Our writing company Order-Essays.com has provided quality papers for more than 10 years. We offer reliable writing assistance and extra services to improve grades and achieve better results. These features include writing quality levels, top writers, additional services for papers less than 20 pages, helpful services for big projects (more than 20 pages), VIP services, and more.

$ Writing Quality Levels

Our order form has 3 writing quality levels – the Standard, Premium, and Supreme. While each option guarantees quality papers, students receive extra support from writers and editors with the Premium and Supreme options.

  • Standard writing quality level (basic, for free). An experienced writer works on your order and follows all the instructions to deliver a paper on time.
  • Premium writing quality level (+10% of the order price). Your order has a higher priority than others. Quality agents make sure that an experienced writer starts working on the order as soon as possible. Additionally, you receive a full PDF plagiarism report from an editor with comments.
  • Supreme writing quality level (+15% of the order price). Your order has the highest priority level and is processed immediately. Quality agents assign a paper to one of the top 30 writers in the indicated discipline. You also receive a detailed PDF plagiarism report with the editor’s comments. Such an approach guarantees excellent writing.

$ Options to Work with the Best Writers

Our writers are talented and experienced. They have Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in different disciplines, and each of them specializes in certain areas. We have top writers who create the most sophisticated texts, conduct extensive research, and create impressive analysis. Please note that our top experts are very busy and always have assignments to complete. It is best to order papers in advance and work with the most talented and qualified writers. Here are some options to cooperate with the best specialists.

Top 10 Writers – as a VIP service (+$10.95)

When customers order this VIP service, our support agents assign one of the most proficient writers in the relevant discipline. This feature means that your writer will know about completing similar tasks to offer great papers with interesting points. Only writers with many completed orders, top marks, and positive reviews constitute our top 10 professionals.

Preferred Writer (+15% of the order price)

Students who have ordered papers before may work with the same writers. This feature is very helpful because it ensures that every paper is completed in the same style and uses information from previous papers (for example, sources, if needed) related to the course materials. Moreover, a chosen writer will continuously improve grades by delivering quality papers. Please, use the Preferred writer option and indicate the ID of your expert in the order form. We cannot guarantee that the writer will take the order due to workload and other factors, but we will do everything possible to assign a paper to your expert.
Please note that you can also choose a US writer or UK writer (+5% to the order total) and receive a paper focusing on the required vocabulary and writing style.
You may also thank the writer for the job well done and send tips if you like. It would be great to grade your writer on a scale from 1 to 5 (5 is for the best work).


Try our VIP services and become our VIP client. Benefit from the incredible opportunity at a very reasonable price: VIP assistance and support, TOP 10 professional writers, the most experienced editors, sms notifications, full PDF plagiarism report, 4 days extended revision. You can order our VIP package with 20% discount.

You can also create a VIP account (Enhanced, Optimal or Ultimate) to enjoy the support of the most professional writers and receive other benefits.

Available Revisions

Our company takes full responsibility for the quality of writing services. We revise a paper for free within 48 hours (2 days) after the deadline in cases when the content fails to fully meet the original order requirements.  We also offer additional revision options to ensure the best outcome for our customers. For example, you can pay to extend a free revision period: 14 days instead of 2 days for 1-19 page orders, 30 days instead of 2 days for 20+page orders, or purchase a VIP service (4 days instead of 2 days for extended revision).

$ Additional Services for Short Papers (under 20 Pages)

1-Page Summary of Your Paper

To summarize the main points of the paper in one page, order a 1-page summary service. The assigned writer will concisely sum up the major ideas and aspects of your paper. One summary page is enough to properly reflect on the core paper points. This service is helpful when you need to deliver a presentation or provide a report on your paper topic.


When you order this service, you receive a draft after 50% of the deadline passes. The draft equals one page (300 words or 600 words depending on whether you order a double-spaced or a single-spaced paper). This feature helps to introduce improvements or focus on some ideas in detail before the project is complete.

Draft of Your Paper (An Extended Option)

  • Draft (1 page) – papers 1-4 pages;
  • Draft (2 pages) – papers 5-9 pages;
  • Draft (3 pages) – papers 10+ pages.

Please note, that to calculate the prices for this service you may use the formula 0.7 * price per page, or use our prices calculator online.

Extended Revision

This option is useful when you expect feedback from your professors in a few days. An extended revision period means that you can ask your writer to improve a paper within 14 days after the deadline.

$ Additional Services for Big Projects (more than 20 Pages)

Progressive Delivery

With a progressive delivery service, you can control the writing process of long papers. The service is efficient for projects that constitute a great part of the final grade. The service includes the following features:
The paper is sent to you in parts before the final deadline. Thus, you can improve the paper during the writing process by sending detailed commentaries or remarks on the writer’s style of paragraph organization and overall paper layout. You can also send these drafts to your professor for feedback.
How Many Drafts Will You Get?

  • You will get three drafts when your deadline is 12 days or more. The first draft is 25% of the required paper content will be sent to you after 25% of the deadline passes. The second draft comprising 50% of the final paper version will be forwarded to you after 50% of the deadline is over. The third draft will be the biggest – it will contain 75% of the required paper length, and it will be sent after 75% of the deadline expires.
  • You will get two drafts if the deadline is 5-11 days. As such, you will get two drafts – of 25%, and 50% of the total paper content that will be sent after 25% and 50% of the deadline expires correspondingly.
  • You will receive one draft if you give no more than 4 days for the paper completion. As such, a draft matching 25% of the total paper length will be sent to you after 50% of the deadline ends.

*There is also an option to modify the schedule of receiving drafts if you have specific individual preferences or if the professor has more strict requirements.

Extended revision

Instead of ordinary two days given for free revision applications, you have an extended revision period of 30 days and may ask for improvements for free provided that the original instructions remain the same.
Extended revision (2 months) – We have increased the free revision period to 2 months provided that original instructions remain the same.
Extended revision (3 months) – Customers can use the option of a free revision period of 3 months provided that original instructions remain the same.

Visual Elements: Tables, Charts, Diagrams

You can order tables, charts, and diagrams to advance your paper and make it more engaging and credible. While this service is used for different assignments, and does not apply to multiple choice questions, online test, paper analysis, poem, outline, editing, proofreading, and reference list.

Additional Services for Specific Assignment Types

  • Poem. When you order a poem, please consider that 1 page equals 100 words unless you have other specific instructions regarding the length or type of verses.
  • Reference List. Often customers do not know how many pages to order for a reference list because a usual word count does not apply. We count pages visually and add as many entries as one formatted page allows.
  • Multiple Choice Questions. You can benefit from extended revision when getting help with this assignment type.
  • Excel Exercises, Math Problem. If your papers are under 20 pages, you can order extended revision.
  • Online Test. We are pleased to say that we can finish this task for you fast and you can choose different deadline frameworks depending on your needs and indicate 2, 4, and 5 hours.

New Feature – Simple Language!

Customers can indicate whether they need a US or UK writer. Moreover, it is also possible to order a paper with an option “Simple Language.” This service is beneficial for non-native students.
We recommend these services to experience the best help and support from our professional writing company. They also add to numerous bonuses and quality guarantees such as a money-back policy. If you have any questions about the terms and details, get in touch with our customer support team 24/7. Enjoy our cooperation!

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