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How to Write a Winning Interview Essay Paper

Do you know how to write an interview essay? An interview essay paper allows you to get the thoughts and observations from somebody who has knowledge or experience related to a certain topic. If you are studying journalism, writing an interview paper is an ideal way to improve your skills. While there is no universal interview essay format, the key objective for all of them is demonstrate that you have talked to somebody who has something important to share. Let us look at a typical interview essay paper that can help you make yours look its best. It is important to understand why you are writing your interview essay paper, not just for your own benefit but because it affects the person being interviewed, chosen method and even the way you write the paper.

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Determining the Objectives of Your Interview Essay

  • If the topic of the interview were related to science, you would obviously want to interview a scientist. Likewise, if the purpose is to understand the business world better, the subject being interviewed should be somebody who has lots of business knowledge.
  • If your essay is intended to get somebody’s viewpoint, it is best to interview somebody who is known to be a leading expert on the subject, such as a professor or author. You would want it to be somebody who has a strong opinion about the topic.
  • If you are conducting a public opinion interviewer, it is not necessary to go in-depth if you are interviewing several people. You would just want a basic idea about how they feel. On the other hand, if you want to dig deeper, you should only interview one person.

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Familiarizing Yourself with the Topic

It goes without saying that if you only have a vague idea about a topic, the interview is not going to go very well. Among other things, if you do not take the time to show that you care about the topic, the person you are interviewing might be less inclined to want to cooperate. Furthermore, you cannot ask interesting discussion questions if you have not collected enough information about the topic.

  • Look through scholarly journals or reputable publications related to your topic so that you have solid background going into the interview.
  • Look for a good interview essay sample related to your topic online. In fact, you can find really good interview essay examples free. This will allow you to figure out which questions are common as well as interesting ones that others might not have asked.
  • If you are conducting a poll or just want to collect data from a lot of participants, asking close-ended questions can be effective. However, if you want to get more complete insights, open-ended questions are better.
  • Compile a list of questions that will guide your interview. Note that as you are interviewing the subject, you might find that once you have asked a few questions, some of the remaining questions might be more interesting or relevant based on their responses.



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Arranging the Interview

Once you have selected a potential interviewee, contact the person and explain who you are as well as the purpose of the interview. Here are some suggestions:

  • Find a quiet place. It could be a cafe, a library, or another quiet location such as a park.
  • If you are planning to record the conversation, most states require you to have signed written consent from the interviewee.
  • If your first choice(s) decline, make sure to have a backup list of potential interviewees.
  • Always be punctual for the interview, especially since you are the one who set it up.

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Conducting the Interview

  • Even if you are recording the interview, it is still important to take notes since you might want to come back to important points during the course of the conversation.
  • Do not interrupt your interviewee. If he or she brings up an especially intriguing point, wait until they have fully answered.
  • Do not rush through the interview. Give the interviewee time to answer and follow-up with another question when necessary.
  • When the interview comes to an end, thank the interviewee for their time.
  • Look through interview essay examples to see if there are methods that you can use for your own paper.

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Determining the Interview in Essay Format

In most cases when you have been assigned an interview essay, your professor or instructor will specify what format the paper requires. If it is not entirely clear, make sure to ask them.

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Here are the three common interview formats:

  • Informal. This type of paper is common for magazine articles. You are generally permitted to use first and second person.
  • Narrative. This format is the most common for college assignments. You can give background information and use paraphrasing.
  • Question-answer. This format consists entirely of direct quotes from the interviewer and interviewee, although you can include some comments in parentheses.

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