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Although it seems that all types of essays are equally difficult to write, it is not the truth. History papers are the tasks of added complexity because history essay topics require extremely thorough research. Consequently, you will have to make extra effort to compose a decent history essay. Therefore, in the process of learning how to write a history essay, we suggest reading not only history essay tips but also examples of history essays. Believe it or not, history paper examples will help you to a great extent.

To ensure the positive outcome, you should analyze the question asked first. Read instructions, and in case something is unclear, discuss the issue with your professor. Ask him/her for a good history essay sample on the web. Examine the information the author includes in this essay sample, and how he/she structures ideas. Later on, you will be able to implement the best practices detected in history essay examples in your own written paper. Next, you should formulate your argument.

All history essay writing tips will recommend using both primary and secondary sources. While reading, take notes and analyze the information critically. Merely finding and inserting a suitable quote will not bring you any points. The piece of evidence should be introduced, paraphrased, and commented on, as it is always done in history essay examples. If you did not manage to locate any good sources, check a related history essay example. Perhaps, its reference list will help. Then, you may proceed with writing.

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If you do not know how to write a history paper, do not worry. Instead, read our tips and history essay examples. They will prove extremely helpful!


The Antebellum period, between 1789 and 1860, marks an important time in the history of slavery, especially in Louisiana. During this period, the slaves experienced

European Intellectual Influence on China During Qing Period

A Brief History of China: Qing Dynasty In the early seventeenth century the Ming dynasty was finishing due to different fights, rebellions, and natural disasters.

Israeli-Palestine Conflict (Discussion Essay Example)

Conflicts have existed since the establishment of societies. However, in history, the Israeli-Palestine conflict is the oldest of all time. The events of the conflicts

The Dinosaurs: History, Physiology, Behavior (Report Sample)

Warm-Bloodedness, Ecology, Countship Behavior The paper reports on the fact that dinosaurs were huge terrestrial reptiles that lived on the Earth long before humans. Giant

Geological Revolution: Rocks Formation and Classification

US Geological History: Written in Stone Northeastern United States geological history begins with the Precambrian Grenville rocks, which can be seen in the Adirondack mountains

Che Guevara Charismatic Leader Essay Example

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, known as Che Guevara or just Che, is a galvanizing symbol for contemporary young people even now in the twenty-first

Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke in Jazz Music Paper Sample

Task: Analyze, compare, and discuss the musical styles and philosophies of Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke. Discuss their musical backgrounds and influences, as well as

Benedict of Nursia’s Monastic Reform History Essay Example

MONASTICISM IN THE MIDDLE AGES The impact Benedict of Nursia had on the monastic tradition of Western Europe is difficult to estimate. He wrote a

The Mosque of Cordoba History Essay Example

Officially, Cordoba is one of the oldest cities in Spain. About two thousand years ago, Cordoba was considered the capital of Spain. Cordoba reached its

Ella Fitzgerald: First Lady of Jazz History Essay

Ella Fitzgerald is known as the “First Lady of Jazz”, the owner of the voice range of three octaves, a master of improvisation and scat,

The Phenomenon of Etruscan Civilization History Essay Example

The present paper discusses the phenomenon of Etruscan civilization. The course of analysis is based on archaeological approach. The discussion is conducted within such core

The Gulf War History Essay Example

Despite the awareness of the interdependence of states and nations and the need to use political methods to overcome the contradictions, the number and severity

Henrietta Szold: American-Jewish History Essay

Henrietta Szold: Biographical Study In Israel, there are cities where streets are called by the names of women – heroines of the Tanakh, for example,

Route 66 – A Journey Then and Now History Essay

Brief Overview of Route 66 Nowadays, more and more Americans, as well as citizens of other countries show interest to their culture and national heritage,

Silk Route as Commerce Network History Essay Example

Silk Route is a famous trade network, which united China and Mediterranean during various periods of time. The majority of historians come to a conclusion

Mali Empire in Africa History Essay Example

Brief History of Early Kingdoms in Africa Looking at Africa today one is likely to believe that civilization, governance and trade are new concepts introduced

The American Intellectual History Since 1877 Essay Sample

American Thought Donald Richard DeLillo is a famous American author; he wrote sixteen novels and many other writings about the problems in the modern life

The Guitar Music History Essay Sample

Guitar as a Cultural Icon An icon is a beacon that the society attaches a lot of value and reverence to. Most often than not,

Immigration Policy of Turkey Essay Example

The modern international population shift represents a many-sided phenomenon influencing all parts of social development, whether it is economy, policy, demographic processes, national relations, ideology

Trade War Between China and US History Analysis Essay Example

The trade relationship between the USA and China are going through a difficult period. Over the last decades, the United States was a trade leader

Four Generations of Chinese Leaders Essay Example

China has experienced changes in ruling regimes that both faced difficulties and sought to solve them. The rulers experienced some achievements as well as failures,

Indigenous Australians History Essay Example

This research paper explores the theme of self-representation in the work of Indigenous creative artists. Alexis Wright and Lin Onus were chosen for the purpose

Philippine Myths, Legends, Epics History Essay

Legends and myths are not simply basic stories; they contain lessons and ethics that went on from era to era. These stories might likewise incorporate

The Star System in Hollywood Essay Example

The Star System in Hollywood in the 20th Century Hollywood is well-known for both massive and successful production of different motion pictures. It always seemed

Origins of Yoga History Essay Example

The film presented for discussion in this paper is Origins of Yoga: Quest for the Spiritual. This is the movie made up by Paula Force

The Eiffel Tower as a City Landmark Essay Example

THE EIFFEL TOWER. HOW DOES THIS LANDMARK REPRESENT THE FRENCH NATION? Being a landscape that reflects social, political, economic and cultural relationships, this topic will

Abolishing the Senate of Canada Essay Example

The frustration of the public with the Senate has reached new levels. Corruption and cover-up claims have kindled a healthy debate regarding the function of

London Economy Essay Example

According to a global index of the cities appeal, the best cities of the world are New York, London, and Tokyo. Each of them has

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