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Learn More about Various Essay Types

The four types of essays include:

  • Descriptive essay;
  • Expository essay;
  • Argumentative essay;
  • Narrative essay.

Consequently, each of them has its specific aim. You can also read about sample of an essay here.

The following article will provide information regarding each of them.

  1. Narrative essay

The main purpose of this essay is to tell a story holding a certain viewpoint. Narrative essays are usually characterized by the presence of setting, main characters, plot, and environment. Narrative essay is concentrated on a plot, which is its basis and which should be revealed in a chronological order.

Things to consider:

  • To make readers “experience” your story, add emotional elements;
  • Frist person writing is allowed in narrative essay;
  • The story described in a paper should support your statement, which is provided in a first sentence.

  1. Descriptive essay

Descriptive essay deals with describing some events, people, objects, etc. in details. Moreover, the described object should be properly examined.

For instance, if you are writing about some event you should explain:

  • What kind of event it was;
  • What was its purpose;
  • What happened during the event;
  • What was the outcome, etc.

In order to make your essay interesting for a reader, you should make an emphasis on emotions and senses. Make your paper a little bit poetic to reach this effect.

  1. Expository essay

The purpose of this essay is to explore, discuss or compare things. The main task of this essay can be outlined as follows:

  • Inform – Describe – Explain

Things to consider:

  • Make your paper easy to understand;
  • Explain things you find difficult;
  • Provide different viewpoints.
  1. Argumentative essay

The aim of a writer working on an argumentative essay is to convince the reader in something. For this purpose, the writer should use different evidences to support their claim. The writer should not give an opinion but to make an argument.