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Have you been assigned an extended definition essay to write? If so, keep in mind that this academic assignment goes far beyond merely defining a word. It is actually about explaining a concept in a thorough, thought-provoking manner. You want to demonstrate to the reader the importance of understanding the word based on your interpretation.

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Extended Definition Essays: The Basics

In order to understand how to write an extended definition essay, you must first understand its purpose. As a society, we attribute meaning to words so that we can communicate. However, there is not always universal agreement about what a word actually means due to our own individual world views. To put it another way, words can be understood in abstract rather than concrete ways and as a result how one person subscribes to a word can be different from how another person would. To succeed in writing your extended definition paper, you be able to elaborate on as many possible interpretations of your chosen word.

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Why Write an Extended Definition Essay?

When your professor assigns you an extended definition essay, in a way they are looking to test your ability to contemplate words at a deeper level. This involves a synthesis of academic research and personal thought (although your subjective interpretation must still be supported with logic). You must take a term, concept or idea and literally extend or expand upon it. Do not merely rely on a dictionary’s definition of the word. Instead, go into specific details, avoid stating the obvious, and think about your chosen word in terms of the way it is structured, its function, background or underlying meaning.

 Choosing a Word for Your Extended Definition Essay

Before you can start your essay, you first need to choose a good word that you can work with. In fact, once you settle on the word, half of the challenge will have been dealt with. Avoid choosing a word for which there is no debate. For instance, everybody knows what an elephant is; it cannot be interpreted as anything other than a large, gray animal with a long trunk. Instead, your best strategy is to select a word that is abstract in nature and highly complex, such as an adjective or concept. By doing so, you will have a lot of material to work with. An example could be the idea of nationalism. For some, it is perceived as patriotic love for the country, while others see it as having a more sinister meaning associated with hostility towards outsiders. Ultimately, you should choose a word that you have sufficiently deep knowledge. This will avoid the unnecessary extra work of having to learn about a new concept since you already have an established idea about its meaning.

Some Final Pointers about Your Choice of Word

  1. Pick a word that can be interpreted in multiple ways.
  2. Aside from defining the word, include supporting facts.
  3. Select a less familiar word that you can then compare to a familiar one. This will provide clarity as you explain your word.
  4. Use examples that will properly illustrate your word, especially if you have chosen something that is an abstract idea.

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Develop a Positive Attitude As You Write Your Extended Definition Essay

While this type of essay is by no means a walk in the park, do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed or frustrated. If you keep an open mind, you might actually find yourself enjoying the experience of writing it! Here are some elements to keep in mind as you go about it.

Structure: The extended definition essay follows the same format as most essays

  • Introduction: Hook, background/context, thesis (your personal interpretation)
  • Body Paragraphs: Three main points that link back to the thesis, definition strategies (evidence), explain how your evidence supports your thesis
  • Conclusion: Restate the thesis and summarize what has been discussed, highlight the ways in which your definition differs from the conventional understanding of the word, leave readers feeling that the information was useful and relevant to them.
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What Your Professor Expects From Your Essay:

  • An introduction that hooks the reader and contains a thought-provoking thesis statement about a concept based on how you define it. Your thesis should be supported by evidence, including smoothly embedded quotations. You can use sources, examples from society, or even apply your own personal experiences. Through your commentary, you can create a thesis that is highly developed and persuasive.
  • Body paragraphs that contain a topic sentence that is connected to the thesis. Each paragraph should be linked together through transitional phrases.
  • A conclusion that summarizes the information concisely and confirms its relevance.
  • Since this is an academic paper, you are expected to write it in a well-articulated manner. This means avoiding informal or slang terms. In addition, the paper should flow well and only contain purposeful information.
  • A proofread and edited final project. Do not simply check it for spelling mistakes or grammar, focus on the structure. To achieve this, read it aloud: if it sounds odd when spoken aloud, it needs to be revised until it sounds natural.

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A Few Last Suggestions:

  1. Before you begin writing your essay, you would benefit from drafting an outline. A lot of students avoid this step because they think it’s just unnecessary busywork, but the truth is an outline provides structure and focus for the entire paper.
  2. While you want to provide your own interpretation of a word, you should also include the standard dictionary definition. This will provide some context for the reader who might not necessarily be familiar with the word.
  3. Your thesis should be brief and understandable; one sentence is enough. As you proceed to the body paragraphs, you will use this as an opportunity to expand upon your thesis argument.

If you feel confident about your extended definition paper, we hope for the best! But if you would like some definition essay writing assistance Order-Essays.com is the definition essay writing service that you can always rely on. For a low price, you can hire an academic consultant in your area of study who will create a perfect extended definition essay from scratch based on your instructions!

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