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A discussion board post is what you write in a discussion board, which is actually an analogue of a real-life discussion in the class. A discussion board is created on some online platform. As a rule, a discussion board has a specific topic of discussion, where students can leave their comments, opinions, and feedback, and thus interact with each other. Even though a discussion board is created online, it is considered to be a formal platform for communication and sharing. This formal setting that requires students to write a discussion post regularly comprises two core components: discussion and participation. An online discussion post referring to the discussion component denotes a discussion post written originally by a student. In other words, one student initiates the discussion that will be later developed and expanded by others. The participation component involves a response part, where students just leave comments or express their viewpoints under the online discussion post created by their classmates.

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Keep in mind that different professors provide specific requirements for writing! An online discussion post that you write should be a perfect demonstration that you have understood the set theme and the course material covered in class. As a rule, a discussion post refers to some of the topics discussed in class. Overall, whatever assignment you have, there is a need to be aware that discussion and participation stages have their own requirements and you need to have some basic knowledge to succeed in them. Therefore, providing a brief and a well-developed response to your classmates is a must. As well as that, you are free to create new online discussion posts or threads. Actually, students are not restricted in using the discussion board unless the created discussions refer to the topics of course materials. A discussion post also helps evaluate and critically analyze what other classmates think about a specific issue.

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Benefits of Discussion Board Posts:

  • Mostly, professors love assigning discussion post assignments as students are be able to recall the main aspects and ideas covered in class and apply critical and analytical skills when interacting with their classmates;
  • As a rule, a discussion board post sample is a good alternative to formal academic writing;
  • Discussion posts are more loved by students as they have more freedom in expressing their viewpoints in a rather semi-formal style. Besides, in the process of discussion, students can perceive the topic from different perspectives, and thus broaden their outlook;
  • A properly-written discussion post can help a student easily earn a good grade and boost academic excellence;
  • Each discussion post is aimed at demonstrating students’ proficiency and analytical thinking;
  • You are free to interact with your classmates and professor and ask questions.
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