Things You Should Never Say To Your Employees

business communication skills

Business Communication Skills

Dear Annie,

Recently, I have experienced one unpleasant situation, and I would appreciate if you could give me some advice. I should say that I have established good relationships with all the members of the group, which I supervise, but one accident made me think that I acted wrong. One member of our team, Dennis, could not attend the meeting because his family experienced a problem. His son got ill, and they had to visit the physician. It did not seem a significant obstacle for me, so I decided to inform the other members of the group about the reason of his absence. To my surprise, his colleague, Laura said that it was confidential information, and Dennis could inform them once he got back to work. It should be said that I did not want to offend Dennis or some member of his family. Please, tell me was I wrong in this situation?



Dear Paul,

  1. I understand pretty well that you did not want to hurt one of your colleagues, but you should realize that not all people want to reveal their personal information in public. Indeed, there are several key statements that you should never tell to your employees. Next time, please, consider the following list, and your business communication with your employees will be more efficient.
  2. Do not tell the employees any personal information about their colleague. If this person wants, he or she will share this information, but you do not have the right to disclose his/her personal information to others.
  3. Never tell your employee the amount of salary of his or her colleague. It will help you to avoid jealousy and unpleasant questions.
  4. Do not tell your employee about your personal job search even if you want to motivate or encourage him.
  5. Do not tell your employee about the conflicts with the leaders of your company. He may guess about your relationships with them, but he should not learn any specific details from you.
  6. Never tell the employees about your personal goals in the company. You should concentrate your attention on the common goals of all the members of your team. It will help to organize the working process more efficiently.
  7. Never disclose confidential information about the company to one of your employees, even if you trust him/her.
  8. One of the fastest ways to destroy the team spirit is gossiping about one of the members of the team. Work on your leadership skills and try not to gossip about the strengths and weaknesses of a certain employee. If you have some questions to him/her, you need to discuss them with him/her privately.

Never tell your group of employees that you are unhappy with their work since this group is the mirror of your achievements. Think about improving some methods of your work because constant development is the secret of effective leadership.

Best Wishes,

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