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Synopsis writing denotes a brief coherent outline of a thesis paper that is used in a bid to provide explanation what the thesis is about and why a specific topic was chosen. The main aim of a synopsis writer is to provide an understandable piece of writing so that the target readers get an idea what the paper is about. Besides, a synopsis should reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the project and what aspects were not taken into consideration. Another aim of the synopsis writing is to play the role of a control measure when it comes to planning the next steps to ensure the thesis is written according to the academic standards and submitted within the specified deadline.
Since synopsis writing may be complicated and time-consuming, many students prefer to buy synopsis online from a professional synopsis writer who can provide you with a professionally presented paper.

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Our professionals can write synopsis of different academic levels and formats. A synopsis writer will collaborate with you to make sure that you have sent all the required information for him/ her to write a professional synopsis. The communication with your assigned writer will be conducted via the website message system. As such, if you have overlooked to provide some information, you will be able to attach the necessary files and send them to your writer. Our synopsis writing service is popular as customers can get drafts before receiving the final paper. This option enables you to look through the draft and make the necessary remarks or comments on it. Revision option ensure that the paper you receive will meet all your needs and requirements. After the final paper is completed, it will be sent to an editor, who will then proofread and edit the paper to make sure it is free from content, grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

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When hiring synopsis writers, we impose the following requirements:

  • A writer should have a perfect command of both written and oral English;
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  • He/ she should be updated with writing requirements and academic standards.



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Our company writers fully realize that you expect a high-quality synopsis when you order it from online writing services. Otherwise, the customer would have learned how to write a synopsis on his/ her own. Therefore, our writers demonstrate a diligent and responsible attitude towards synopsis writing. First of all, they work well in order to provide a properly formulated and interesting thesis. Second, they make sure the structure and organization of the paper is provided according to the requirements.

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Organization and structural elements:

Narrative arc.

It refers to the problem explanation or interpretation alongside with focusing on characters, plot, and how the novel finishes. With its help, you make sure that the motivations and characters’ activities make sense and correspond to reality. Besides, you have to provide a summation of what changes (or takes place) from the beginning of the story till its very end. The narrative arc demonstrates how good you are at narration.

Active voice

Avoid passive voice (where possible) and write the paper in active voice utilizing third person usage.

Original standpoint

Make sure your plot is not predictable or clichéd. Make sure to introduce elements that differentiate your story from others.

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Story development

Concentrate on the characters’ emotions and feelings. With the help of these elements, you can advance through the story’s plot.

Write coherently

Make sure your writing is clear for understanding. Avoid lengthy sentences and wordiness.

What Not to Do When Writing a Synopsis

Despite the fact that there is no universally accepted standard for a synopsis of a novel or a book, it is usually acclaimed that 1-2 pages (single-spaced) are preferred. As an alternative, you may be asked to provide a synopsis of a separate chapter of the book or write a synopsis for each book chapter separately.

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The following are tips on what not to do when writing a synopsis:

  • Do not mention too many events or characters;
  • Do not include commentaries and details about all plot twists (i.e. do not tell the whole story);
  • Do not provide explanations/ interpretations of excessive or irrelevant details;
  • Do not provide narration of confusing events;
  • Do not write a call to action encouraging the reader to buy/ read the whole book. Just focus on summarizing.

Synopsis Formatting

In the opening paragraph, introduce the protagonist of the story, provide background information (setting), and mention the central conflict or problem. In the next paragraph, focus on the twists and turns or any existing conflicts in the story. Afterwards, conclude how the central conflicts are dealt with.

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