Social Media Day: How to Protect Your Internet Privacy?

social media day Sofia Woodstone Writer
Sofia Woodstone
Content strategist and writer

On June 30th, the whole world celebrates the Social Media Day to commemorate the significant impact that social media have had on the development of global communication. At SaferVPN, we would also use the chance to highlight the importance of keeping your data safe and protect your Internet privacy. In this article, we would like to single out the most important rules that you should follow when using social media applications.

 If you’d like to be less susceptible to various kinds of cybercrimes while enjoying numerous benefits of social media at the same time, read this article.

Follow these tips how to protect yourself in social media:

  1. Do not open suspicious links

If you receive an email sent from an unknown address containing some strange link or if you see a post with a shortened link and without automatic preview, it will most likely cause harm to your electronic device. Just don’t click on such links.

  1. Do not provide too many personal details when registering in social media networks

When filling in profile information, do not reveal too much personal information about yourself. Limit the details where possible. Try not to indicate your phone number, home address, date of birth, workplace, etc. Besides, avoid displaying your physical location in social media because it will be really easy to track your moves and find out about your habits.

  1. Update your Internet privacy settings

Privacy settings update is the very first step if you want to make your social media apps secure. Make sure that you do not share your information publicly by default. It will be safer if fewer strangers could see your private information. So, double-check whether only your friends or all people registered in social media can view your information.

  1. Pick strong passwords

If you are registered in different social media, use unique passwords for each profile. Also use a two-step authorization by adding some additional factor or question to verify your identity while logging in. If an alternative email is needed, create a new one and use it for social media purposes.

  1. Use a safe connection

Avoid free WiFi connection in public places because your private information stored in your gadget may be obtained by some third parties. Therefore, use SaferVPN, which will encrypt your information and no hackers could steal your private data.

  1. Manage third-party authorizations

How many times were you offered to log into some site with Facebook or Google? If you allow different apps to have access to your account, then it will be easier to some third parties to obtain your private information. Therefore, allow only trusted and secure services to log in with your social networks.

 The impact of social media on global communication is undeniable. However, alongside easy ways to communicate and share information, the social media have brought about more risks and threats from hackers. Therefore, follow the aforementioned tips and keep your private data safe. Happy celebration of the Social Media Day!


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