding “correct” words, which one must be able to find in order to create a truly aesthetically valuable, ideologically and thematically consistent work of art.

A reaction paper is one of the tasks that one often has to face during the educational process. The ability to analyse and properly express one’s thoughts is one of the important qualities that help people in their lives. Reaction paper format requires to extract the most relevant and necessary information from the book and show your attitude to it. Before you start writing your work, you can ask your professor to give you a reaction paper example or to find several good texts on the Internet.

The content and form of the work of art are determined by the historical conditions of its creation: the epoch, the socio-aesthetic ideals of the creator, the peculiarities of his creative talent, character, and individual human traits. The artistry and artistic quality of the work turns out to be in the harmonious combination of the important content and the corresponding perfect form.
In order to understand the originality of the writer’s ideological and artistic features, the reaction paper should reveal the relationship and interdependence between content and form. No facts of the content exist regardless of artistic construction. They participate in the unity of the work of art and in creating an aesthetic impression, as well as all other formal facts. This organic combination of content and form defines the aesthetic image and the highest harmony of the text.

Form and Content of Literature Work

If someone ignores the value of the form during the analysis, it will cause the perception of the work as just an ideological phenomenon, and literature in general as one of the forms of social consciousness, and not the phenomenon of culture. On the other hand, ignoring the content will also have negative consequences, because it will lead to meaningless abstract constructions and formalism. The interdependence of the content and form, the ideological plan and the circle of images that are beloved by the writer, the means of the embodiment of these images are the necessary elements of a true work of art. Remember about this fact while writing your reaction paper.

Most researchers tend to the point that the content of text is expressed through the theme and the idea, which means that a work has an ideological and thematic basis. The theme is the unity of the values ​​of individual elements of the work. This is some installation, which has conquered all the elements of the book, some intent, which is implemented in the text. Thus, speaking of the subject of a work as a phenomenon of literature creation, people mean all points that have become the subject of comprehension and evaluation.

The idea of ​​an artistic work is a basic thought, the coverage of which the author submits to all the pictures he has showed. This is the general conclusion that logically follows from the whole image depicted in the work of literature. No matter how much you study the components of the book together or one by one, it is impossible to understand their meaning without realizing the general ideological orientation. The idea is perceived by the reader due to the experience that makes him or her think over the image, which leads to the awareness of the ideas laid down by the author in his work. The main thought of ​​literature text can be correctly and fully defined only when everything that is depicted in the work, such as plot features, conflict, and personal system is deeply meaningful.

Often, the most important moments of the content are revealed in the problem issues of the work, in which each writer is peculiar, individual. This is the direction and the course of comprehension of the topic. The peculiarity of the issues is a visiting card of a writer, because there are no two outstanding authors whose works would have identical issues. The central problem question of the work is often the organizing basis that passes through all the elements of the entire text.

Main Stages of Reaction Paper Writing

  • Learn the Object You Are Going to Work on

Study the work of literature, which you are going to write about. In the process of exploring, write down the most important and interesting points that can help you with the creation of your response. Use different quotations from the book of your study in the text. Therefore, in order not to waste time on the second search, it is better to note them immediately.

  • Create a Clear Outline

You need to build a plan of your work, which will include the theme of the text, the writer’s idea, the characteristics of the author and the characters of the book and the compositional features. In connection with what genre specificity, parts of the plan may be subject to change; they will decrease in volume or be replaced by others. For example, if you need to make a reaction paper about the text about nature, of course, the paragraph with the characteristic of the images of the main characters will be absent in your plan.

  • Build Your Paper Gradually and Logically

Attentively check every aspect of your analysis. Do not make sharp transitions from the topic to the idea, from the idea to the characteristics of the composition and so on. You should have a smooth logical text.

  • Selecting a Topic

When selecting a topic, do not make hasty and unambiguous conclusions. Think well and justify your point of view, because you can make a big mistake. After all, many different topics are considered in the literature nowadays and many of them are very important and relevant for the society.

It will be quite a difficult task to determine the author’s intent. Most often, you can understand it due to the writer’s lifetime contradictory messages and the many-valued interpretations of the literary work. If your work is related to such a discussion text, it is better to note the views and words of its author first, and then show your personal opinion.

  • Write About the Composition of the Book

In order to analyse the features of the composition, first it is necessary to designate a standard composition construction, which should include such elements as introduction, actions and culmination. You can talk about the absence or presence of a specific component of the composition. You can also describe the role that each part plays in the text.

  • Describe the Main Characters and Writers Language Features

To describe the characteristics of the main characters, you can rely on the principle of their complete differentiation or any similarity (anti-hero – hero). Describing the features of the author’s writing style, you should pay attention to the specific vocabulary that he or she used, either deliberately complex or, on the contrary, simple syntactic structure, appeal to folklore and so on. Your goal is to reflect the entire individuality and peculiarity of the manner of creativity of a particular writer. Indicate the importance and value of the book of your study. Write about the contribution the author made to world literature. Insertion of important details from the biography of the writer, interesting moments of his or her life and creativity can be a very good addition to your reaction paper. These interesting facts and useful tips can help you write a proper reaction paper.

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