I click on “Proceed” but the order form keeps loading. What should I do?

Most likely, you are trying to attach files that have the inappropriate size/format. Try to submit the order form without attachments and send your files via email to our support managers. You can be certain that one of them will forward all of your attachments to the writer working on your order.

I have chosen the wrong academic level/urgency/number of pages/number of sources/type of assignment. Can I edit this information? Can I add more pages to my order?

You will not be able to edit the order form once it is submitted. However, you can add more pages by placing an additional order. This option is available in your profile in the My Orders section. Please, note that the final price for your order will be recalculated based on new instructions and you will be asked to pay the price difference for applying changes. If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact our support managers and they will guide you.

Can I update my phone number/email/password?

Yes, you are free to update your personal profile. Please, login and click on the Edit tab. To save your updates, you need to click on “Save changes” at the bottom of the profile.

Should I provide my real email/phone number?

No, you are not obliged to do that. However, we strongly recommend our customers provide their valid contact details so that we could contact them in case any clarifications on the task are needed.

When you are dealing with us, you do not need to be worried about confidentiality issues because we keep the personal information of our customers private. To avoid any privacy issues, we have introduced the rule, which does not allow the writer to know the name, e-mail, or gender of the customer. Besides, you cannot know the writer’s personal information as well.

Why should trust your writing service?

You can definitely trust Order-essays.com. Feel free to check out the feedback that other customers have left about our writing services, and see what they say about the timeliness and quality of our papers. Our company has invested a considerable time, effort and energy into building a trustworthy service and into earning the trust of those who order from us. Hence, we want to maintain our enviable reputation. Our primary goal is providing the finest quality service to every customer. Consequently, you can trust us and feel confident you will get the best service possible.

For what reasons should I choose your company over others? What factors distinguish you from similar providers?

Order-essays.com is a world leader when it comes to providing help with academic assignments. We relish the opportunity of providing you with personalized attention and assigning the best writers and researchers to your project, experts who are specialists in your field. It is possible for us to do this because our company employs one of the biggest teams of highly-skilled and academically-qualified writers. Additionally, we have numerous experienced editors to proofread each paper once it has been completed by one of our expert writers. Finally, you may request your money back if you discover any paper we provide you with contains plagiarism or does not fully comply with the instructions you originally gave us. Should you decide to submit a refund application, this should be accompanied by a valid plagiarism report and/or you should explain which instructions our writer overlooked. Please note that refund requests should be sent within fourteen (14 days) of your order’s deadline expiring.

Can I get in touch with you if I have any concerns or questions and, if so, how?

We make it as easy as possible for you to contact our customer services representatives whenever you need to and in any way that best suits your convenience. You may contact us via the toll-free telephone numbers we provide, send us an email, or initiate a live chat session.

What do you require from me by way of additional information?

Generally speaking, the instructions a customer provides on the original order form are sufficient for us to successfully write a paper. If, however, there are any additional files or sources that should be used in your paper, you may upload these via your account page. These materials will assist our writers in the creation of your paper and enhance its overall quality. In the event you ask us to proofread or edit a paper for you we will, of course, need the original text with your initial order.

Can I be confident that any papers you send me will not contain plagiarism?

Order-essays.com views plagiarism as a serious matter. Consequently, every paper is checked for originality using the latest plagiarism detection software. You may even ask us to send you a plagiarism report if you wish.

How can I know that you will not resell my paper to another customer? And can I be sure that you have not already sold any paper I buy to another customer?

You may be entirely sure in these cases. Order-essays.com never distributes, resells, or publishes any papers a customer orders from us. Copies of any works we provide to you are kept in our secure database. You can be completely confident that only two other people will have seen your paper before you get it i.e. the person who writes it and the person who edits it.

What happens if somebody finds out I have used your writing service?

It is extremely unlikely anyone will ever know you use our writing service unless you tell them. Your name will not even be revealed to the writer and/or editor who works on your paper and you need not tell them. Instead, you can use a false name. You are guaranteed total confidentiality from our writing company.

I have already completed a part of my order. Can you finish it?

Yes, we can finalize your paper instead of you. Just contact our support representatives providing them with accurate instructions for your task and one of them will help you place an order.

What assignment type should I choose?

To figure out the order type you need to select, feel free to contact our support managers and consult them before placing the order. After careful examination of your guidelines, our support manager will assist you in choosing the correct order type.

Can you work on my online test?

Yes, an online test is one of the common services offered to our customers. To place an order, you will need to choose the “Online Test” assignment type. To receive the best result, you will need to provide your test-taker with all the materials, readings, and other files that may help them get prepared for the test. Also, you will need to indicate the time, date, time zone, as well as duration of the test. Once you specify all the requirements, the writer will get ready for the test, log in to the website, and pass your test successfully.

Can I get a draft?

Yes, you can order a 1-page draft service, which will help you track the order’s progress. The draft will be available to you after 50% of the deadline chosen. Pay attention that the draft option requires additional payment.

How long will it take to find a writer for my order?

The managers of our Writers Department do their best to assign the appropriate specialist to your order as soon as possible. Usually, it takes from a few minutes to a couple of hours. If the appropriate expert is not available or your assignment is too complex, it will take more time.

When a suitable expert is found, his or her writer’s ID will be visible in the order details (check the Writer line). When you see the order has the “Payment Verification” status, it means that we did not receive your payment yet (in this case, you will need to click on the “Pay now” button and proceed with the payment for your order). The “Processing” status means the writer is found and working on your order. If you see the “Sent/Completed” status, it means your paper is ready and you can download it.

How can I request the same writer, who completed my previous task (I like the way my paper was written/I received a satisfactory grade for my paper). I want them to write the rest of the papers for my course.

You are free to cooperate with the specific writing expert by ordering the Preferred Writer’s option. To do it, you will need to put the appropriate writer’s ID in your order form (you can check this ID in the previous order). Once your order appears in the system, our Writing Department will assign it to the writer requested. Pay attention that if you want to have your paper written by a preferred writer, you will need to pay an additional 15% to the order price. This payment will go directly to your writer to ensure the priority of your paper among others.

Who will write my paper?

Although it is unfortunate, a lot of writing companies in today’s marketplace are prone to hiring inexperienced foreign writers or even students to create academic texts, and many of these do not have a sufficient command of the English language. Order-essays.com does not believe this practice is acceptable. We tend to hire only specialists with a Bachelor, Master’s degree at least, and they must have proven skills in the fields of academic research and writing. This is a big investment that some companies cannot afford. It is, however, an effective strategy in the long term. And it is for this reason you cannot lose if you choose our writing service over others. Most of the students who order once from Order-essays.com continue to place regular orders.

Will it be possible for me to contact my assigned writer if I have any questions for him or her?

We understand how important it is to have effective communication between customer and writer. It is often the case that a writer needs clarification of some sort from a customer, or a customer may want to provide more information to their assigned writer or get updates on their project. For this reason, we have developed an easy-to-use messaging facility whereby customers can quickly contact their assigned writers to communicate vital information or get progress reports. This can be done through your personal account page.

Will it be possible for me to chat in real-time to my assigned writer or communicate with them via video link?

Customer confidentiality is something we give high priority to, and we also ensure our writers can depend on confidentiality. Because of this we do not offer video conferencing facilities between customers and writers. We find, however, that text messages are an effective means of communication during the writing process. In the event your issue is urgent, we have ways of informing our writers and they will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Can you work on urgent orders?

Yes, we have vast experience in tackling very urgent assignments. However, we highly recommend you to discuss your assignment with one of our support managers and get confirmation that your order can be completed within a short period of time.

Can you send my paper earlier if the writer completes it before the deadline?

Our writers work in accordance with the deadlines set by our customers. The urgency you choose when placing the order influences the price you need to pay the writer and editor for their work. We cannot make them work faster without appropriate compensation. Thus, if you want to receive your paper before the deadline, you will need to pay the price difference for the deadline change.

When will I receive my paper? Where can I find it?

All papers are delivered in accordance with the deadlines allocated by the customers. If you want to know when your paper will be delivered, you need to do the following:

Go to My Orders – Processing orders – Click on the necessary order ID – Check the Delivery section (it shows when exactly will your paper be delivered to you).

To find a completed paper in your account, you need to do the following:

– Go to My Orders – Completed orders – Click on the necessary order ID – check the Files section.
In case of having any problems with downloading the paper, you need to contact our support managers.

I have made a mistake when choosing the deadline for my order. Can I get my paper earlier? What am I supposed to do?

Yes, we can follow your request and send your paper before the deadline chosen. However, according to our policies, you will need to pay compensation for the change of the urgency (this money will cover the urgent writer’s work). The compensation depends on the amount of deadline that should be cut. If you have placed the order with an 11-day deadline but you need it in 3 days, you will need to cover the price difference for the deadline change. To place the compensation effortlessly, you need to get in touch with our support managers. One of them will check the prices on the website and guide you on the amount of compensation to be paid. Once the compensation order is verified, we will change the deadline for your order.

Can we discuss the price for my order?

All our prices are stable but you are free to negotiate them with our support managers through the Live Chat. Please, note; we have a great discount program and there are high chances that one of our managers will provide you with a discount coupon enabling you to economize your savings.

I have already paid for my order but the system is still asking me to pay.

In this case, you will need to check your email for a receipt and send it to us. If you cannot find a receipt in your Inbox, make sure to check the Trash or Spam folders. If you have not received a receipt, feel free to contact your bank or payment processing company in order to make sure you were charged in the first place. Then, you will need to forward the bank statement to our Financial Department so that we could track your payment down. If you have neither a receipt nor a bank statement, it means that your payment did not go through and you need to pay for your order once again using another card/device/browser/etc.

Can I get a refund in the form of bonus credits? Will I be able to use this money for my future orders?

Please, notify either our support managers or our Financial Department representatives about your decision. Bonus credits will be forwarded to your account once your refund request is reviewed and approved. When the bonuses are credited, you will be able to use them as the payment for the new orders placed at our service. Please, note that the bonus credits will be assigned to your account only after approval of your refund request.

I was notified that my order will be refunded. How long will it take?

Typically, it takes from 3 to 5 days to return money back to your card. The exact urgency depends on the work of your bank.

I want to request a revision but a free revision period has already expired. What should I do?

If you want to send a late revision request, you will need to place a new order of the Revision type.

How can I request a revision for my order?

You are free to get a revision within a free revision period, which depends on the length of your order (from 48 hours to 30 days).

To send a revision request directly to the writer, you will need to:

Go to My orders – Completed Orders – Click on the necessary order ID – send a clear revision request.

Pay attention that your revision instructions should match the initial guidelines. If you have any problems with sending the paper on revision, you should get in touch with our support representatives and they will gladly assist you.

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