PPT Poster Service

Buy PPT Poster: Essential Information for Clients

A PPT Poster is a poster written in PowerPoint. It usually comprise ONE extensive slide only. PPT Poster is devoted to such options as research questions), method (s), discussion, as well as conclusion. The number of elements is provided in accordance with the instructions set by the customer. Our company has been applying an individual approach to each order and customer, wishing to please all of the needs and requirements.
A PPT Poster, in the majority cases, looks in the following way – needed sections (along with graphs, pictures, tables, charts, etc).

Word count rule: each poster comprises 300 words. Speaker notes can comprise 150 words.
Spacing: there is no spacing.
Extra services available for a PPT Poster: Speaker Notes and Extended Revision
Writer Level: College / University; Master’s / PHD. NB: High School is excluded.
Urgency: 12 /24/48 hours; 3 /4 /5 /7 /9 /11 days; (3 hours, 6 hours or 8 hours are unavailable).
Page Number: “ 1 page equals 1 poster, which is 300 words” (1 page can be equal 1 poster with two or three images, graphs, or charts, and 300 words). If you need more words as well as images, graphs or charts on a poster, you should order additional pages.
Price for 1 page of Speaker Notes is the same as one-page custom essay.

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