Review Essays

Why Should You Use Review Essay Examples?

If you do not know how to write a book review or that of an article, do not panic. There are sources of information that can help you out, namely the instructions of the task, our review essay tips, and, of course, an essay sample, which was provided to you by a professor. If the example essay was not given, you may either ask for from a lecturer or find numerous college essay samples on the Internet. With such data at hand, you will quickly learn how to write a review.

Professors assign review writing because they want you to be able to not only express own opinion on various essay topics but also evaluate how others do it. Therefore, among a variety of types of essays, there exist article or book reviews. Review essay examples have five main components: a title, a correctly formatted reference, introduction, summary, and critique. This structure is the same in any book or article review essay example. In fact, you may choose a review essay sample that you like the most and imitate its structure in your paper.

According to the review essay examples, in the introduction, you should mention the author of the work under analysis, the title of the latter, and the thesis of this text. Then, any review example, which will find, has a summary or a short overview of the arguments presented in an article or book. Finally, there is a critique, which is the evaluation of the writer’s argument and evidence that he/she used. As essay writing examples suggest, in this section, you need to discuss the author’s contribution to the field, the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments, the effectiveness of evidence, biases if any, etc. There are also examples of college essays that contain a suggestion for the improvement.

Writing a Perfect Review Essay

If you are stuck with a review essay task and do not know how to move ahead, the best thing you can do is asking for help. However, if there is no one out there to help you, you can always rely on our advice.

If you take a look at any decent review essay example, you will notice that they are all written against a set of clear quality criteria. This is why, before you start writing your paper, you will have to develop criteria or expectations and try to meet them in the process of writing.

  • Begin with Notes

  • No matter what you are going to review, your task is to be thorough and objective in your judgments. Therefore, you will have to read the book, listen to music, watch the movie, and take notes while you are doing it. These notes will actually guide you while you are working on your review essay. Moreover, they will help you find relevant evidence to support your claims.

  • A Review Is Not a Summary

  • One of the biggest mistakes a student can do while working on a review is providing a summary. These are not the same thing! The task of a review is not to summarize but, rather, evaluate the contents and its effects on readers. A review must include a review of the author's strengths and weaknesses. It must also incorporate your reflective opinion.

      How to Write an Academic Book Review

      If this is the first time you are working on a book review, then the best thing you can do is taking a look at a review essay example. A good example will give you the general idea of how your own review should look when it is completed. Also, you will need to choose a book or movie to be reviewed. You may find the latest book awaiting reviews in specialized journals. You may also contact editorial boards and ask them which book review they would like to print on their pages.

      This is just the beginning. Remember that not all books are equally appropriate for a review. Also, not all book reviews will be accepted and approved for publication.

      Basic Book Review Structure

      Apart from selecting a suitable book or movie for your review, you will also need to follow the basic book review structure. Otherwise, even the most creative review will never make it to a peer-reviewed journal.

      • Introduction

      • Your book review must have an introduction. There are no exceptions to this rule. You will need to introduce the book and its author, provide some background information about it, and outline the key components of your book review.

      • Argument Summary

      • It means that, in this section, you summarize the main argument made by the author. Sometimes, these arguments are made explicit. At other times, you will have to read the book (possibly, more than once) to detect the argument that the author was trying to make. If the book has a thesis statement, you may want to include it in your review.

      • The Author

      • By providing the author's background, you can help the reader understand the meaning and significance of his or her message. Review essay examples and see how other writers approached the task. You may mention the author's credentials and past awards.

      • Contents

      • Here you will provide a very brief review of what the book is about. You do not need to tell the reader how the book ends.

      • Strengths and Weaknesses

      • Here you will have to identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the book or movie that you are reviewing. Provide evidence from the study to prove your point.

      • Conclusion

      • Wrap up the main argument and tell your readers if you recommend the book or the movie to them.

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