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Our company is well-known among students, as we can provide different types of academic papers, but also we provide the best essay questions writing service for those who have a task to find the answers to the essay questions asked by the professors. For instance, your assignment contains a list of questions and you have to conduct thorough research to look for the correct answers and then write them down for submission.
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Essay (Open-ended) Questions vs. Short Answer Questions

What is an essay question assignment: this is an assignment done in writing with the answers to the asked questions. The answers to essay are to be written in a paragraph form with the questions not included into the general word count. This assignment does not require any introductory or concluding paragraph. No thesis is needed. However, each paragraph of the task is supposed to be structured with a topic and the summarizing sentences at the end. Free extras: Works Cited, References, Bibliography, and Title Page.

An essay question (open-ended question) gives a complex prompt and implies a requirement to provide a written response that can be from several paragraphs to a dozen of pages long. Similarly, with the short answer questions, they enable the students to present their understanding of the topic and creative approach; however, the students cannot do the task without certain research and efforts taken; otherwise, this bluffing will inevitably lead to a poor grade. Although it is not difficult to construct reasonable answers, it takes time to structure the answers for the complete meeting of the requirements.

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A reliable essay questions writing service always takes into account a difference between the essay questions and short answer questions in terms of structure. The openness of less structures answers gives a chance to the students to show that they are able to be creative while integrating the course material in the answers. Therefore, the professors opt for essays when they aim at testing the higher levels of cognition, evaluation, analysis, and synthesis in writing. Nevertheless, when the students are supposed to ensure effective structuring of the answers, it makes the task more challenging and requires more time and effort. It is evident that composing a 5-paragraph essay takes more time than giving short answers to the questions which require approximately a paragraph. Since the workload increases in this case, an exam cannot contain numerous questions of this kind; therefore, the general scope of the exam gets limited only to certain areas or topics. Feeling much pressure, the students can blank out or panic. To prevent this reaction, the exams typically include the option of responding to one question out of those presented.

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How We Calculate Payment
(for open-ended questions which require extensive answers):
a double-spaced page contains 300 words; a single-spaced page contains 600 words – for extensive answers in open-ended questions.

How We Calculate Payment (for questions that require short answers):
1 page covers 5 short answers to the questions

Just Consider:The task contains 15 questions with a requirement to provide 100-word answers to each question. According to the policy regarding the word, the total word count of the ordered paper should be 1,500 words or 5 pages paid.

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Multiple-Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions: an exam in which the test-taker is provided with a question or statement and a set of possible responses to choose from. Unlike open-ended questions or essay test in which the test-taker is expected to supply their own answers, all multiple choice answers are fixed.

What is the Purpose of Taking a Multiple-Choice Test?

How We Calculate Payment: We count 5 questions as being the equivalent to one page (300 words) of academic writing. Thus, 6 to 10 questions would count as a second page, 11 to 15 as a third page, etc.

Just Consider:A student uploads the file with 10 questions, which equals the price of 2 pages.

When professors want to test their students’ critical thinking skills, they often prefer to hand out short essay exams or short-answer tests. This open-ended format guarantees that only the students who have truly paid attention will succeed. On the other hand, such tests can be somewhat subjective and if a professor has 300 students, it is not always feasible or time-efficient to give those kinds of tests. This is why they often opt for multiple-choice tests. The bubble scan sheets allow these tests to be scored within seconds. In addition, since multiple-choice questions provide a set of answer choices that are objectively right or wrong, there is no need to create a grading rubric or weigh the results based on whether or not the instructors are hard graders.

Online Tests (Online Essay Exam) Help for Students

How We Calculate Payment: one page contains five questions.

Just Consider: if a customer asks the online exam help company to complete 50 questions, then he/ she should pay for 10 pages.

URGENCY: 3 or 6 hours only.

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Online essay exams are a daunting challenge for many students. Therefore, there is no wonder that they so willingly try to search for online test help from some writing companies. On the one hand, online exams and essay examination are stressful because of the limited time students have for answering questions. As such, students prefer to use the service of online test help to be sure that an expert in the field can successfully pass the test online for them. On the other hand, the core challenge may lie in the high probability of technical issues and different glitches that might occur in the process of taking the test.

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Organization and structure of the task:

Multiple-Choise Questions vs. Online Test (Quizzes)

Open-Ended Questions vs. Short Answer Questions

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