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Memo writing is regarded as a separate subgenre of business writing that requires plenty of experience, expertise, skills, and knowledge. A memo is a brief, coherent and clear, to the point communication that conveys one’s thoughts, ideas, reactions, or points of view on somebody / something. This paper can call a person or people (workers / subordinates) to action or inform about timely or urgent news. It is worth stressing that memo writing should be as brief as only possible. Since this type of business documents should be very brief, it has a specific structure that should be strictly kelp to; otherwise, the effectiveness of a memo can be under failure, thus resulting in wasting of productive and priceless time of those people who will read it, as well as of the person who completed it. You should always avid making your memo paper too long. Consider that if other people take a glance at your long, there is a high possibility that they will not pay enough attention to it. Thus, this can ruin the key purpose of your memo, which is timely and clear communication.

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Reasons Why a Memo Should Be Written:

  • To persuade an action;
  • To provide a business report;
  • To inform about a specific directive or task.

Regardless of the purposes, memos are usually divided into several segments so as to present the information or facts and to achieve the intention of the readers. It should be stressed that effective and efficient business communication is supposed to improve the workflow, performance and relationships within a company. Take into consideration that if you are capable of writing outstanding memos, not only you but also a company you are working at or would like to become a team member could reap plenty of benefits.



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Memo Sample

You can reap the benefits from our memo example, as it vividly shows you how a high-quality reaction essay should be completed.

Memo Writing Format Tips

  • Before you start working on the memo, you should decide which type of memo you will prepare – informative or persuasive. The former outlines some specific facts or info and then  requests the actions of the readers, whereas the latter attracts the readers attention before a directive or task is provided or indicated.
  • A memo content should be very brief, informative and clear.
  • Its length should be 1-1.5 page.
  • There should the date, recipients, subject or topic, and writers memo followed by the main body of the memo.
  • In the line – “Subject” line, you should be as precise and clear as only possible to give the readers the key point of what is to be presented next.
  • There should be headings and subheadings so that the readers could clearly pay attention to the most significant points. Here you are to be very clear as well.
  • The information provided in the body of the memo should be understandable, detailed, complete, and coherent. The purpose, details, and plan of actions memo should be clearly stated in the memo.
  • The purpose statement as well as the action statement should be presented as single paragraphs, comprising 1 or 2 sentences each.
  • The purpose statement dwells on the key reason of the memo completion.
  • The action statement is aimed at informing the readers about what is requested or required of her / him in response to the sent memo.
  • The main body is devoted to any necessary contextualizing, background or descriptive details and can comprise a few bulleted lists, short paragraphs, or headings.
  • A memo can also comprise a supplement line (pointing, in capital letters only, who completed it and in lower case letters who formatted it).
  • In case there is a need, an attachment or enclosure line, which indicates the number of papers, is provided in the memo. Offers Great PowerPoint Presentation Help! We will create the best slides for your academic paper or business project!

Memo Writing Assistance from Professionals

Memos or memorandums are some of the writing assignments given by teachers or professors to their students majoring in business administration or other business-related studies. Once students are tasked with memo writing, they have the set deadlines set by their supervisors or professors. All the requirements, instructions or guidelines are usually indicated in the written task itself. If the students cannot handle this assignment due to various reasons or they simply do not know how to write a memo or a memorandum, they can always refer to our professional and highly reputable academic writing company for assistance and support.

Our Memo Writing Service has been providing professional memo writing help to both business people and students. At, you can buy memo writing online on whatever topic or subject you need. Our highly qualified memo writers are capable of completing all types of memo or memorandums even within the toughest deadline set. Our sophisticated memo writer team has proper technical or business knowledge needed to prepare a superb and original memo or memorandum. If you make an order of memo writing at, you will be provided with a professionally written and unique memo, which will be paid attention to by your future readers.

A business memo is aimed at communicating information within a specific business entity. Big organizations and corporations require memos writing. It should be noted that there are no specific requirements and formats for memo writing, but one universal rule should be followed – a memo should not exceed 1 page in length. In case you have any problems with memo writing, do not be freighted to ask for professional assistance or support from our experienced writers. is always at your disposal!

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