Language-based models can be compared with the so-called phenomenon of deus ex machina. It is when students find a technological means to solve their academic issues. However, the price may be too high and lead to failure. When you try to enhance your writing with AI, you may get papers identified as machine-written. This tendency is especially true when students do not edit and proofread texts. As such, academic expert writing help is irreplaceable for students who want to submit original and high-quality papers on time. Our writing service Order-Essays.com can help improve papers responding to “humanize my essay” messages. We provide guarantees and support to each client to ensure success.

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Humanize AI Text: From Impersonal to Impactful

The number of students asking our writing service to “humanize my AI essay” has increased drastically. Many learners seek assistance to improve their written papers, make them easier to read, and sound more personal. Such requests are relevant for papers generated by language-based models and are too formal, impersonal, or disconnected from the student’s voice and experience. In such cases, our essay humanizer service strives to rewrite a text and add a sense of individuality and emotional depth.

This process involves several key adjustments. One of the most crucial changes is using vocabulary tailored to reflect an academic tone, using credible data and personal insights where appropriate. Sometimes, ChatGPT and other models can generate complex jargon and overly sophisticated language that needs to be simplified. Our writers also focus on the paper structure, flow of ideas, and the clarity of a thesis.

We guarantee to transform GPT3 AI writing (or more improved models) efforts into an essay that meets academic criteria and standards. Our rewriting service enhances papers’ readability and strengthens the connection to the course materials and expected academic outcomes.

You definitely need our writing help if:


You have problems with academic writing and your marks are not good


You need to have more time for friends, family, part time job or hobbies


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Humanize My Paper: How Often Do Students Fail Because of AI?

The intense use of AI for homework has confused and frustrated many students due to foreseeable consequences. As it may have been assumed by many, professors can detect papers generated by ChatGPT and fail students who use it to complete assignments. Studies on language-based models in education show a tendency to ovary on AI.

  • About 36% of university students indicate that they could have failed their courses due to the use of AI but were given a chance to fix a situation. Still, more than 60% of such students do not want such tools to be officially banned.
  • Almost 40% of students feel guilty when they use paper writing AI. However, the chance of improving grades compels many learners to use such tools even more.
  • More than 60% of students report not receiving instructions from teachers on using AI responsibly and not failing their assignments.
  • About 70-80% of projects created with the help of AI fail in real-world circumstances. The reason may be a gap between training data and dynamic circumstances of the business works and other similar settings.

While more studies are needed to estimate the role of various tools in academics, it is obvious that an AI text humanizer has great potential to decrease negative effects associated with generated content. Our writing service can do just that – use professionals to turn content into great papers that deserve high grades.



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5 Steps to Success: Responses to “Humanize My AI Essay” Requests

Humanizing an academic paper is necessary for students who need to submit a document and expect to get positive feedback. Our writers use a systematic approach to improving such texts so they meet academic standards. The goal is to deliver the final draft that captivates readers with its authenticity, personal style, and insights. As such, students who place an order and want experts to “make AI essay more human” receive amazing papers that have great academic value. Customers can expect the best results because writers at Order-Essays.com focus on details and always use an individual approach. Overall, our assistance with generated texts includes but is not limited to the following:

Improving Vocabulary

To make the essay accessible to a broader audience, our writers focus on simplifying or elucidating complex terminology. Experts check a paper to identify and change any terms or jargon that might confuse readers. Depending on an academic level, writers then work on providing explanations through examples and analogies, if needed.

Advancing Structure and the Flow of Ideas

The structure and narrative flow of the essay are key indicators of whether a student has used AI to write an essay. In some cases, restructuring a text can enhance its narrative quality. We can also add transitional sentences and rewrite a thesis and main statements to make them more compelling.

Adding Personal Touch

Incorporating personal reflections into the essay allows a deeper exploration of the student’s thoughts and experiences. This approach is especially beneficial for personal letters, reflection papers, reviews, and other assignments. Our experts can draw meaningful connections between personal experiences and a topic.

Editing and Proofreading

One of the most critical steps is thorough proofreading and editing. Students can hire experts to fix grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors. A polished and professional text makes a paper sound more human-written.

Rewriting+Source Verification

Our company can help with an assignment by completely rewriting a paper to avoid plagiarism and checking all sources for credibility. Writers also check quotes, formatting, and style to ensure that writing meets academic standards.

Through these steps, our service responds to “humanize my essay” requests and transforms academic papers into credible texts. This approach not only enhances the readability of the essays but also ensures they reflect the student’s unique experiences and course materials.

Hire the Best Writers Who can “Humanize My AI Content”

The effectiveness of our company’s services depends entirely on the team of employed writers. Thus, we have quality agents assessing the works of experts every step of the way. Our writers are amazing professionals whose credentials and experience stand out in the pool of their peers. Each expert is passionate, insightful, and experienced, ensuring that every essay meets expectations and resonates personally. They also have a proven track record of successfully humanizing essays for high school, college, and university students.

Notably, writers who improve AI-generated assignments are knowledgeable in many academic disciplines, including literature, psychology, education, sociology, business, nursing, environmental studies, and many more. This diversity enables us to match your specific needs with a writer who understands a topic perfectly well and knows how to convey complex ideas effectively. Many of our writers hold advanced degrees – master’s or Ph.D. – in their respective fields. They have years of experience in writing, editing, and proofreading.

Understanding the importance of a perfect writer-student match, we offer flexibility in selecting the writer who will work on your essay:

One of the Top 10 Experts: Hire one of the best essay writers, ranked in the top 10 for their skills, customer feedback, and success rate in humanizing essays.

  • Preferred Writer: If you’ve worked with a writer before and benefited from their style and approach, you can cooperate with the same writer again, ensuring consistency and a deepened understanding of your assignments.
  • Advanced Expert in the Field: When there is a need for specialized knowledge to complete a paper, we offer the option to select an advanced expert with credentials in the specific subject area.
  • UK or US Writer: If you prefer a writer familiar with the nuances of British or American English, including idiomatic expressions and cultural references, you can choose this option in the order form.

Our commitment to offering highly qualified, experienced writers who can tailor their approach to meet your needs sets our writing and editing service apart. By entrusting your papers to our team, you gain access to a wealth of expertise and a personalized writing experience. With our writers, you can be confident that your essays will be academically sound, deeply personal, and engaging without a hint of AI-generated content.

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We Can “Make My Essay More Human Written” with Guarantees

Students choose our company when they need help with assignments because we assist customers discreetly with respect to their unique expectations and requirements. Our company is also a leader in providing highly personalized writing and editing assistance online. Beyond humanizing essays, we offer customized support across various academic tasks, from research papers to dissertations. To ensure the highest level of satisfaction and trust, we provide reliable guarantees and benefits to all our clients:

  • Full Confidentiality: We respond to students’ requests to “make an AI essay more human-written” with respect to confidentiality. Our privacy policies guarantee that your identity and academic work always remain confidential.
  • Plagiarism-Free Writing: We check every text for originality and guarantee that the final draft is plagiarism-free. Customers can get a full PDF plagiarism for a small fee.
  • Great Prices and Discounts: Our transparent pricing system and amazing discounts for first-time and returning customers ensure that students receive excellent value without compromising quality.
  • Free Revision: In case a paper needs improvements to meet instructions precisely, customers can ask for a free revision within 48 hours.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Our money-back guarantee provides additional peace of mind, ensuring that you are entitled to a refund if we fail to meet your expectations. This approach reflects our confidence in our services and commitment to your satisfaction.
  • 24/7 Support: Our AI text humanization service is ready to help students around the clock. Whether you need help choosing a writer or have questions about our services, we support you.

Students gain access to a trusted partner in their academic struggles by choosing our services. We offer customizable assistance, professional expertise and support. Our commitment to quality, integrity, and student success is why many turn to us for help after using artificial intelligence content writing tools.

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Along with the high-quality writing, we offer the following benefits.

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Afterthought: Why We Don’t Use AI to Write Texts?

We put so much effort into improving generated content that it may be implicit that we never use AI to create papers. However, customers often inquire about the reasons for this choice, indicating that many academic companies advertise the use of language-based models and tend to provide quality guarantees. This decision is based on understanding what academic excellence and integrity entail. As such, while AI has its merits, we believe in the irreplaceable value of human assistance in academic writing.

We focus on academic integrity. When students require assistance turning AI into human text, we ensure academic integrity, originality, and authenticity. Despite their advancements, AI-generated texts cannot embody personal insights, experiences, and critical thinking skills that come from a student working through an academic challenge. Thus, writers rewrite papers and add information to meet academic standards.

We want to deliver personalized and authentic papers after students use AI for writing essays. By its nature, AI cannot fully capture and express individuality and personal touch in writing. Our writers work closely with students to ensure that every piece of writing is written according to specific instructions and meets various requests. We incorporate feedback and can always improve the paper to add more credibility.

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These approaches to helping with homework enable our services to build trust and long-lasting relationships with students. After customers order essays online from our service, they hardly ever use ChatGPT and other tools to complete assignments. Thus, by employing human writers only, we foster a transparent and trustworthy creative process where students can directly interact with experts, ask questions, and make specific requests. Buy a paper with a request to “humanize my essay” and enjoy the best support 24/7 with benefits and guarantees.

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