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A PDF poster is a one-page document (poster) that is saved in PDF format. As a rule, it presents research questions, methodology, brief discussion, and conclusion. The overall structure can be modified depending on a customer’s paper specifications or instructions. Each PDF poster has specific sections apart from such visuals as tables, graphs, diagrams, pictures, etc. The average word count limit of the poster is 300 words.

When you have conducted a research and now need to summarize it and provide major findings in a visually attractive way, a PDF poster is just the thing. In academic context, academic posters are used for presenting information logically and concisely. Besides, the way of presenting information is visually appealing as you can present even the most complicated data in forms of graphs, figures, pictures, images, tables, etc.

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When you are working on a PDF poster, you need to know that you should start presenting with a brief speech that will not take more than 1-2 minutes. After this introductory speech, the poster presentation should be so clear and logical that it would speak for itself. However, you should be ready to answer the questions from the audience once they have carefully examined and read your poster. Therefore, one of the fundamental aspects of preparing a PDF poster is to be fully aware of the topic you are presenting in order to be ready for questions from the audience. You have to know specific facts and be able to justify your opinions or argumentations when you are giving answers to the questions. On the whole, you need to convey the idea clearly to be sure that the audience will understand everything correctly.

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