This research involves the profound analysis of implementation of the Green City Project in the real life. The basic aim of the research is to show the beneficial character of appliance of the mentioned project. The sufficient data proves that Green Cities can be an alternative for the future world prosperity. The great attention is paid to the transport, the usage of the alternative resources and the recycling industry. In addition, such notions as zero waste products, ecologically friendly transport fuels, sustainable economy, urbanization and popularization were analyzed. In fact, the initial objective of the paper was to provide comprehensive and grounded information about the problem of urbanization. The reason is obvious since the urbanization is considered to be one of the components that destroy the Earth. Along with that, the paper aims to represent the influence of the development of the world as well as society. Taking into consideration the above mentioned issue, the problem of saving the Earth arises. The environmental instability damages the nature as a whole and but living creatures in particular. Upon the examination of the mentioned components, it becomes clear that Green Cities can not only save the human life but also protect the environment. Through showing the importance of development of the sustainable cities, the research highlights the possible benefits of the eco cities.

Green Cities

Urbanization has become one of the paramount issues in the contemporary world. Due to the extreme development of IT and the hectic pace of life, the worldwide population has dramatically increased. The amount of factories and plants has increased respectively. People started setting up businesses thus developing alternative income resources. In addition, applying the innovative technologies helps make human life less complicated and much faster, as well. Nevertheless, the problem of the global urbanization is quite controversial. On the one hand, the lasting urbanization promotes the innovative progression and world’s prosperity. On the other hand, it causes enormous social and environmental problems. Accordingly, the latter has negative consequences for the humanity.

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  • Firstly, the lasting urbanization causes the increase of crime rates and inequality respectively.
  • Secondly, it makes the enormous pressure on local as well as global environment.
  • Thirdly, due to urbanization, the health rates started dropping down showing the high level of the fatal diseases expanding among the population of the contemporary world.

Accordingly, protecting the cities from the obvious damage and providing the alternative methods of preventing the world’s destruction are becoming the issues of great concern. The sufficient way is the development of green cities. This will help save the planet from the fatal demolition and get optional benefits from natural resources. The objective purpose of the paper is to suggest information about green cities and provide the potential benefits of the implementation of the “Green City” project.

The analysis of the profound literature makes it is possible to conduct the research. The main information is taken from the World Bank, the World Health Organization and the United Nation Environmental Programme. The information provided in the mentioned resources is knowledgeable and sufficient respectively. Numerous tables and figures are provided in the sources, which helps analyze the problem in every aspect. In addition, the information mentioned in the resources is relevant and depicts the current situation in the world. For example, the World Bank suggests information about the rate of the fatal diseases in the contemporary world. It provides the evidence of the dangerous impact of the illnesses. The World Health Organization illustrates data about the car emitted noise and its influence on the human health. Along with that, they provide the data about the pollution of air caused by fossil fuels and harmful substances. The United Nation Environmental Programme depicts the approximate amount of money spent on the development of the recycling industries. The analyzed literature was taken from the investigation of the particular problem in the world. It includes the representation of tables, figures and schemes, analysis of the current situation, comparison of the past and the contemporary data, and summing up the material. That is to say, literal overview helps conduct the current research.

General Information about the Project

The paramount goal is to provide the profound information about the main essence of the project. The contemporary world develops with the high speed. It brings a wide range of new technologies, machines and devices that facilitate human life. The cities have become the most convenient places for living. For this reason, more and more people started moving to cities for their convenience. This process promotes the increase in the urban population. In accordance with the World Bank, urbanization has become the striking characteristic of the modern world (World Bank, 2009). There is a prediction that in ten years, the population of the developed cities will triple. Consequently, the cities will face the challenge of building economically and ecologically sustainable future. The prosperous future of the developed cities can be under the threat of demolition.

The lasting progress of regional economy, the consumption of carbon, the emissions of various gases lead to the destruction of cities. For this reason, the appliance of the sustainable green cities will be the perfect solution for the current problems. The green city is a perfect place to live in. Its basic aim is to provide ecologically sustainable conditions of living. They are developed to better not only human life but also the state of the environment. All the components of the city will be inseparable. In other words, it will be the waste-free manufacture. Special attention will be paid to transport, the appliance of alternative resources and recycling industry. In fact, the process of greening cities will take some time. The basic steps will be to reduce the level of chemical emissions, create the qualitative environment for all the citizens, assure sustainable consumption, and adopt the usage of alternative energy sources (World Bank, 2009). The reason is quite obvious: the mentioned components are the key factors in destroying the environment; thus, they should be leveled.


Transport is considered to be one of the basic polluters in the modern world. Due to the extreme urbanization, the amount of transport has increased respectively. Accordingly, the emissions from the vehicles pose a great threat to human health. Air pollution causes the emergence of the cardiovascular illnesses. The respective data prove that transport promotes bronchitis, strokes and asthma (World Bank, 2011). In addition, air pollution is one of the main reasons for deaths in the modern society. The global attention is fixed on the huge human and material losses during road accidents. According to World Health Organization, in the developing countries, the level of the road deaths is the highest and comprises 90% (World Health Organization, 2004). The scientists suggest that road accidents will be the fifth principal reason of death in the world.

Noise is also suggested to be the growing concern from both ecological and economical perspectives. The noise produced by vehicles has negative influence on health. The World Health Organization depicted the most general issues related to the sustained noise rates. These involve hearing fatigue, hearing worsening, namely tinnitus, effects on social behavior, insomnia, and worsening of the immune system. In addition, the sustained exposing to noise has been connected with holdbacks in cognitive development of children (Evans and Maxwell, 1997). It should be admitted that transport has an enormous impact on the human life. Consequently, the green cities aim at reducing the transport emission and providing ecologically friendly means of transport. Therefore, all vehicles will use ecologically friendly fuels. In addition, green cities will apply the usage of electric cars. The benefits will be enormous. On the one hand, the electric cars will produce less pollution and thus cause less damage to the environment. On the other hand, they will make noise helping to reduce the level of noise production in the cities respectively.

An important role will be devoted to such vehicle as bicycle. In fact, bicycles are the most popular alternative type of transport in the modern society. They are comfortable and cheap, as well. They are of paramount importance in the huge cities. Due to the hectic pace of life, numerous traffic jams have become typical for big cities, so bicycles will help reduce their emergence. One more possible benefit of bicycles is the fact that they are absolutely ecologically friendly. For this reason, they promote healthy lifestyle and protect cities from the pollution.

One of the most important issues of the green cities is the sustainable transport. The sustainable transport will help not only save the city clean but also better economical, environmental and social life of the humanity. In order to achieve the development of this kind of transport, every green city needs to follow certain strategies. The perfect example will be the avoid strategy. Avoiding travel needs is the main aim of the sustainable transport campaign. Together with the interventions that reduce travel, there are the improvement of urban design as well as the usage of information and innovative technologies (World Health Organization, 2004). Additionally, the extreme development of IT enables considering telemobility as an alternative way of reducing the level of travelling in the city. The main components of the telemobility include telework, teleshopping, and telemedicine (World Health Organization, 2004). Consequently, it will not only make human life less complicated but reduce the level of the pollution, as well. It can be admitted that green cities are designed for protecting human life and nature as a whole.
In regard to the public transport, it is one of the important components of every city. For this reason, it is paramount to make it more sufficient. The public transport in the green cities will be designed according to the sustainable system. In other words, the public transport will be car-competitive. The following steps will help to achieve this aim. The first step is to adopt the integrated network of routes (World Health Organization, 2004). The second step is to better the state of the transport thus make it more convenient and secure. The third step is the appliance of the distinctive marketing identity for all systems. By taking the mentioned steps, it will be possible to reduce the amount of cars in the city and enhance the usage of the public transport respectively.

The Usage of Alternative Energy Resources

Along with transport, the green cities will use alternative energy resources for manufacturing as well as living. Nowadays, the problem of usage of alternative energy resources is quite controversial. The supporters of that point claim that the Sun, wind, water and soil can make human life healthier and cheaper. The opponents stick to the point that natural resources could not produce the necessary amount of energy and they are not reliable. Nevertheless, the analysis of the recent data proves that natural resources are the future of the humanity. For this reason, the green cities will use the energy from the Sun, water and wind for the development of the production. It is possible to install special solar devices for getting solar energy in every house. They are not so expensive, but they will save money and time. The Sun is the lasting natural source of energy. It heats the Earth; thus, it is possible to use its energy and keep it during certain period of time. In fact, numerous contemporary countries have already used solar and wind energy. In this respect, the bright example is Austria. In this country, there are many plants and factories that are based on the winder and solar energy.

The main benefit of appliance of natural resources is that they do not emit harmful gases into the environment. Consequently, they are ecologically friendly for humans and nature as a whole. In order to achieve the desirable aim, the green cities will follow a certain strategy. The first aim is to reduce the level of artificial energy. By persuading people to use natural resources, it is possible to level the use of non-natural energy. The second aim is to build plants and factories that will work only by means of natural resources. The government of the green cities will help citizens install the desirable eco devices that will heat the flats and houses. The investments in clean-energy campaigns cause cash savings; the scope of the mentioned investments is substantial. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, $63.2 billions were invested in to the development of clean-projects ( United Nations Human Settlements Programme, 2009). It should be admitted that the usage of natural resources results in numerous benefits for humans and nature as a whole.

The Recycling Industries

The last and the most important component of the green cities will be recycling industries. Every city possesses a wide range of waste, so it is needed to be recycled. Nevertheless, before applying the recycle system, it is paramount to examine the people’s behavior, as well as their lifestyles and values. In accordance with Lehmann, there are three frameworks for sustainable urban progression, namely zero fossil-fuel usage of energy, zero waste, and zero emissions (Lehmann and Crocker, 2012). Consequently, zero waste is a vital component of the mentioned framework. In addition, the sustainable urban development requires three steps to be followed, namely rising resilience, strengthening of all systems and networks, the analysis of the influence of climate and city context.

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Basically, nowadays, there are many products that people do not use and just throw away. It is paramount to build the recycling plants in order to make use of the waste. For this reason, ecologically friendly cities are the right solution for the mentioned problem. The green cities promote the projects that will gather waste and make use of it. Along with that, the cities will encourage citizens to use zero-waste products. The corresponding laws will be adopted in order to count the amount of emitting waste per person. If the amount is overrated, the person will have to pay money that will be invested in the bettering recycling systems. In fact, such a campaign will teach citizens to control the level of zero-waste products in their native cities.
Analyzing the afore mentioned information, it can be noted that the implementation the “Green City Project” can bring enormous benefits for the humanity and nature. The initial aim of the project is to develop the city that will be zero-waste and fossil fuel-waste. The city will be constructed basing on the eco principles. The great attention will be paid to the reduction of harmful transport, usage of alternative resources and recycling industries. Each of the mentioned factors will provide huge advantages for people. Firstly, the health rate will improve greatly. Secondly, the nature will be more protected. Thirdly, the life will become much easier and faster. The mentioned project is oriented towards the environmental protection. The reason is quite obvious: all creatures on the Earth are totally dependent on the nature. Therefore, it should be treated in an appropriate way.

The extreme development of the world has changed the nature and its main components. Individuals started moving into big cities in order to find better jobs and opportunities. In such a way, the urban population started increasing greatly. It leads to a number of serious problems. The most obvious are huge amount of traffic jams, the rising level of fatal diseases, inconvenience and dirtiness. Taking into account the afore mentioned facts, one of possible solutions to the problems may be the green cities. This project is developed to help reduce the negative effects of the urbanization. The basic target of the project is to protect humans’ life and save nature. Transport, usage of alternative resources and recycling industries are the main objectives of the project. The citizens of the green cities will use electric cars and bicycles in order to reduce fossil fuel emitting. In addition, the public transport will be more car-competitive and comfortable for passengers. In relation to the alternative resources, the government will help to tackle the problem. All the citizens will be able to install solar devices for the convenient usage of the solar energy. The recycling industry will be booming due to the adoption of certain laws that will help control the waste-emitting level in the country. It should be admitted that green cities are the perfect example of the future. It will result into a great number of benefits for the humanity.

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