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Essay letter writing is not a usual type of task assigned to students on a daily basis. Mainly, students are used to creative writing tasks and academic writing assignments, such as essays, reports, reviews, and so on. When it comes to letter writing, however, students frequently need professional assistance of a reliable essay letter writing service. It is perfectly natural that during your academic career you will have to search for an expert essay letter writing service that can provide quality assistance with different types of letter writing assignments. Even if it is not the very first time you use letter writing services, when it comes to professional motivation letter writing, you will definitely be more picky in your choice of a essay letter writing service. First of all, you will demand from the company to provide you with samples of letters that were already written for clients’ individual orders.

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Imagine you are assigned a writing task for your classes – no matter whether it is a report, a letter, an essay, a case study, a review or anything else – but there is one problem: you do not have any idea how to fulfill the assignment and where to start at all. Another trouble is that you have nobody to seek help from as other people do not have a clue about your piece of writing either. What is the way out in such situation? First of all, it might seem reasonable for you to use your search engine for finding some samples and examples online. You will download dozens of similar texts or compositions and use them to create your own piece of writing. Nonetheless, such a decision does not always seem prudent and beneficial for your overall academic success.

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Frequently, such examples from the Internet are full of mistakes and there is no guarantee they are perfectly written. Another problem is that you may fail to find papers dealing with your research area or subject matter. A far better decision is to search for a professional essay letter writing service and buy letter online. In this very case, you will be sure that you get exactly what you have paid for. Address Order-Essays.com – we are a trustworthy service providing premium-quality letter writing help alongside with offering illustrative examples of work done previously by our professional writers.

Types of Letters Assigned to Students

When you investigate what different types of letters there are, you will be impressed that there are multiple types for a variety of purposes.



1. Submit your


2. Pay for the


3. Discuss your


4. Download your

However, if you are a university student, you will most often have to deal with the following types:

Cover letter

This letter is enclosed together with a set of other documents, such as a resume, a CV, diplomas, certificates, etc., when you are applying for a job. The core aim of the cover letter is to introduce yourself to your potential employer and provide solid proof and example that you are well fitted to become a part of their team.
Cover letters are equally as important as your CV or resume when you are looking for a job. Unfortunately, many people overlook the importance of cover letters as they pay most attention to designing CVs. However, when there are hundreds of applicants for one position, it is hard to choose one merely from the CV. Usually it is the cover letter that helps the company recruiters decide which candidate suits best. If you need help with cover letter writing, you can get expert assistance from our cover letter writing service Order-Essays.com.

Thank you letter

With the help of this letter, people normally express gratitude to others for what they did. It can be of formal and informal style. The former is sent when one would like to express appreciation to some professional who did something well. The latter is used when you want to show appreciation to a friend, a relative, etc. for some kind of favor.

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Job application letter

When you apply for a position in a company, you need to send a job application letter. Here you should describe your skills, talents, and abilities, and specifically state why you are sure you will best fit for the job vacancy. Besides, you need to pinpoint what benefits as an employee you will bring to the company.

Letter of recommendation

If you need to write a recommendation letter, you are expected to evaluate abilities, knowledge, skills, and talents of a certain person (who has asked you to provide a letter of recommendation to him/ her). As a rule, recommendation letters should reflect people in their positive light.

Love letter

There are not many demands and requirements to this type of writing. Usually, you have to write such letters for your private matters or as a part of creative writing course. You should be emotional and be able to well express your emotions and feelings in words. If you are bad at writing emotionally, you can seek help from a personal letter writing service.

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