Tips to Help You Save Money While Studying Abroad in Italy!

Studying Abroad in Italy Sofia Woodstone Writer
Sofia Woodstone
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College is the best time to travel the world. You have many friends, free time (believe me, you do), and a lot of energy. What you probably do not have is money. Do not let this become an obstacle on your way to discovering the unknown! Check out our budgeting tips for students and make your college years truly memorable.
Italy is a dream country. I’m sure you are fascinated by colorful pamphlets of the country’s sights, culture, and historic heritage. This is a marvelous place to start your college travelling adventure.

So how to save money when travelling to Italy?

  • Find a Homestay

This is something you should do before arriving to Italy. Usually, homestays are much cheaper than hotels and even hostels and come with additional benefits, such as home-made meals, laundry, sometimes transport. With homestays, there is no need for you to spend hours on groceries but you can still be sure you will enjoy a delicious traditional meal. You will have more time to explore the country. If the culture is totally new for you, homestay is the best way to learn it.

  • See New Places

Italy is a wonderful country with so many beautiful cities. Make sure you see as many of them as possible. With their transport system, long distance is not a problem. You can go by train if you want to visit Rome, Sicily, Florence, and Venice. This is also cheap. In fact, you can book a ticket for some 3 Euro. The best thing is that you do not have to plan beforehand. So if you wake up one morning and feel like this is the perfect day to go to Rome, just do it.

  • Speak with Local People

Talking to locals is something you should do as often as possible in Italy. Not only will you improve your Italian, but also discover a lot of information a tourist can never find in guides. The locals will tell you about beautiful small cities off the beaten track. For instance, in Fiesole, you can enjoy the entire view of Florence. There, you can also see how olive oil is made. Another must-see is Chianti, a town famous for its vineyards and delicious vine. To visit places like these, you only have find 3 euro for a ticket and courage to talk to locals.

  • Use Discounts

Italy is packed with tourists, so it’s no wonder museums, theatres, and similar attractions might cost a fortune there. Does this mean you cannot afford it? No, for a culture vulture like you there is always a way out. Learn about their discount or free entry days. Not many tourists know, for example, that you can take advantage of free entry to Italian state museums every first Sunday of a month. It’s fabulous, right? A little research and a student ID card can help you visit all fantastic places even if you are on a shoestring. Just make sure you come early enough to avoid long lines.

Finally, just look around! Architecture is fantastic in Italy. Besides, famous street artists often work there, so I’m pretty sure walking the Italian streets is going to be just as pleasing as visiting its museums and galleries.

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